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Is James Files telling the truth?

Why do I believe James Files is telling the truth? Here is a non-exhaustive list of reasons in random order:

When I first learned about James Files some three years ago, I was rather amazed that I didn’t know his name. After all, I had been studying the Kennedy assassination for over 12 years. I was more astonished because Files had made his confession in 1994 and I was told the website had been up since 1995. When I searched for the name "James Files" on the Internet, I found that 9 out of 10 articles attempted to completely discredit Files' story. I then set out to closely investigate these criticisms and came to the conclusion they were all superficial and didn't hold water.

For example, critics said that the weapon Files claimed to have used was more a pistol than a rifle and would have had an enormous recoil. They said it "kicks like a mule". Therefore, Files could never have seen what he claimed he had witnessed through the scope of his weapon. I sent an email to one of the gun shops I found on the Internet. I acted as a potential customer and asked whether the Remington Fireball was a pleasant weapon to fire. That man stated the weapon was one of the most sophisticated guns ever made, etc. When I inquired about the recoil he said it was nice and steady. Ultimately, I told him why I asked. He was quite amused and said that the alleged murder weapon of Lee Harvey Oswald had a lot more recoil than the Fireball. He added that whoever said that the XP-100 had substantial recoil had a lot to learn about firearms.

Files was also criticized with the allegation that the XP-100 was not available in 1963 and that the rounds used for this weapon were not a .222 caliber but rather .221. I found both accusations to be untrue. The weapon was introduced in 1963 and prototypes were available as early as 1962. The weapon was originally chambered for .222 rounds. To learn more about the Remington XP-100 Fireball click here.

Another statement was that Files would not have had the time to do all the things he claimed to have done. He states that he bit the shell casing after firing the shot and left it on the on the picket fence on the grassy knoll. He then put the weapon back in his briefcase, turned his jacket inside out, put it on and walked away. Critics shout he would never had the time to do all of that because numerous bystanders rushed to the knoll right after the shots, since that is where most bystanders had heard the shots coming from.

It is true that many bystanders ran towards the grassy knoll, but not immediately. Files says that everyone stood frozen and stunned and that even the policemen acted uncertain, as if they were waiting for someone to tell them what to do.

I was quickly able to determine that Files was right. One of the photos of the knoll shows the press bus in front of it. There is not a soul on the knoll yet. This was the last vehicle in the motorcade, so it must have taken, at the minimum, 30 seconds for the bus to reach that point. The president's limousine had almost come to a stop and the press bus had to make the sharp turn of 120 degrees from Houston street onto Elm, forcing it to a near-stop also. To see that Files was right click here.

The lead on James Files came from the FBI. Agent Zack Shelton (now retired) served 28 years with the FBI. He has an impeccable record and spent much of his career on organized crime task forces of Chicago and Kansas City. He is the man who gave the information on James Files to private investigator Joe West, because Zack Shelton had reason to believe that James Files knew more about the Kennedy assassination. This was based on a remark that James Files had made to an FBI informant. Joe West subsequently located James Files in Stateville penitentiary, which ultimately led to his confession of being the gunman on the grassy knoll.

It is important to note that James Files had never volunteered to give information on his role in the assassination. The tip from Zack was given to Joe West, who was working on a lawsuit to exhume JFK’s body. He wanted to prove that Kennedy was hit from the front and by multiple gunmen and a new and independent autopsy would prove sure as hell that the first was a total fraud.

But Joe West never heard a full confession from James Files. Files didn’t want to talk. Only if Joe could arrange immunity for him, would Files consider it. During that time Joe had to go into a hospital for heart surgery. The operation itself was a success, but then out of nowhere he went into a coma and never came out of it. With his death, his exhumation suit also died. Files, and others, thinks Joe was murdered by an overdose of wrong medication in order to silence him. He was informed as such by one of his sources. Indeed there are some strange details; the attending doctor is still to be found for example. And just before he went into coma and could not talk anymore, he scribbled a note for his family "Get me out of here, they are trying to kill me!" The official cause of death was Acute Deficiency Respiratory Syndrome. Bob Vernon was later told by a surgeon that this is more or less a standard method to cover-up medical errors, such as an overdose of drugs. Joe's death is one of the main reasons why James Files decided to tell his story to Bob Vernon, who took over from Joe.

A second reason is that Files has turned religious. An element of clearing his conscience also plays a role. In addition, he feels it was not his idea to put his name before the public. He says it was the FBI (Zack Shelton) and he was convinced the FBI would want the truth kept covered-up. Indeed J. Edgar Hoover had done his best. To James Files, the FBI is one big bad organization. What he does not understand, is that mostly honorable people work for the FBI and the cover-up was controlled from the top. Zack Shelton and his colleagues feel betrayed their own former boss covered-up such a big crime, while they were thinking they were doing the greatest thing in the world.

Another reason is that both Files and Bob Vernon had received clear threats to stop with all of this. Those threats came from organized crime as well as the government. To name just a few examples: Vernon claims he was shot at from a car and Files received a message from a mob lawyer to "keep quiet and lay down by your doggy bowl." Vernon’s proposal to Files was then: "If they want to take us out, let’s leave them something for history!" Files stared in silence through the window for a minute, according to Vernon the longest minute of his life. Finally Files turned around and said: "Ok, bring in the cameras tomorrow!"

