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December 6, 1963. Newspapers nationwide carried the story that the FBI had completed their investigation into the assassination and had turned over all of their documentation to Earl Warren.

Therefore, as of December 6, 1963, the only official re-enactment survey of the assassination in existence was the one which was completed for/by the US Secret Service on December 5, 1963, in which each of the three shots fired were marked and identified on the survey plat.

The locations of impact for the shots are those as have been previously identified in which the US Secret Service utilized the rear bumper of their re-enactment vehicle as the point of reference in alignment, and in which the third/last/final shot occurred down Elm St. virtually directly in front of Mr. James Altgens.

THIS was the answer, and the only answer available on December 6, 1963, and therefore is beyond any doubt the answer which was given to the FBI and thereafter to Earl Warren by the FBI as of 12/6/63.


At this time, there was little if any speculation as regards the possibility of multiple assassins, etc.

Three shots were fired, and the location of JFK at impact of each of these three shots was surveyed in and platted.


For reasons which have not been divulged, this information relative to the shots fired and the impact point of the shots, was never revealed to the general public.

Thereafter, on February 7, 1964, the FBI completed additional re-enactment work in Dealy Plaza.

During this "rework", the third/last/final shot which had occurred down in front of Mr. Altgens, was completely erased and made to vanish. Then, an impact location was added into the survey plat which effectively moved impact of a shot slightly after the Presidential Limousine had come out from behind the road sign.

This action, now changed the Z313 headshot from it's initial classification as shot# 2, and it then became shot#3, with the designation for shot#2 now being given to the impact location slightly down Elm St past the road sign.

It is further noted that the impact position of shot#1, which was just behind the road sign was not changed from the SS platted location for impact of this first shot.


Thereafter, the FBI verbally released this information to the general public, who were totally unaware of the previous works by the SS which had been kept under wraps.

They did not however release to the general public, the survey plat which they had generated to demonstrate this shot sequencing scenario.

Unfortunately, in their haste to please someone and come up with a still 3-shot scenario, which accounted for all of the wounds, JEH & Company forgot a primary issue.

That being the elapsed frame time of the Z-film as compared with the considered minimal operating time of the Carcano rifle.

When it was pointed out that the Z334 or so period which JEH & Company had now moved/created a shot impact, was too close to the impact time/location for the first shot, and that such a shot could not have been achieved unless there was a second shooter, one could say that the xxxx hit the fan.

So, JEH & Company have now changed what was originally considered as the facts related to the shots fired and created a lie, for reasons not yet divulged, and this lie was thereafter caught with the good ole "Math Counts" concept which they could not dispute.

Ergo! The WC will not be nomimated to tell us the truth!

Unfortunately, the seed of "multiple assassin" had already been planted into the minds of anyone who kept abreast of the ongoings related to the assassination. After all, JEH had stated this shot sequence scenario to be the facts of the assassination.

(He just did not bother to inform everyone that these were already facts which he had changed to suit another agenda)

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In review, we have the following:

1. The Original Determination[/b]:

a. Three shots fired in the assassination.

b. Three points of impact to JFK for the three shots fired in the assassination.

c. A preponderance of witness's who stated that there was a longer delay between shot#1 & #2, as opposed to the delay between shot#2 & #3.

c. A re-enactment survey plat, which demonstrated a distance separation for the distance between shot#2 and shot#3 of approximately 90 feet down Elm St., with a delay of approximately 5.8 to 5.9 seconds between shots. (an average vehicle speed in the vicinity of 10.6 miles per hour/15.54 feet per second through the distance)

d. A re-enactment survey plat, which demonstrated a distance separation for the Impact Point distance between shot#2 and shot#3 of approximately 31(+) feet down Elm St. (31 divided by 15.54 feet per second = 1.9948 seconds elapsed time minimum)

e. Eyewitness testimony of observation of JFK being struck by and reacting to the first shot fired.

f. Eyewitness testimony as well as the Z-film clearly recording the second shot to the head of JFK at Z313.

g. Eyewitness testimony as to the location of the Presidential Limousine at the time that the third shot was fired, as well as additional eyewitness testimony as to having observed this, the third/last/final shot having struck JFK in the head.

