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Starters and Plenaries


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This section is designed for secondary teachers and trainees to share good ideas for lesson starters and plenaries in all subjects.

please post your contribution here

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Here are some ideas that I have used in my dance lessons:


Students work in small groups. The teacher reads out a topic and the groups must write down as many things related to that the topic as they can in one minute. At the end of the allocated time the teacher reads out a list of their chosen ten things (this needs to be prepared before hand). A point is awarded for each item that the groups match on their list.


Puzzles work well and can be used by students individually. I print out spider diagrams onto card. These are then cut up into smaller shapes. Students then have to put the shapes back together again, these can then be copied up into their books is so wished.

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If you are teaching in an internet ready computer room interactivities can be used for plenaries.

For instance in this web based lesson on life in Hitler's Germany I have used Hot Potatoes to create an interactive plenary


If you are working at DTC you can find Hot Potatoes in the "web design" area of the Learning Zone. If not you can download it HERE

I have written a guide to using the software which can be accessed from the Teacher Trainee website


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Free products available from Content Generator can be used to make computerised quizzes and games to use as starters and plenaries either for individual use or use with a whiteboard - see examples below




A really useful seminar packed with ideas on plenaries and follow up discussion can be accessed below


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Here are some online starters for GCSE and Key Stage 3 dance. They can also be useful for revision in year 11.








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Here are some ideas that have used in ICT lessons but can be adapted to suit other subjects:

Starter: A memory game that involves a number of keywords entered in spreadsheet cells with each word in the cell hidden behind different colours using infill colour. Each word should appear twice in the grid. Divide the class into 2 teams. Display the grid on the interactive whiteboard and ask the first team to choose a cell and reveal the Keyword by removing the colour. The team gets another chance to find the matching word in the grid by selecting another cell to reveal. If both matching words are not found, then fill the cells with colour again. Ask the opposing team to choose a cell to reveal and then to choose another cell to find the matching word and so on. Points can be awarded to find the winning team.

Starter 1

Starter 2

Plenary: Prepare a list of about 5-10 keywords or main points of the day's lesson. Ask pupils (in groups or individually) to write their own list and see if they can match yours. Reveal your list one at a time, using the interactive/whiteboard and compare with pupils' list. Discuss similarities/differences.

See attached file which can be used as a template for other topics.


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A couple of simple Word guides to creating a starter web site in Front page - aimed at students starting secondary school but useful for young and old alike! Admittedly it is aimed at those doing Design & Technology but you can simply cross out the 'DT' bit and write in in crayon what you want :D;)

Cheers for now. David



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