A final reason is that James Files is convinced he will never be tried for the assassination of JFK. A trial would expose the government’s involvement. He knows the powers behind it and they have too much to lose. To learn more about how it all evolved, read or hear the interview with Zack Shelton click here.

Zack before losing his innocence

+ James Files implicates two accomplices in the murder: Johnny Roselli and Charles Nicoletti, both known dual operatives for the CIA and Mafia boss Sam Giancana of Chicago. Although James Files does not know how Roselli and Nicoletti arrived in Dallas, two other independent witnesses have furnished first-hand information as to how they transported Roselli and Nicoletti into Dallas on the morning of November 22, 1963. Tosh Plumlee, a CIA contract pilot, flew Roselli to Dallas on a CIA-supported flight originating in Florida. Chauncey Marvin Holt, deceased in 1997, was a CIA operative and a mob asset for crime-bosses Meyer Lansky and Peter Licavoli. Chauncey Holt has testified that he drove Charles Nicolletti to Dallas from the Grace Ranch in Arizona, which was owned by Peter Licavoli, the Mafia boss of Cleveland. Moreover, when the Chauncey Holt story was published there was NO mention about Charles Nicoletti. The reporter who wrote it didn't think it was important enough to print it, although Chauncey Holt had told her. When Bob Vernon contacted Chauncey Holt, he learned that Nicoletti had been one of his passengers. This was AFTER Files had made his confession. This means that Files could not have learned from the Chauncey Holt publication that Nicoletti was in Dallas on november 22, 1963. It is clear that his source is his own memory. And Chauncey Holt corroborates that, as does Tosh Plumlee for Johnny Roselli. Chauncey Holt, Tosh Plumlee and James Files did not know each other, yet they give the same and independent information about the same people. This cannot be coincidence nor can it be a scam.

+ Some sceptici claim that if Files is telling the truth, he would have been killed. This is baloney. First of all three failed attempts have been made on his life. They just weren't succesful. Read about it here. But furthermore it is simply a myth that all those involved are dead or have been killed. In fact, enough persons with involvement or knowledge of the assassination are alive and could still be questioned. Examples include Charles Harreslon, Orlando Bosch, Luis Posada Carrilles, E. Howard Hunt, Guillermo Novo Sampol, Gerald Ford and more. The lack of effort to question these people is illustrative for the willingness to solve the case.

+ All critics who attack James Files, at least agree that he is a "good xxxx". But it is claimed there are too many implausibilities in his account, for example the last-minute request to be the backup shooter for Nicoletti, as well as biting the shell casing. My question is: Why does a good xxxx invent a story with implausibilities? A xxxx inventing a hoax story, wants to be believed. Why then make your story implausible? And how did Files manage to have the shell casing found, seven years before his involuntary confession? These critics also ignore that if Files is a hoax, Tosh Plumlee, Joe Granata and Chauncey Holt are all endorsing the hoax.

+ James Files says he left the shell casing from the bullet that he fired at John F. Kennedy in Dealey Plaza. He put it on top of the picket fence on the grassy knoll, after he had bitten down on the shell casing, because he liked the taste of gun powder. This shell casing was found in 1987 by garden service man John Rademacher at some distance from the spot where Files said he left it. The casing was in the ground some 5 inches deep, consistent with a deposit of 24 years ago. The .222 casing was manufactured before 1971, as could be determined from the headstamp. The local press gave only very scant coverage on Rademacher's discovery and NO mention was made of any marks on the shell casing. It is very unlikely that James Files could have known of this discovery, but there is certainly no way he could have known about the indents on the shell casing. Even Rademacher was guessing what they could be, he thought they were "ejection marks". No one had thought about dentmarks until James Files came forward with this information. He said: "If the casing is mine, you can recognize it for my teethmarks are on it. The end will be oval, not round." It was then verified by a number of independent dentists (among others, a professor in orthodontology Paul Stimpson) that the marks were indeed made by human teeth. When Mr. Stimpson was asked to examine the casing he was not aware of a connection with the Kennedy assassination. All he was told was that is was used in a murder. James Files could not have known these marks were dentmarks, unless he put them there himself or heard it from someone that put them in the casing. However, it is simply unlikely that any other assassin would have been so unprofessional to leave this incriminating evidence on the scene of the crime. James Files, at that time only 21 years of age, said he felt "cocky" about his deed. He now recognizes that he should never have done that. The shell casing is therefore a crucial piece of physical evidence for his credibility. To learn more about the shell casing click here.

+ Recently another person was found who corroborates James Files. Zack Shelton was given a name by colleague Jack O' Rourke. The name was Joe Granata, a Mafia member, who used to run with Charles Nicoletti. Granata has been a credible witness for the government. Apparently he is so valuable that he was put in the witness protection program. His testimony has helped send several people to prison. Joe Granata has never given unreliable information. He told Zack that Nicoletti had told him on two occasions that Nicoletti, Roselli, Marshall Caifano and Jimmy Sutton, were the "hit team on Dealey Plaza." Although James Files says he knows nothing about Marshall Caifano being on Dealey Plaza, his name was James Sutton at the time. To learn more about Granata and his reliability as a source click here.

+ James Files said that he was aiming for Kennedy's eye but missed and "came in on the left side of the temple." He says this was because Kennedy was hit in the back of his head by another bullet from behind at almost the same time, and that bullet pushed the head forward. Even the best Kennedy researchers have not noticed such a movement, yet this is EXACTLY what we see on the Zapruder film. To learn more about the simultaneous headshots click here.