2. The "Revised" FBI Data for 2/7/64

a. Three shots fired in the assassination.

b. Three points of impact for the shots fired

c. Impact point#3 deleted.

d. New impact point inserted into survey plat at point between original#1 & #2 points of impact.

e. This apparant lie and attempt to misrepresent the facts caught early by those who were now aware of he fact that the Z-film ran at an exposure rate of 18.3 frames per second, and with the obvious reasoning that JFK had been hit at some point behind the road sign at Z210 (+/-), and with an operating time of the rifle of 2.3 seconds, this meant that another shot from the Carcano could not have been accomplished until approximately Z252 (=/-) (18.3 frames per second X 2.3 elapsed seconds = 42 elapsed frames +210 = Z352 before JBC could have been shot with the Carcano.

Therefore, the claim which was made, which claimed that JBC was reacting to having been hit by a shot in the vicinity of Z234 (+/-) shortly after he came out from behind the sign, would absolutely require a second shooter, were this in fact true.

f. Therefore: xxxx-can this lie as it has been caught and found, and create the WC to tell us the facts.

Unfortunately, this attempt by JEH & Company to misrepresent the facts of the assassination, is primarily responsible for ignition of the MULTIPLE ASSASSIN scenario, of which most who attempt to demonstrate the lies of the WC & FBI, can not seem to let go of.

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JEH, in his zeal to please certain individuals, made a severe mistake, with the end result now being that the fuse of "multiple assassin scenario's" became lighted as the end result.

Thus it became time for the "Damage Control" party/aka the WC to take over and attempt to salvage some aspect of the mess, without further fueling the flame.

In that regard, one must pay compliment to Specter & Company, as their hands were now somewhat tied.

In event they allowed it to be revealed that the third/last/final shot was not the shot at Z313 as had been stated by the FBI, then JEH would have been faced with having to explain the incompetence of the FBI in that they could not determine this.

Not to mention the fact that the US Secret Service had already provided this information and JEH & Company had changed it.

In addition, JEH most assuredly would not have gone down quietley as to the reasons as well as the director of his actions.

Thus, the WC was now left with the large amount of wounds, and in fact only two bullets on which to attempt to blame these wounds on.

And, since one of these bullets severely fragmented after striking the head of JFK, it was not likely that it could take the blame for the complete bullet which the doctors all reported as having been responsible for the back & chest injuries to JBC.

Therefore, that left one, and only one bullet to take the blame for the back/chest wound of JBC.


But now, we also had the reactions of JBC at/around Z234, which JEH had previously claimed was a result of the second shot.

To compensate for this, the WC further expanded the SBT of CE399, to include the "delayed reaction" by JBC to having almost half a foot of his right fifth rib being blown out.

And, when they could have possibly gotten away with telling the truth that the wrist wound to JBC was created by a fragment from the Z313 headshot, for some completely stupid reason, they continued to attempt to incorporate this wound into the CE399 SBT as well.

The deeper that they dug this hole, the worse it got for convincing any rational person that they were presenting the facts and truth.

Then came the head wounds to JFK!

The complexities to the head wounds were of such a nature that virtually no one could reference a similar instance in which a military type FMJ bullet had created such damage.

Then when some persons began to apply basic trig to the facts, nothing added up.

A bullet strike in the vicinity of the EOP could not possibly turn upwards and thereafter exit through the top of the skull, and so on, etc; ect; ect.

And although the WC most assuredly did not offer any rational explanation for either of the shots which they claimed struck the occupants of the Presidential Limousine, they did nevertheless fully make all indications of a third/last/final shot completely become obscured withing the manipulations of the facts and evidence which they presented.

Needless to say, their work has thereafter been the basis of the continuation of the Conspiracy/Multiple Assassin/Body Kidnapping aka wound alteration theories on which an entire industry has now been built.

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An interesting series of posts.

One thing I'm having a bit of trouble with, though, is accounting for all the wounds. Could you clarify this?

I know you advocate a one-shooter scenario, but if I read you correctly, the timing precludes the use of a M-C as the weapon. Could you elaborate on this a bit, also?

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An interesting series of posts.

One thing I'm having a bit of trouble with, though, is accounting for all the wounds. Could you clarify this?

I know you advocate a one-shooter scenario, but if I read you correctly, the timing precludes the use of a M-C as the weapon. Could you elaborate on this a bit, also?

1. First shot fired at some point between Z204 to Z210.

Time/Life, on 11/25/63 surveyed in the first shot at approximately Z205 (between Z204 to Z206). Thereafter, the US Secret Service on 12/5/63 determined an impact point of approximately Z210.

This is CE 399 which struck in a base first position, penetrating only a short distance into the back of JFK due to loss of velocity and end over end rotation as a result of loss of stability from having struck and completely penetrated the tree limb of the live oak tree.

