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Nick McDonald: hero or villain?

Greg Parker

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... There's also a reporter or photographer tied up in this story at HQ somehow, tho' I don't recall at the moment exactly how he fit in (or didn't).
... The reporter who hitched the lift was Jim Ewell. Ewell was on the balcony looking down as Oswald was being arrested. He vividly recalled a shotgun being pointed down into the tangle of bodies at Oswald. ....

I was thinking of someone at HQ going to DP. It might be in one of Valentine's reports(?). I'll have to look around to see if I can find it.
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One question. Were Oswald's prints found on that gun?
Chuck, the FBI said "no latent prints of value." There was no fuss to speak of about this at the time. Why bother? Everyone knew he had it taken from him in the TT B)

I've put together a detailed response to this on a new thread:
Click the arrow to move to the CE143 thread
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