Three frames of the Zapruder film show the head going forward first

+ How does the available evidence coincide with James Files? Well, there is the testimony of Lee Bowers, who was the operator of the railroad tower with a clear view behind the picket fence. James Files says he wore a plaid poplin jacket. Lee Bowers described a young man with such a coat:

Mr. BOWERS. Directly in line, towards the mouth of the underpass, there were two men. One man, middle-aged, or slightly older, fairly heavy-set, in a white shirt, fairly dark trousers. Another younger man, about midtwenties, in either a plaid shirt or plaid coat or jacket.

Mr. BALL.. Were they standing together or standing separately?

Mr. BOWERS. They were standing within 10 or 15 feet of each other, and gave no appearance of being together, as far as I knew.

Lee Bowers also described three cars that drove into the parking lot behind the picket fence. One of these cars fits the description of the Oldsmobile stationwagon that Chauncey Holt and Charles Nicoletti had driven from Arizona:

Mr. BALL. What was the description of that car?

Mr. BOWERS. The first car was a 1959 Oldsmobile, blue and white station wagon with out-of-State license.

Mr. BALL. Do you know what State?

Mr. BOWERS. No; I do not. I would know it, I could identify it, I think, if I looked at a list.

Mr. BALL. And, it had something else, some bumper stickers?

Mr. BOWERS. Had a bumper sticker, one of which was a Goldwater sticker, and the other of which was of some scenic location, I think.

Note that Chauncey Holt and Charles Nicolletti had driven the car from Arizona and that Barry Goldwater, a senator from that state, was running for President. By the way, it is remarkable that Mr. Ball asks that question about the bumber sticker since Mr. Ball was one of Holt's CIA handlers.

Lee Bowers was also one of many witnesses that heard the last two shots very close together or almost simultaneously. As did Seymour Weitzman:

Joe Ball: How many shots did you hear?

Seymour Weitzman: Three distinct shots.

Joe Ball: How were they spaced?

Seymour Weitzman: First one, then the second two seemed to be simultaneously.

This is exactly what Files said: His shot hit JFK in the head at the same time as a shot from the back.

James Files also said there were two men in business suits in his vicinity, who later stopped bystanders by posing as Secret Service agents.

The two businessmen that Files mentions were between him and the motorcade and he was somewhat concerned about them. The photographical evidence that is available at the time of the assassination, does not show men in business suits on the grassy knoll. But it is of course very likely that these men were there before the assassination took place and that they sought a better place to stay out of sight at the time of the shots. As the motorcade was arriving James Files was not paying attention anymore to what happened around him as he was keeping Kennedy in the scope of his weapon. Several witnesses, for example Gordon Arnold and police officers Joe Smith and Seymour Weitzman, have testified they were turned back by men on the grassy knoll, showing Secret Service credentials. Official Secret Service records show that no agents were assigned on Dealey Plaza or the grassy knoll.

A very unknown witness who did not appear for the Warren Commission, was Charles Blankenship. His story was recently uncovered by researcher Michael Parks:

Michael Parks recently came across evidence of even another witness to the knoll agent. He relayed this to from Mrs. Charles Blankenship: Her husband, Charles "Charlie" Blankenship was with the DPS office from another county other than Dallas. She recalled him working out of the Fort Worth office but was not sure. He was off duty on 11/22/63 but had come to Dallas to see the president with other officers stationed in Dallas. He was standing on the east side of Houston Street in front of the Records Building. He heard the shooting and, like many other lawmen, ran to where he felt the shots had originated, this being the knoll area. He supposedly encountered two men in suits that stated they were Secret Service agents. They told him he could go no further and he turned and left Dealey Plaza. He was not interviewed by any agency and kept this story to his immediate family until his death. It was known that he had a relative on the Dallas Police force. Source: http://www.jfklancer.com/knollagent/knollagent.html

There is also evidence that seems to conflict with the account of James Files. This is the story of Ed Hoffman, a deaf mute man, who was ignored by the FBI, but claims to have seen a man in a suit firing a gun from behind the picket fence. This man then tossed the gun to another man, who disassembled the rifle and put it in a briefcase. This other man was dressed as railroad worker and walked away with the briefcase in the direction of the railroad yard. James Files says that he was alone behind the picket fence. However, I tend to see Ed Hoffman as credible, although he is a single and thus uncorroborated source. If we assume Hoffman's account is true, and since there is evidence of more than one shot from the front, for example the wound in Kennedy's throat, it is not inconceivable that Files, concentrated as he was on the target, may have missed another shooter behind the fence and closer to the underpass. This man could have appeared at the last moment. He could have been hiding behind or in one of the cars behind the picket fence. It could well have been one of the men in suits, posing as Secret Service agents.

+ The critics of James Files claim that he is just a convict with "too much time on his hands" and that he must have read many books on the assassination to invent his story, which would be designed to get fame and attention. This claim can be discounted for many reasons:

1) Files has given his video confession only once in 1994. He had vouched he would never do it again. Indeed, I have worked for almost a year to get him to agree to a second and final interview. I had already given up untill he finally consented for a specific reason that has nothing to do with getting attention.

2) Files has met with Oliver Stone three times and he told us (Jim Marrs and me) this:

JF - We wasn't aware of the water situation untill Oliver Stone comes along to make a movie here. And when he made his movie here, we see all these people from the movie company running around carrying bottles of water. Even the officers that worked here, they got suspicious and that’s when we started finding out: this water is unhealthy.

