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Biography: Simon Ross

Simon Ross

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I qualified to teach History in the summer of 2005. I have worked since then at Little Heath School, an 11-18 comprehensive on the edge of Reading. I am currently leader of Key Stage Five History coordinating the teaching of 95 sixth-form historians. I am planning to develop the department's use of ICT and explore the possibilities of distance learning. Encouraged by my colleague Ed Podesta, I have already set up http://www.ilovehistory.co.uk/. This website is using 'blogs' and 'podcasts' to help History students across Little Heath and beyond.

This year I have also started a Students as Researchers project. Through a collaboration with the Department of Education at Oxford University, and BECTA, 30 students were trained in educational research techniques. The students have investigated a number of questions to do with teaching and learning at Little Heath using a variety of methods: lesson observations, interviews, and questionnaires.


Before training to teach I completed an MPhil in Educational Research Methodology. As part of this, I investigated the implementation of the 'political literacy' strand of Citizenship education in English schools. I have also worked as a sailing and windsurfing instructor and continue to be active in extra-curricular activities at school, including Duke of Edinburgh's Award and drama.

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