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Did Iraq Have A Nuclear Weapons Program?

Tim Gratz

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There is this report from Yahoo:

A new book on the government's secret anti-terrorism operations describes how the CIA recruited an Iraqi-American anesthesiologist in 2002 to obtain information from her brother, who was a figure in Saddam Hussein's nuclear program.

Dr. Sawsan Alhaddad of Cleveland made the dangerous trip to Iraq on the CIA's behalf. The book said her brother was stunned by her questions about the nuclear program because — he said — it had been dead for a decade.

The book is "State of War: The Secret History of the CIA and the Bush Administration" by New York Times reporter James Risen.

Obvious questions come to mind. To whom in the CIA did Dr. Alhaddad report this information and how up the chain of command did it go?

Of course, CIA analysts believed her brother had lied to her and I would not have wanted to base an extremely important decision on this single report.

Was there other contemporaneous information that Iraq indeed still have a nuclear program?

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