Wim - Did you actually meet Oliver Stone?

JF - I met Oliver Stone three times. As a matter of fact I have a paper that Joe West … no excuse me, not Joe West but Bob Vernon, had Oliver Stone sign. Now Bob Vernon had come in after the Joe West deal. Bob Vernon took over for Joe West. Bob Vernon met with Oliver Stone and he had him sign an agreement where they wanted to get me on film, but I refused to do that. I met with Oliver Stone three times.

Jim - And you never told him your story?

JF - No, I did not tell Oliver Stone my story. I refused to discuss it with him and uh …like I say, I ‘ve got a copy, It’s got Oliver Stone’s signature on it, Bob Vernon’s, the only signature that states what it’s all about, the only thing missing is my signature because I would never sign that paper for the agreement.

Jim - Why was that?

JF - I didn’t like the man!

Jim - Case closed!

JF - Case closed! And if you’d like I would be more than happy to send you a copy of the document. And it has got Oliver Stone’s original signature on it. And it has Bob Vernon’s signature on it.

Well, I guess that answers the critics who say that Files is just a convict trying to get attention. I mean, if you want attention, you want to talk to Oliver Stone, who was the director of the blockbuster movie JFK.

3) Tony Godinez is the former warden of Stateville Correctional Center. He has interviewed James Files more often than anyone else. He has testified that he never saw a book about JFK in the cell of James Files.

4) I found out first hand that James Files is not well read on the JFK assassination, just like he says. The day before the camera interview., I talked with him on an extended visit for four hours. We covered many subjects, one of them was Chauncey Holt and the three tramps. James Files started telling me that in his view the three men were not professionals. I asked him why? He then said that they did not know "how to improvise", and that they were stupid to get themselves arrested by the cops, because in a situation like that "you just have to shoot the cops". I explained to him that this would have been difficult since they were found in a closed boxcar and that they had been instructed by their superiors to hide in that boxcar, which would make their exit. I also told him that they were not arrested, because they identified themselves as undercover agents, and they were escorted to the Sheriff's office for a short hearing. Files then conceded and he said he did not know that, adding that I knew lot more about the assassination than he did.

+ It is clear to me that the short and sweet "investigation" of James Files by the FBI was designed to discredit his information, rather than to get to the bottom of it. James Files was interviewed by two FBI agents eight months BEFORE his videotaped confession. The transcript of this interview can be found by clicking here.

Note how the interview starts out:

Agents further told FILES that IRVIN had provided information to the FBI that indicated he (FILES) had personal knowledge concerning the assassination of JOHN F. KENNEDY (JFK). Agents then told FILES that a review of his (FILES') information as provided by IRVIN determined that his (FILES') recollections were in significant contradiction to the WARREN COMMISSION report. Agents told FILES That the findings of the WARREN COMMISSION report had been accepted by the government as an accurate factual account of the JFK assassination.

Agents then told FILES that Agents further understood from IRVIN that he (FILES) was cognizant of his contradictions with the WARREN COMMISSION findings and that he (FILES) wanted to make available the "true story" of the JFK assassination out of respect to the deceased JOE WEST. Agents told FILES that in view of his obvious conflicts with the WARREN COMMISSION findings, he would unlikely be afforded subsequent opportunities for interview by the FBI or the U.S. Attorney in regard to the JFK assassination unless he established his credibility with the government. FILES was told that credibility could sometimes be established through corroboration of facts furnished by an individual during an interview. Agents told FILES that the purpose of the interview was to obtain additional information from him in an effort to establish him as a credible person rather than to build a murder case on him. FILES was told that the JFK assassination took place almost 30 years ago and it would take extraordinary corroboration to make recollections credible in view of the WARREN COMMISSION findings.

Basically, what the FBI agents say here to James Files: “We have a problem with your story because it contradicts the Warren Commission“ !! This is before they even begin discussing any substance of the information ! Only an uninformed 10 % of the American people still accept the clearly ludicrous and demonstrably false conclusions of the Warren Report. Its conclusions were also easily refuted in a less publicized government investigation in 1977/78. The House Select Committee on Assassinations, DID conclude that JFK was killed as a result of a conspiracy which included more than one gunman.

Further on in the transcript we read this:

Agents asked FILES to name persons who could verify his relationship with NICOLETTI. FILES named JERRY ESPOSITO, COSMO IASCO, DOMINICK CIMINO, RONNIE BELL, RUPI REGO, KENNY LARRY, STEVE ANSELMO, JOE BUA and MARSHAL CAIFANO as some of the individuals who could verify his relationship with NICOLETTI.

Please let us make sure we understand this: The agents ask Files for corroboration of his association with Nicoletti. Files gives them a flurry of names, almost a dozen. He could have named many more, like Zack Shelton for one. Moreover, what the average reader does not know is that at least half of these individuals were POLICE OFFICERS! In addition, all of these people would confirm that Files was a mafia hitman.

Why did the FBI not check with ANY of these persons named by James Files? Some of them are still alive even now! Instead the FBI declared him "non-credible".

As for the willingness to check evidence not pointing to Oswald, it appears that little has changed within the FBI since Mr. Hoover "solved" the case on the day of the assassination, when he wrote "Not necessary to cover as true subject located". To see the document click here.