When this bullet struck in a base first attitude and entered the back, it struck the right transverse process of the C-7 vertebrae, which thereafter sheared a small flat-base/cone shaped lead fragment from the base of the bullet.

This core portion of the bullet had been squeezed out the base of the bullet as a result of the external forces exerted onto the bullet as it passed through the tree limb, thereby receiving all of it's deformaties.

The small 4.5mm width (at the flat/oval bottom side of the fragment) travelled through the neck of JFK and exited in the anterior throat and is thereafter responsible for the often referenced 4mm to 5mm anterior neckj wound which was observed at Parkland.

The fragment was found in the rear floorboard of the Presidential Limousine, along with two other quite irregular fragments, and can be seen in CE 840.

Upon initial examination by FBI Agent Frazier, the fragment weighed in at .9 grains and in his handwritten notes Frazier specifically listed the fragment and beside it wrote "C1 ?" with C1 actually being the later CE399.

By the time the National Archives received CE840, the small cone-shaped, flat based fragment had disappeared from evidence.

2. Second shot fired at Z313, some 5.8 to 5.9 seconds after the first shot.

This shot struck JFK in the high, top rear of the head (the cowlick shot), and in passing through the skull & brain, fragmented severely.

As a portion of the damage created to the skull, this shot caused a "flap" of the skull to separate and become blown over to the right side of the head of JFK, which can be clearly seen in those frames of the film after the shot.

A fragment of this shot went forward and slightly right and struck JBC in the right arm. At the time of impact, JBC was holding his right arm almost level/parallel to the ground. The tangent strike of the fragment sent it through the top edge of the coat sleeve and into the back side of the wrist, with an exit out the palm side of the wrist after having broken the bone and left metallic fragments embedded in the wound.

Other fragments from this shot went forward, striking the windshield on the interior side, as well as the metal molding just above the windshield.

At least one additional fragment cleared the windshield and travelled downrange to strike the curb for the Tague hit, and all indications are that another fragment may have travelled on a similar path to the right of the car and ultimately may have struck the wood stockade fence.

This hypothesis is supported by the witness who claimed to have heard a "bullet" fly by his ear.

A "bullet" seldom makes a passing noise that can be heard. However, an irregular fragment "cuts" the air and thereafter creates a "flutter" sound which is easily heard.

A fragment of limited velocity, striking a wood stockade fence, will make a "pop".

All that one has to do to verify this is find a wood stockade fence, a small rock, and a slingshot.

A small rock which is merely thrown into a wooden stockade fence creates a "pop".

A small rock shot from a slingshot with adequate velocity, thereafter striking a wooden stockade fence, creates quite a "pop" sound.

Nevertheless, this shot to the head of JFK at Z313 is responsible for much of the cranial and brain damage in the top portion of the head, as the shot removed a "flap" which was blown over to hang on the right side of the head, as well as tearing out a considerable amount of skull in the frontal lobe area of the skull.

3. Shot# 3 was fired some 31+ feet farther down Elm St. than the Z313 head shot. This shot was fired, for all practical purposes, as fast as the rifle could be operated and fired after having fired the Z313 head shot.

At the point of impact, JFK was leaned well to his left and slightly forward, with his head turned to the right, and his head slightly drooped.

Due to this position, as well as the frequently discussed "fold" in the coat, the coat collar now rode somewhat higher than did the shirt collar which was buttoned around the neck.

This shot penetrated through the coat on a considerable tangent to the extent that the hole through the outer cloth and the hole through the inner liner do not even perfectly align when the coat is held upright.

It is also noted that this hole through the collar of the coat is in direct alignment with the location at which the bullet struck JFK at the base of the neck, just up into the edge of the hairline.

It is noted also that Dr. Boswell, on one of his drawings, drew in the "slanting" angular nature of the entry wound at the EOP vicinity of the skull of JFK.

Due to the head being in a leaned and turned position, , the bullet, after having struck in the edge of the hairline, thereafter "tunnelled" through the soft flesh of the neck and continued on this path to strike the skull of JFK in the vicinity of the EOP.

The tunneling which the autopsy surgeons observed was not an "upward" tunnel, even though it ran in this direction when the head is held direct.

It was created when the back of the head was in an almost horizontal position/slightly drooped.

This bullet passed throught the soft flesh at the base of the skull, and upon striking at the EOP area, created severe fracturing in multiple directions from the point of impact, radiating in various directions.

This is why such a wound to the skull, as opposed to merely a penetrating wound with intact bone, occurred.

