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Abraham Bolden

John Simkin

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Anyone have any contact info for Mr. Bolden?

Tim, this is a new thread I began Sunday soliciting signatures for Abe. Abe can be contacted on the link at the bottom of his reply to my initial email and there is a link to sign the petition for a Presidential Pardon for Abe. Would you be so kind as to sign it if you have not yet? Thanks, Stephen

Mr. Courts:

Thank you very much for your very positive review of my autobiography that you posted on Amazon.com. Also, I am deeply grateful for your continued interest in my plight as evidenced by you email below.

Currently, I have a petition at: http://www.facebook.com/l/dAQE0FLPHAQH80IGL1dROYF8ltCBcRjraPL0QkZ2OFoKbWA/www.petitionspot.com/petitions/abrahamwbolden/ I would be deeply appreciative if you would sign the petition and encourage your facebook friends to do likewise. For a more substantive individual effort on my behalf, I advise you of additional courses that have a much greater influence upon clearing up the matter of my illegal conviction.

The government, by not refuting any of the allegations about misconduct that occurred during my trials and subsequent imprisonment has already acknowledged the truth of what is documented in my book. The lack of denial is known in law as a Tacit Admission. The government's stand seems to be that regardless of the evidence, they are not going to give me any relief through the court system. The courts have consistently failed to address the constitutional issues raised in previous court filings. That failure was not by accident. Expunging or vacation of the conviction are means by which this travesty of justice might be brought to a conclusion. Expunging of the record or other relief by the government can be obtained if the Attorney General, Eric Holder, in consultation with the President, on his own volition reopened the case on motion of the government and requested a vacation of the conviction for lack of constitutional integrity. That is the only way that this conviction can be expunged. President Obama has the authority to prod the U.S. Attorney to recall the case in court and then further action could be taken.

Letters to these authorities would go a long ways toward achieving justice that is long over due.

Thanks again for your help and interest.

Abraham W. Bolden, Sr.

7632 South Sangamon Street

Chicago, Illinois 60620


Telephone: 1-773-488-4822

Fax: 1-773-409-0660

Visit website at: http://www.facebook.com/l/JAQE8pLl1AQGdd8aL-CDqmGrTRp7LAte4e3CZkdWIJyZwjQ/www.echofromdealeyplaza.net

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James Stephen Courts

11:21am Jan 29

Good morning Abe. I read your book (hardbound, had to do some fishing on the net) and did a 5 star post on amazon.com. I have a few goals left on my time on this water coil and one is to see you receive a Presidential Pardon. Is there now any organization working towards this goall that I can get involved with? I have written Senator Sherrod Brown in Ohio, someone I admire and support. I don't wish to reinvent the wheel but would like to help. Could you advise me of any existing effforts on your behalf? Thank you for the fabulous life you have led and the efforts to tell the real story. You are an inspiration and a man I admire greatly. JFK would also be proud of the life you have led ! Warmest wishes and a belated birthday wishes, Stephen Courts

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Anyone have any contact info for Mr. Bolden?

I tried to contact Bolden several years ago. His son was very protective and wouldn't let me anywhere near his father. Probably a good call. :tomatoes

The Boldens are a very tight family unit. The son refused to talk about his father's time with the Secret Service, in fact, I was asked not to contact them again.


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