+ Everything that James Files has said and was checkable, proved to be true. Even the smallest details that have nothing to do with JFK. I'll give an example here. In the last interview on 11/19/2003 James Files told me this:

"I’m not saying there is other shooters, what I am saying is this: I have no need to know of everybody that is involved in an operation. What purpose would that serve? That’s like me going into a communist country on a covert operation and me knowing everybody, all the other agents that are there in that field working. And if I get captured, they all get executed! So the same thing goes when it comes down to crime. You try to keep your people the least bit to know as possible. Because too many times, maybe partners, and that’s like … I can use one deal, one party back east out of Philadelphia, I did time with him in the federal prison. His own brother gave him up. His brother knew that he was a big time cocaine dealer, he was a dentist. They called him Dr. Snow. I don’t remember his real name, but they called him Dr. Snow. His brother got busted on a nickel bag of weed in New York. He gave his own brother up because he couldn’t do a year in the jail. His brother told him:! I’ll give you a million dollars a year. For every year they keep you in jail, I give you a million dollars cash. Don’t testify against me! He put his brother in jail."

Since James Files did not remember the name of "Dr Snow", I did a check on Google for "dentist" and "Dr. Snow" and I quickly saw that Dr. Snow is Larry Lavin. Two books have been written about the case. So I emailed one of the authors Carol Saline wit the following results:

From: "Carol Saline"

To: info@jfkmurdersolved.com

Sent: Monday, March 01, 2004 9:37 PM

Subject: RE: Larry Lavin aka Dr. Snow

Larry is very much alive. We speak and write regularly. He is still in prison and will be released next January. Yes it's true that his brother was instrumental in his capture. Have you read my book Dr. Snow. It's all in there. You can buy it, including a update with larry's parole hearing which I covered, from buybooksontheweb.com.

-----Original Message-----

From: info@jfkmurdersolved.com [mailto:info@jfkmurdersolved.com]

Sent: Wednesday, February 25, 2004 7:47 AM

To: csaline@ ........

Subject: Larry Lavin aka Dr. Snow


Do you know if Larry Lavin is still alive? If so, can you contact him? Is he in prison? Is it true that he was given up by his own brother?

Thanks for getting back,

Wim Dankbaar


Another detail described by Files is about Nicoletti's car:

Jim Marrs – Okay, so now you got …. Describe the car!

James Files – The car was a ’63 Chevy two door Burgundy. Chevy Impala.

Jim Marrs – With the special compartment?

James Files - Oh yeah, we had a special compartment in the dash, we had the backseat, you could take that off, pull the bottom part up, raise the back up, snap it up little clams and take that out. We had the springs removed behind the seat there by it and we had little racks welded in there so we could mount weapons in there.

I found this fragment here from an article written by an organised crime expert:

"By the late 1950's, Nicoletti had a feared reputation as a hitman and was one of the usual suspects brought in for questioning whenever cops thought they had a gangland-style-slaying on their hands. In 1962, he was arrested while driving a so-called "work" car, specially equipped with hidden compartments for guns, rear lights that turned off, a souped up engine, special reinforcement on both sides, bullet proof glass and a rotating rear license plate. It was no surprise the next day when a mob associate was found slain near where Nicoletti had been detained." Source: http://www.ganglandnews.com/column80.htm

James Files says that his CIA supervisor, who also recruited him, was David Atlee Phillips. David Atlee Phillips is a man whose name is well known to assassination researchers. He was called to testify for the House Select Committee on Assassinations in the 1970's. Several members of the committee wanted to call him again for they believed he had not told the truth and committed perjury.

Phillips was traced as a suspect as a result of the testimony of cuban exile leader Antonio Veciana, a friend of Files, who knew his CIA case officer only under the alias of "Maurice Bishop". A composite sketch, based on the recollections of Veciana prompted US senator Schweiker to recognize David Atlee Phillips. A confrontation between Veciana and Phillips was arranged but Veciana, apparently fearing for his safety, refused to identify Phillips as his former case officer, but later acknowledged privately that Phillips was indeed his CIA controller.

The following is known of David Atlee Phillips by now: He was one of the masterminds for the CIA staged coup by Pinochet in 1973, as well as the overthrow in 1954 of the Guatemala regime headed by Jacobo Arbenz. He was working closely with CIA officer E. Howard Hunt, another suspect in the plot to kill JFK and the leader of the infamous Watergate burglar team. In the 1950's and 1960's, Phillips was the CIA case officer for the anti Castro Cubans in Havana and Mexico City. The star of David Atlee Phillips rose to CIA director of Special Operations for the Western Hemisphere.

David Atlee Phillips died of cancer on 7th July, 1988. He left behind an unpublished manuscript. The novel is about a CIA officer who lived in Mexico City. In the novel the character states: "I was one of those officers who handled Lee Harvey Oswald... We gave him the mission of killing Fidel Castro in Cuba... I don't know why he killed Kennedy. But I do know he used precisely the plan we had devised against Castro. Thus the CIA did not anticipate the president's assassination, but it was responsible for it. I share that guilt."

According to his nephew Shawn Phillips, who is quite a famous musician, David Atlee Phillips confirmed to his brother James Atlee Phillips that he was in Dallas the day Kennedy died. To read Shawn's email: click here.

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Great post Wim.

Seems like this Jimmy Sutton/Files confession is one of the more important topics of discussion here, and this posting really shed a lot of light on the situation. I am especially intrigued by the fact that he bit the shell, and this was later found. After reading his confession, I found the whole story to have a strong internal logic, which many of the other scenarios lack.

