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Biography: Roger Christensen

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My name is Roger Christensen. I am 33 years old and live in Tønsberg, Norway. I work with environmental issues in a state agency. I do not study history on a professional basis, but i have always taken an interest in current affairs and modern history.

There are different reasons for my interest in the Kennedy assassination. It is very much "the crime of the century" with many pieces of information and evidence to take into consideration. But it is more than that. Most of the people who lived then remember it very well as a shocking event. And i think the heated debates about the issue 40 years later reflect this experience. The reason is perhaps that different theories about the assassination is closely linked to other issues: was he murdered because he was a progressive president or has he been idolized after his death? Did he want to pull out of Vietnam or not? Which role do the CIA, the military and the mafia play in US politics? Did the US policy against Cuba backfire when Kennedy was assassinated? Why are the official investigations so disputed? All these questions are very much about what we think about US society and politics in that very tense period.

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