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Biography: David B. Allyn

David B. Allyn

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I am eager to join the forum and participate in the JFK debates. I have been reviewing much of the material for the past several months and have leaned much from you members, many of whom have apparently put forth many hours of research.

I am an American who was raised and educated primarily in London, England. I traveled through Europe extensively whilst living in England. I returned to the USA 30+ years ago and have traveled the states much, and have lived in 4 states. I have now lived in Texas for the past 24 years and have been self-employed for the past 20 as a business consultant and investor/trader, market technician. I have been married to the same woman for 19 years and we have two children.

My interests, outside of the markets in which I invest, include the Bible, US history, the Constitution and Bill of Rights, and various conspiracies, but especially the JFK assassination, the Apollo missions and the downing of KAL 007. I have made many visits to Dallas and other 11-22-63 sites of interest and have conversed with many individuals over the years about the assassination, including several persons discussed on your forum. Occaisionally I become involved with local politics and third-party politics, (though as I get older, I sense increasing futility in such endeavors!)

I still travel to England regularly; last year I returned for a 30 school reunion.

I doubt I will ever retire in the traditional sense - who has time to sit around and do nothing ?

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