The skull was already severely damaged due to impact and removal of portions of the skull from the Z313 shot, and with this lack of additional reinforcement, the shot impact and subsequent "blowback" of the force of the bullet, created the numerous radiating fractures to the skull in this area.

As an added note, the lineal dimensions of the entry wound through the skull of JFK, as measured and reported by the autopsy surgeons, will give the relative close angle of entry for the bullet, and when the angle from the sixth floor window of the TSDB is computed in, with the position of the head of JFK, these angles and the correlating angle of impact are fully complilmentary.

This bullet remained quite intact, and exited in the frontal lobe vicinity of the skull of JFK.

Based on all reports and evidence, it would indicate that the bullet, at minumum, left at least one half of a round/oval exit hole in the skull of JFK upon exit.

By the time that this bullet exited the frontal area of the skull of JFK, JBC had completed his falling, etc across the open area in between his jump seat and the jump seat of Nellie Connally.

In this position, with his head virtually in Nellie's lap, and leaning slightly back, JBC fully exposed his back and his right rear shoulder directly into the line of fire for the bullet which now exited the frontal area of the skull of JFK.

The BS discussions of he elongated wound to the right rear shoulder of JBC (elongated horizontally) has nothing to do with loss of stability to bullets.

JBC was laying in an almost horizontal position and the bullet exited the skull of JFK and struck JBC on a downward angle.

The elongated horizontally wound of JBC when he is sitting erect, is in fact an elongated wound (due to downward firing angle) vertically, with JBC's torso in almost the horizontal position.

It is also noted that this no doubt also answers the questions as to exactly why the clothing of JBC was washed and dry cleaned prior to any reported examinations.

With his back now fully exposed across this open area between the jump seats, the back and right shoulder area of the coat would have been saturated in blood and brain tissue as it was blown out by the exiting bullet.

Hardly possible when he was sitting virtually erect at the Z313 headshot, when the back of the seat in which he was sitting would have caught the residue of any blown tissue.

To continue, the bullet continud on it's DOWNWARD path through the chest of JBC, following the coutour of the right fifth rib, striking the rib at a glancing blow, to exit the chest and thereafter enter the left leg/thigh and strike the bone of the leg.

It should be noted at this point that the "Cross-angle" of the bullet path through the chest of JBC is not a cross angle at all. It is in fact a combination a slight cross angle, coupled with a considerable downward angle due to the almost horizontal position of his body across the open area between the jump seats of the car at the time of impact of the third/last/final shot.

In this regard, neither Nellie Connally nor JBC are confused when they speak of the position in which JBC was in at the time that they heard the third/last/final shot.


JBC Warren Commission Testimony:

So I merely doubled up, and then turned to my right again and began to--I just sat there, and Mrs. Connally pulled me over to her lap. She was sitting, of course, on the jump seat, so I reclined with my head in her lap, conscious all the time, and with my eyes open; and then, of course, the third shot sounded, and I heard the shot very clearly. I heard it hit him. I heard the shot hit something, and I assumed again--it never entered my mind that it ever hit anybody but the President. I heard it hit. It was a very loud noise, just that audible, very clear.

Immediately I could see on my clothes, my clothing, I could see on the interior of the car which, as I recall, was a pale blue, brain tissue, which I immediately recognized, and I recall very well, on my trousers there was one chunk of brain tissue as big as almost my thumb, thumbnail,

Obviously, it couldn't have been the third, because when the third shot was fired I was in a reclining position, and heard it, saw it and the effects of it, rather--I didn't see it, I saw the effects of it--so it obviously could not have been the third, and couldn't have been the first, in my judgment.

Nellie Connally Warren Commission Testimony:

Mrs. CONNALLY. No, he turned away from me. I was pretending that I was him. I never again looked in the back seat of the car after my husband was shot. My concern was for him, and I remember that he turned to the right and then just slumped down into the seat, so that I reached over to pull him toward me. X was trying to get him down and me down. The jump seats were not very roomy, so that there were reports that he slid into the seat of the car, which he did not; that he fell over into my lap, which he did not.

I just pulled him over into my arms because it would have been impossible to get us really both down with me sitting and me holding him. So that I looked out, I mean as he was in my arms, I put my head down over his head so that his head and my head were right together, and all I could see, too, were the people flashing by. I didn't look back any more. The third shot that I heard I felt, it felt like spent buckshot falling all over us, and then, of course, I too could see that it was the matter, brain tissue, or whatever, just human matter, all over the car and both of us.


