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John Simkin

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There have been several exciting developments on the Forum over the last few days.

Alfred C. Baldwin has joined the Forum and has agreed to answer questions about his involvement in the Watergate Scandal. As you probably know, in the past, he has always refused to give interviews to those investigating the scandal.


Last night Lee Israel answered some important questions on the death of Dorothy Kilgallen:


This included the following exchange:

John Simkin: In your book you make a lot of Kilgallen’s relationship with the man you call the "Out-of-Towner". In fact, you imply that he was in some way involved in her death. Is it correct that the man’s name is really Ron Pataky?

Lee Israel: Yes.

John Simkin: Did you find any evidence that Ron Pataky was working for the CIA?

Lee Israel: No. Only that he dropped out of Stanford in 1954 and then enrolled in a training school for assassins in Panama or thereabouts.

John Simkin: Do you believe that Ron Pataky murdered Dorothy Kilgallen?

Lee Israel: He had something to do with it.

We also have had some very important authors joining the Forum and answering questions about their books. This includes Peter Dale Scott, Alfred W. McCoy, Lamar Waldron, Joan Mellen, Dick Russell, Joe Trento, Gerald McKnight, G. Robert Blakey, Josiah Thompson, Jim Marrs, William Turner, Don Bohning, William Pepper, Larry Hancock, Matthew Smith, Nina Burleigh and William Reymond.


Alfred W. McCoy will also agreed to answer questions on his new book that will be published in January: A Question of Torture: CIA Interrogation, from the Cold War to the War on Terror. This will be a very important book and I am sure members will want to discuss it with the author. You can pre-order here:


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