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Fake Assassination Attempt

Tim Gratz

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Tim Carroll and I disagree on many things but we also agree on many things.

One thing on which we do agree is that many of the events surrounding the assassination would be explained by the scenario of a fake assassination attempt to be blamed on Castro (which attempt may have even been known to JFK).

I taking another look at the issue of possible security stripping in Dallas, I came across this statement in the testimony of George Micheal Evica to the AARB (and I would also note that the testimony comes from the mcAdams web-site):

Since no later than '75, researchers have collected comments circulating not just among researchers but in the U.S. intelligence community on a possible Dealey Plaza assassination scenario; that is, a covert test of the President's security, including a simulated attack to be attributed to pro-Castro agents or sympathizers, that test justifying an actual security stripping as part of the simulation. With the President made vulnerable, the assassination plot succeeds.

Evica's mention that this "speculation" started in 1975 is interesting. I recently reread a vintage 1975 article on the assassination that appeared in that most mainstream media outlet, "The Tattler". The thrust of the article was that Loran Hall was a conspirator. But buried in the article was speculation that there had been a fake assassination attempt planned for Dallas.

I thought it would be worthwhile to start a thread to discuss the possibility of a fake asassination attempt. I would invite Tim Carroll's comments, specifically asking him to repost here his information about what one ofd H. L. Hunt's former security agents wrote about this.

As I recall there was also an interersting article about a fake aassassination scenario that involved the actor Audie Murphy (not as a conspirator but as someone who had heard about the theory). I would invite anyone who has ready access to this article to repost it here.


I doubt if there is currently any way to make this sceanrio any more than "speculation" but perhaps we can at least try to find out when and where the reports and rumors of a fake assassination originated.

Well, Tim, I realize this thread is now a decade older, but I'm just catching up to it.

In my theory, Ex-General Edwin Walker was the leader of the Dallas plot to kill JFK.

My evidence consists of artifacts found in Walker's personal papers, including a confession to Senator Frank Church (1975) that he had lied to the Warren Commission when he said he knew nothing about Lee Harvey Oswald until the day of the JFK murder. Here's a link to that letter:


More items like this, as well as a correspondence between Edwin Walker and Gerry Patrick Hemming about funding Interpen, have made me look much closer at Edwin Walker than most other readers here.

IMHO, Edwin Walker was ready to boast about his role, and especially about his manipulation of Lee Harvey Oswald throughout 1963, when he contacted a German newspaper less than 24 hours after the JFK murder, to brag about Oswald. Here's a link to that headline:


My question to you, Tim is this: do you still believe after a decade that "many of the events surrounding the assassination would be explained by the scenario of a fake assassination attempt to be blamed on Castro?"

If so, please list a few of the events that you believe would be better explained by such a fake assassination.

My interest in this comes in the form of two books on the JFK murder, namely, LIBRA (1988) by Don DeLillo; and THE KENNEDY MUTINY (2002) by Will Fritz. Both books tell of a "Fake" JFK assassination turned sour.

Granted that Captain Will Fritz died in 1984, the author who called himself "Will Fritz" does not otherwise identify himself or his sources in that 701 page book.

Yet for "Will Fritz", General Walker carefully planned the "Fake" Assassination of JFK in Dallas, using his "Friends of Walker" organization, which included (allegedly) FBI agent James Hosty and Secret Service agent Forrest Sorrels.

This rings true with me -- no plot in Dallas could have had a chance, IMHO, without some cooperation by the FBI and the Secret Service -- and the most likely collaborators in those roles would be their Dallas representatives, namely, Hosty and Sorrels.

I don't accept a "Fake" Assassination -- however, I believe this would be a likely invention of somebody who couldn't wait to tell the world that the JFK murder really and truly was a Dallas plot -- because deep down they were proud of it.

In that number I'd include Bill Decker, Will Fritz, Jesse Curry, Roscoe White and Ex-General Edwin Walker, among others.

(It may be worthwhile to note here that Edwin Walker preferred to give political speeches while standing next to the Confederate Flag. If my theory is correct, then the Confederate Flag played a key role in the JFK murder.)


--Paul Trejo

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