For instance there is the fact that the government erased the man's birth records... he doesn't even "exist"

What do our other researchers say about this? (remembering that many of them are deeply committed to other scenarios)

This appears to be a major breakthrough in the search for Kennedy's killers.



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I didn't read that whole thing, but I did do a page search using the word "twin." Nothing turned up.

As I recall the story, when it was pointed that Files was in Chicago on 11/22/63, Files said that he had a twin brother there, previously unknown to anyone. Could the twin brother be interviewed? No, unfortunately, because Files said he had murdered him.

I may have the story wrong, so perhaps you can elucidate.


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James Files never had a twin brother, ever.

Who Files killed was his brother in law and the reason was because his brother in law killed his half sister, who had several children and Files thought the world of his half sister.

I know this because Files told me.

There is a reference to twin but it isn't blood relative and that came out much later on when he talked to me about it.

It is not the same thing as what has been told as a reference that was done in the family as sort of a cover up. Nothing to that at all.

Biologically (no twin brother) at all ever.

Files does have a half brother who is now a retired minister. This I found out about his half brother from Files and found out from Bob Vernon that he was a minister. Later only recentaly what faith his brother is.

Another half brother or full brother was killed durning a drug bust.

How many siblings I am not sure of to this day. Maybe I will ask that soon. Since I am naming all of mine to him. ;)

Files has two daughters and was married three times in total. First marriage i think he stated was when he was 16 and it was annulled fast. One marriage was to the daughter of Joe Banana. Again not fully sure because of how he wrote that to me but that is what I think he had stated to me several times. I do have a picture of his two daughters. They are beautiful both of them.

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The twin brother was a cover story.

There wasn't any twin brother. He doesn't have a twin brother.

That is correct.

I still say the day of 11/22/63 James Files was not in Chicago he was in Dallas. He was claimed to be on the phone and they have proof of that.

What I think they have proof of is two people who used a tape recorder and used the telephone and made it out like he was in Chicago and a good alibi to boot. It was a cover story.

Edited by Nancy Eldreth
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He was married to her twin sister. Wait, that would still make her Joe Bonanno's daughter. Never mind.


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"For instance there is the fact that the government erased the man's birth records... he doesn't even 'exist'"

This is not proven to be "fact"

"What do our other researchers say about this? (remembering that many of them are deeply committed to other scenarios)"

Complete and total hogwash. Several researchers, including myself, spent about 6 months on it at JFKLancer. I'm sure you can find the debates in the archives at the Lancer forum.

"This appears to be a major breakthrough in the search for Kennedy's killers."

IMO, the Files story was debunked long ago. This is no breakthrough, it is bogus. If you research it yourself, you'll find that out.


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From the transcript of Files's "confession" on Wim's website (he's talking, mind you, about the morning of the assassination):

"I had parked the car beside the Dal-Tex building, Mr. Nicoletti and I got out and we walked up and down the complete area of Dealey Plaza, we covered every corner, walked by the buildings, looked over several different things. We were just talking, having casual talk about the weather and everything. At about 10:30, Mr. Nicoletti asked me how would I feel in supporting him...in backing him up on this...and he told me I wouldn't fire unless it became extremely necessary. I told Mr. Nicoletti, Jesus, I'd be honored to do anything to back you up. He asked me if you was to be outside here, where would you position yourself at in Dealey Plaza? I told him, I said well, from looking everything over and from walking it in the week I've been down here, I think I would choose up there behind the tree behind the stockade fence on the high ridge by the knoll up there. He says why there? I says well I've got the railroad yard in back of me, we've got a parking lot there and I've got a place to where I could stash whatever I would need. I said I can pass myself off as a railroad worker in the railroad yard for the time being until that time comes and nobody would really pay any attention to me. He asked me then where do you think would be the best place for me? I said well, I think the Dal-Tex building...with the new change in it...I say I think the Dal-Tex building over there...that building would give you the best advantage point there. He said I think so too. So we took a walk over, went through the parking lot over by the tracks, walked around through there and he seemed pretty well pleased with that. Then at that point, oh it was about 11:10, he asked me what weapon would I choose to use over there. I told him I would like to use the Fireball. He said why that one? He said you've only got one shot. I said one shot's all I'm gonna get anyway if I wait until the last moment of fire and I may not fire, I said, and it's easy to conceal and I carry it in a briefcase and nobody will pay any attention to me and it's easier to walk away from there. And that's exactly what we did at that point. . . . "

And that's how you plan a presidential assassination. Any questions?

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Why don't you first watch the interview?

There are several people here that have seen it, like James Richards and Dave Weaver, they thought it was interesting.

You can watch it online for 3 bucks for 90 minutes.



Reviews of the interview with James Files

On this page we will post reviews of the november 19, 2003 interview with James Files.

To see the end of the interview in low quality (Realplayer required) Click here.

Review 1

I just received the Files interview , Monday.

It is both astounding and informative. I hate to use a cliche, but truth IS stranger than fiction. I have studied James Files for many years, and I find his statements to be highly accurate. This is the best interview of Files that I have ever seen. This is a "must see" for every serious student of the JFK Assassination! And you can quote me.

Review 2

From the interview I found him very credible, based on his body language and the way he gave the answers, that's my impression. I think the assasination went down just like Files said. But that is only based on what I saw and the feeling I got from watching it, so even if it turns out that Files was not in Dealey Plaza, I think the rest did happen as he told it, most probably.

