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Biography: Robert W. Annable

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My name is Robert W. Annable and I am 62 years old. I live in an orange grove in a rural area of Florida, near the Space Ctr. I have a MA in counseling and have primarily worked in supervisory functions in social service/counseling agencies. I also love traveling and have lived, studied or worked in about a hundred countries.

I am primarily interested in the JFK forum since I am still trying to find the truth of my brother's disappearance 44 years ago. He disappeared with two others on an alleged fishing trip to the Bahamas on Nov. 21 1962. My father and I investigated for years and I have carried on since his death with FOIA requests, trips to NARA ,the JFK Llibrary, Miami etc.Many people involved in the conspiracy theories pop up in my brother's case ie my aunt, Mariada Arensberg, {Radio Free Cuba, Cuban Freedom Committee}, her friend/ boss, David Atlee Philips, Alex Rorke, Eloy Menoyo, Tony Veciana , Robert Hurwitch, Justin Gliecauf, Hal Hendrix etc. My main interest is regarding JM/Wave activities which I believe my brother was part of. I met Gerry Hemmings at a South Florida Researchers meeting two months ago and since he has given me some interesting leads that I'm following up.Hope that explains my reasons for joining the forum. Thanks for running it.

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