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Jim Hood Photograph: Why did the FBI confiscate it?

John Simkin

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On 2/13/2006 at 12:25 PM, Robin Unger said:

Two DPD Cops looking at a pool of liquid on the ground. !

Robin, can you reload the photo that I presume you posted here?

***** editing the following so I don't bump the thread..

Lee Foreman's link from the previous page was broken. This one works...



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This situation helps to fill out my working pet-theory.... 

This murder would fit into my pet theory as such:

An individual who could or would be later identified as a Pro-Castro Cuban was murdered near the GK. This would be part of the fulfillment of the plot to blame a Communist conspiracy, including LHO, for the murder of JFK.

As part of the double-cross, this murdered individual was made to disappear; and the story changed to a lone nut scenario. This individual, like Bernard Barker (as per Seymour Wetzman) would have been carrying fake Secret Service credentials. 

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Hood and Coley see this pool of "liquid" near the Pergola up close in person and one even touches it with a finger. 

"That's blood alright."

Hugh Aynesworth sees a "photograph" of this reported pool of blood on a later date and suggests it is spilled "Coke." ???

I would imagine at least 80% of us here have all bought and drank hundreds to thousands of Coke drinks in our lives and probably seen some spilled on surfaces. I sure have.

And we have seen blood spilled many times also. Again, I sure have.

Anyone who claims that the two substances would look so much alike when spilled that you couldn't tell the difference ( especially on concrete) is lying.

Spilled blood in thicker amounts can darken but this doesn't happen immediately.

Who would a reasonable person be forced to believe more in a story like this?

The two men who were inches away from the pool within minutes of it's discovery and even touched it?

Or a single person looking at a photograph of the pool later on?

The pool of dark colored liquid did exist. Even Aynesworth collaborated such.

Jack Ruby's remaining at the ad offices while everyone else figured the easy short walk outside effort when the motorcade came by was worth doing to catch a close up glimpse of the President and his stunning wife (whom Jack Ruby seemed smitten by ) is so illogical under all the circumstances that it is so obvious Ruby was creating a location alibi.



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One episode of The Lone Gunman podcast they had a viewer "call-in" segment which was obviously just them doing the voices. But it was pretty hilarious cause they used the name Huge Anusworth or something to that effect as a caller. Sounds about right! That guy was a HUGE anus! They also had a caller that went by Joan's Melons on that same segment. Pretty funny stuff!

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