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Guest Stephen Turner
Thanks Stephen, I just couldn't remember the name...

No problems Buddy.. Looks like Paine, Bledsoe and Georgie boys names on that Doc.. Nice of them to help po boy Lee like that..

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Can somebody give me the corect spelling for this man, thanks......

On the Mary Ferrell site, LHO had a job application with 3 references and george looks to be the third...


Wade’s post made me look at the name again and just as a side information De Mohrenschildt wasn’t always De Mohrenschildt.

George De Mohrenschildt ancestors lived in Sweden and the original family name was Möhrenskuld. Later, after the family had moved to Russia, generation before George was born, the name was changed to von Mohrenschildt. There are indications that his name actually was Sergei (a typical Russian name) von Mohrenschild when he and his family lived in Petersburg Russia, later in 1917 the family fled from the Soviets to Minsk that was then ruled by the Germans. But soon the Russians took over Minsk and after his brother Dimitri was released from prison in late 1919 the family finally managed to escape to Poland in 1921 where the name Sergei was changed to Jerzy (a typical polish name). When George De Mohrenschild arrived in the United States 1938, he was carrying a Polish passport identifying him as Jerzy Sergius von Mohrenschildt born in Mozyr Russia in 1911.

His brother Dimitri never seemed to find enough reason to change his Russian name into

an English one.

WC testimony from George DeMohrenschildt

Mr. Jenner.

Tell us about that, will you?


Well, the family is of Swedish origin. The name is spelled M-o-h-r-e-n-s-k-u-l-d.

Mr. Jenner.

Yes; I saw last night in looking over these materials the spelling S-k-o-l-d-t, is that correct?


That is right, it is spelled this way. That is a Swedish way of spelling. And the letter "o" with two dots over it is a typical Swedish letter which cannot be translated or written down in any language. So in probably moving to Russia, or to the Baltic States, you see, which was an intermediary area between Russia and Sweden, they probably changed it to S-c-h-i- l-d-t. And it can also be written in Russian, at the same time.

This of course is not quite correct because the letter – ö – is a common letter in the German language.


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