Having watched it 2 times now, the things I found most remarkable

a) the velocity and "easyness" of his answers (critics may say he had enough time to prepare them, but I think he gave his answers that way from the beginning)

;) I found no moment were he seemed to be "afraid" or "surprised" about a question, like if he had to "construct" or look for an answer.

Review 3

Thank you for the dvd.

It was excellent.

I will write a review for you soon



Review 4

I would suggest that disk one has too big of a blank space right after Files mentions knowing Fletcher Prouty. I almost removed the disk which would have caused me to miss a lot of material. I find Files story to be very credible and much more convincing than the original video of 10 years ago. I have been researching the JFK case for 33 years.

Review 5

Having had the opportunity of watching the latest James Files interview on DVD, on more than one occassion over the last weeks, and initialy having very strong reservations about the man himself and what he had stated in the last 12 years about him being the person who took the last shot at JFK from behind the picket fence on top of the Grassy Knoll in Dealey Plaza on 11/22/63, I can say now, without having the means of checking everything he stated in the latest interview, that he comes out of it credible to me, not by the information he gives, but the way he's talking about it in the interview.

But I can base this statement only on watching his behaviour during the interview, meaning his body language and the way he answers the questions by the persons interviewing him. I personaly could find no moment when I got the impression that he has to check anything in his mind, in order to not confuse things which he was about to say to get the story consistent.I found no moment of hesitation or of a blinking in his eyes so to say, and I could find no moment when I thought "now I caught him in a lie".

On the other hand I admit that I have no way of checking his statements in depth, and that is not the point in my review, it is solely about my impression, which may or may not turn out to be wrong in the future, but I am now willing to give him the benefit of a doubt, until the documents and wittnesses that do fully support his statements are presented to the public, or material and wittnesses surface, that show that he made up the full or part of the story.

I know fully that this is only my subjective impression, and it should be understood as such, but I stand by what I say until proven wrong.

That's as fair as I can be after seeing the interview.

Uwe Leybold


Review 6

Thank you for continuing this important work for Americans and the world!

I have watched the original tape numerous times, and I am always interested in James Files perspective on the assassination and also Files' interesting life. As a Catholic youth growing up with the first Catholic president, I was absolutely mesmerized by John Kennedy's rhetoric and persona. What I find interesting is that Files, despite many despicable actions of his life, relates events and perspectives with a truth and integrity that is so real. There is an honor and a code to his life that renders his explanations believable and astounding.

It's so surreal that a cover-up has just grown so vast and for so long, and a betrayal to our nation is so widespread. It verifies my mother's thoughts that we are indeed "only pawns" in this world doing our best and being manipulated by the elite in entrenched powerful positions. With each passing year the puzzle of the assassination is almost complete. I am anxiously awaiting the Files disc and hoping that it will enlighten us further because the puzzle is almost solved.

Thank you again.


The new DVD with current interview of James Files adds some interesting facts to the original James Files' tape that he made in the 90's. It has become known that the FBI knew of James link to the assassination as early as 1964 - yet he never was pursued by either the FBI or other law enforcement agencies. He names several people in the assassination area that day - from CIA, organized crime, and others which tells us that this crime was known by many people in government and organized crime for some time. The irony of CIA sending Johnny Rosselli to abort the assassination yet failing in the effort and even assisting in the crime. Did the CIA just want to give the appearance of aborting to distance itself? And the final reflections of James Files leaves the chilling hint of the President's killing, the reasons for the Viet Nam War, and sends questions and thoughts to us today about todays war! s and 911. It leaves the decision of what we are as a nation - Are we a nation of manipulated puppets being fed disinformation on all levels?


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"For instance there is the fact that the government erased the man's birth records... he doesn't even 'exist'"

This is not proven to be "fact"

"What do our other researchers say about this? (remembering that many of them are deeply committed to other scenarios)"

Complete and total hogwash. Several researchers, including myself, spent about 6 months on it at JFKLancer. I'm sure you can find the debates in the archives at the Lancer forum.

"This appears to be a major breakthrough in the search for Kennedy's killers."

IMO, the Files story was debunked long ago. This is no breakthrough, it is bogus. If you research it yourself, you'll find that out.


Shanet, thanks for the open mind. You should know that I will always defend vigorously three men and one woman: Tosh Plumlee, Chauncey Holt, and James Files, despite the fact that these men are/were somewhat sceptical of each other's stories, which already proves they are not working together. The woman is Judyth Baker. And one should keep in mind that no matter how credible evidence is in this case, there will ALWAYS be attackers, "debunkers" and discreditors, some intentional, some unintentional, some is parrot behaviour. I have a rule of thumb here: The more assaults a story recieves in this case, the more you should be interested.

Ron, I also have a question or two for you: If it is so difficult for anyone to believe that Files was asked to be the backup shooter on the morning of the assassination (because Roselli bowed out), why did this "hoax" make this incredible feat part of his story?

The killing of Lee Oswald by Jack Ruby, was that also part of this meticulously planned operation? Or would you say this was last minute and hasty improvisation to control the damage?

Richard, I have no illusions about ever turning you over. Quite frankly, you're beginning to sound like Bob Vernon. Shouting repeatedly that it's bogus, doesn't make it so. Let's debate the evidence and start with 3 questions for you:

1) What do you make of Joe Granata? Is he lying too?

2) What is your explanation for Files knowing there was a toothmark on the shell casing, while nobody else knew that?

3) What is your explanation for the information below (from a guy that hates James Files) ?


