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Biography: Tony Szamboti

Tony Szamboti

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I am 49 years old and having lived through the Kennedy assassination, I was in second grade at the time, have been interested in knowing what really happened ever since. Although I am not going to say I suspected conspiracy as a kid, I can honestly say I remember not feeling comfortable with the Warren report. I nevertheless had a deep dislike of Lee Harvey Oswald for years until I saw the Zapruder film as a moving picture twenty some years ago. After seeing that I was convinced there had been a conspiracy and a massive cover-up had taken place. The question of why Bobby Kennedy did not move to get the real facts out has been a real dilemma for me since then. Although the last episode of The Men Who Killed Kennedy had two guys saying something about Bobby's involvement in the Cuban operations their theory wasn't very understandable. You are the first person I have read or seen who fully articulated what is a very plausible theory. I realized that any conspiracy capable of working would have had to paralyze the president's brother especially with him being the attorney general of the U.S., but I couldn't understand how they could do it. Your explanation does explain it. I have recently come across some of your posts and articles on the web and am really enjoying reading what you have to say. You are quite erudite on the subject and I appreciate it. I am looking forward to more of your thoughts on the assassination.

I am a mechanical engineer and did do a little research on a facet of the assassination controversy myself. I did a rebuttal of the jet effect postulated by Luis Alvarez. It is on the web at


As I look it over now, I feel it could probably be better written but the information is all there and it tells the story.

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