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How many shots?

Guest Stephen Turner

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Rather than count the sound of gunfire,which can easily be redered almost noiseless by a silencer, and a flash suppressor, lets take a look at the number of objects reportedly struck in D/P. thanks to total truth sciences.

1, First shot hits the street behind the motorcade, sending up a shower of sparks.

2, Hits the curb near the railway overpass. (James tague)

3, Strikes a manhole cover, and lodges in the grass. Police stand guard over the site, and an unknown man removes the projectile hidden in his pocket. (This is reported in a newspaper the next day, but denied by Gov officials)....

... or obfuscated by echoes!

Here's an semi-educated (semi-literate?) guess based upon a curious question and an even more curious response: these are the three shots that came from the 6th floor southeast window. Lee Oswald was not the shooter ....

Duke, interesting. So the first three shots eminate from the sixth floor, lets further speculate that these were all decoy shots, never intended to strike Kennedy, but rather to confuse potential witnesses, and place the shooter in the TSBD, and so to the patsy. Do you believe that these shots came from the bolt action carcano, or some other rifle? Of the remaining six shots 4, to 5 hit JFK, and Connelly the other/others miss. Three further shots from behind? and three from the front? from silenced rifles. Of course some of these could have been fired during the three shots from the depository, further confusing bystanders/witnesses, and on side Secret Service personel.

I didn't say anything about the order of the shots, merely the origin. They may have come from the Carcano, but that's not a necessity. A potential shooter there need only to have been someone to be seen, to make noise and to leave evidence behind (which would be the case for using the Carcano); he needn't have been depended upon to hit anything at all, and could have had other roles besides shooting. Just a theory, of course ....
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