A post of Dave Ostertag

The interesting part:

Some interesting things happened with Files' military record and his

criminal history during the sentencing part of his trial. The

military refused to honor the subpoena for his records.

Why subpoena for Files military records if supposedly Files lied about his military past and there are no records? Note that the military did not say: we don't have them. They refused to honor the subpoena! Why?

Another question: Why were his rap sheets "cleaned"?

Van:Dave Ostertag (daveostertag@aol.com)

Onderwerp:James Files

View this article only


Datum:2001-09-24 08:44:46 PST

Hello to all. I'm the Police Officer that James is in prison for. I

was shot in the chest with an exit wound on the right butt cheek.

Personally I think he is full of dung. His story chages to fit the

facts. I think he is entertaining though. I'm glad that he and Dave

Morley will probably be spending the rest of their life in prison.

Some interesting things happened with File's military record and his

criminal history during the sentencing part of his trial. The

military refused to honor the subpoena for his records. In regards to

his Criminal History. I had arrested Files in 1984 or 1985 for a bond

forfeiture warrant for possession of explosives out of Texas. I

remember looking at his criminal history at that time and saying, this

is a guy I'm going to run into again. He had a hommicide and other

arrests and convictions on the record that showed he was a true

professional criminal as compared to the street thugs you normally

come across. I saved the Criminal History knowing that I would see

him again. At the time of my gunfight with Files and Morley his rap

sheet was clean. Both Files and Morley had active Federal Parole

warrants at that time. Neither warrant appeared in the NCIC computer

queries. Morley had begun his criminal carreer in 1975. He and his

Step Father broke Morley's Step Brother out of a prison in Florida.

Morley shot twqo Prison Guards in the escape and was shot three times

himself. He was dropped off at a Hospital in Atlanta where he was

arrested. The Step Brother was killed by the FBI a year later in

Mobile, Alabama. Morley was sentenced to prison for the breakout and

for shooting the Guards. He escaped in 1982 and was later caought and

sentenced for the 1982 escaped. He had done time for that and for

three subsequent Federal convictions and prison sentences with Files

for Bank robberies. The Federal Parole violation warrants outstanding

at the time of my gunfight with them were for the last Bank Robbery

convictions. When my department arrested Morley one week prior to our

gunfight, he had no arrests or convictions or the warrant on his

criminal history. Files also had a clean criminal history. The

Probation Officer that prepared their pre-sentence investigations used

the 1985 criminal history that I had saved for Files and, had to

contact local Law Enforcement and the Florida Department of

Corrections to rebuild Morley's. I'm sure that there is an

explanation but, it does raise questions. I'm just glad the two of

them will be spending the rest of their life in prison. Just wanted

to check in and say hello.

Edited by Wim Dankbaar
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Ron, I also have a question or two for you: If it is so difficult for anyone to believe that Files was asked to be the backup shooter on the morning of the assassination (because Roselli bowed out), why did this "hoax" make this incredible feat part of his story? 

Since when do Mafiosi "bow out" of jobs? Luckily this one got done anyway thanks to a driver willing to help out, but why did they wait 13 years to put Johnny in an oil drum?

You'll have to ask Files why he made this part of his story.

The killing of Lee Oswald by Jack Ruby, was that also part of this meticulously planned operation? Or would you say this was last minute and hasty improvisation to control the damage?

It was last minute, and I doubt that Ruby had the option of bowing out and getting someone else to do it.


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In Mafia everyone knew who James Files was. Yes, Richard Joe Banana did go to former Vice Pres. Bush and tried to get Files out of prison on another conviction.

Yes, Richard the two knew each other VERY WELL.

But you know Richard, you wouldn't know that enough to disput me. You think you do but YOU DON'T.


Richard is a (censored by me) of all times. He knows everything. He knows who knows who, who is the lord of all givings. Richard, claims to be above all of us in knowledge. HE thinks he is a professor of all knowledge.

When in fact, Richard Smith knows nothing about the personal life of James FIles.


I know I will write to Files and do just that. Bet he and you can go into a real duel.

I will let Files ask you the questions Richard. Place the questions up on the board and then these are all meant for you. I think Files will actually enjoy taking you down. REAL HARD for old time sake.

Heck, I bet he would get a real thrill out of it.

I will write to Files about this today. Will post it up on two forums if Files will go for it. He has been wanting to get on the forum where he could write and say things. But, Richard this one will be a real pleasure. Let FIles direcetly ask you questons and that is it and see just how little you know when you (who thinks he knows it all) will be faced with embarrassment you can't even answer a prsioner.

How about that? I bet you can't either.

OR will you retreat out of it, run like you usually do Richard. Saying I won't do that. Again when faced with a little pinch. YEAH. Let's see how you react to this.


I will ask Files if he can think of 20 questions and make them really hard and we will see how little Richard Smith knows. I will also ask both Forum NOT TO HELP RICHARD SMITH OUT AT ALL WITH THE ANSWERS SHOULD THEY KNOW THE ANSWER...

This one you put on yourself Richard, you have treated me like a dumb bell now it is your turn to feel what you have made me feel for a long time. You went way to far. You have no feelings and as far as I am concerned you having a clue to any thing you say either. You call me a xxxx and worse I have had it with you.

This time you do go to far, you know who Files married for sure and over him even on this. Go run Richard now you are targeted for how dumb you really are.

Or should I say you will run and show it to be running.

Edited by John Simkin
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