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John Dolva

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The cards were printed and expectation of a new year with business as usual gives a poignant reminder of the unexpected side of the assassination.

One thing that is real and true is the DPD taking it upon themselves to receive and pass on heartfelt good wishes and presents from the good folk of the USA for the Oswald family to see Marina and the girls have as good a Christmas as possible.

And in this spirit: A merry Christmas and Happy new year from OZ.

1963 John and Jackie card

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This thread gives me the opportunity to thank John Simkin for his excellent job as forum leader and his tireless efforts to provide new inputs to the forum’s community as well as sharing his research with us.

I’m looking forward to a new and interesting year ahead and I’m sure that we will again get a little closer to the final solution of John F. Kennedy’s assassination.

I wish all members and their families good health, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


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