Both of which have fully identified that the third shot was fired after JBC has assumed his position across the jump seats, exposing his back to the third/final/last shot.

As can be readily seen in Z313, JBC is nowhere near laying down with his head in Nellie's lap at the time of the Second/aka Z313 impact to the head of JFK.


As a last item, it should be noted that Nellie Connally ultimately wrote/published a book on the events in Dallas on 11/22/63. Of specific noteworthiness is her handwritten notes which she states were made 10 days after the event.

In these handwritten notes, she states:

"Quickly there was a second shot (John had turned to the right at the first shot to look back & had then whirled to the left to get another look---realized the President had been shot said "No, No, No)

Was hit and said "My God, they are are going to kill us all"--Wheeled back to the right crumpling his shoulders and his knees in the most unpleasant & pitiful position a tall big man could be in.

I reached over and pulled him to me & tried to get us both down in the car. Then came a third shot.

With John in my arms and still trying to stay down I did not see the third shot hit--but I felt something falling all over me. My sensation was of spent buckshot. My eyes saw bloody matter in tiny bits all over the car."

And in closing:


Mr. ALTGENS - This would put me at approximately this area here, which would be about 15 feet from me at the time he was shot in the head--about 15 feet from the car on the west side of the car--on the side that Mrs. Kennedy was riding in the car.

There was not another shot fired after the President was struck in the head. That was the last shot--that much I will say with a great degree of certainty.

There was flesh particles that flew out of the side of his head in my direction from where I was standing, so much so that it indicated to me that the shot came out of the left side of his head

I had refocused to 15 feet because I wanted a good closeup of the President and Mrs. Kennedy, and that's why I know that it would be right at 15 feet, because I had prefocused in that area, and I had my camera almost to my eye when it happened and that's as far as I got with my camera.


And in that regard, it should be now evident as to why the WC decided that we did not need to see any frame of the Zfilm past Z334, as Mr. Altgens does not even come fully into view in the film until Z340 ( of those frames of the film which we now see).

And of course the WC also neglected to call for questioning Mr. Altgens, until such time as it was written up in newspapers that they had not even bothered to call him as a witness, even though he was singularly one of the most important of all of those persons in Dealy Plaza, as a photographer and journalist, he was a trained observer as well.

As with all things, there are logical and explainable reasons for the WC misrepresentation of and obfuscation of the evidence.

Still only one shooter!


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  • 1 month later...

The Mobile, AL "REGISTER" newspaper of 11/28/63 contains an article as relates to an assassination "re-enactment" which was conducted on the prior "Wednesday".

It even goes into detail in description of the car and that a female "stand-in" was also utilized.

With this date, this has to be the Time/Life work of 11/26/63, however, the newspaper article implies that this re-enactment has some "official" status.

The Time/Life Survey work and survey plat thereafter become lost in the history of the assassination.


Then, on December 6, 1963, the day after completion of the Survey Plat for the US Secret Service (12/5/63) and their survey work and assassination re-enactment of December 2?3/4/& 5th, newspapers nationwide informed us that all of the FBI Investigative work was completed and given to Earl Warren for his panel of personnel to evaluate.

This work absolutely had to be the 3-shot, 3-hit work of the US Secret Service, which now placed the third/last/final shot virtually directly in front of Mr. James Altgens position on Elm St.


Even with this work, which was also never released to the General Public, someone obviously decided that a new "answer" needed to be formulated.

Therefore, the FBI work of 2/7/64 in which the impact location of the third/last/final shot was deleted from the record, and a shot was inserted shortly after the Presidential Limousine (& JBC) exited from behind the road sign.

This of course being the "JEH" lie in which the "answer" was released without benefit of the FBI Survey Plat.

The lie being of course found quickly, due to the operating time requirement of the carcano vs. Elapsed time of the Z-film & number of frames.

Again, this survey work and survey plat were kept from the public knowledge.


Which of course gave us the WC Survey work, which for some reason could now locate only one impact location for shots fired.

The question being? If all work was considered complete (by the FBI & SS) on 12/6/63, and the available information was given to Earl Warren, then one can obviously accept that on 12/6/63, that the US Secret Service work of 12/2 thru 12/5/63, was considered as the assassination shot sequencing solution.

It was the answer!

So! If this were in fact the correct answer, then exactly what motivation could exist to cause this information to be kept quiet and cause JEH to step into the obvious lie which he presented with his work of 2/7/63 as regards the JBC hit?


P.S. Sometimes the "correct" answer is not necessarily the "Politically Correct" answer.

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