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John Simkin

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Black History Month Promoters' Newsletter

Welcome to BHM Promoters newsletter. This is a reminder to start planning for BHM October 2006, and that BHM website is still taking listings for events ALL year round.

Plan early for Black History Month events in October 2006. Last year was probably the best ever BHM celebrations with a richness and diversity of events throughout the UK never seen before. And the BHM website more than trebled its annual hits. From April 1st 2005 until 12th March 2006, BHM received well over 7 million hits (More details below).

Themes for BHM 2006

BHM website is loathe to prescribe the themes for Black History Month celebrations, but we make suggestions here that you might like to consider.

Black Career Advancement in the Sciences & Engineering. Mae Jemison, first female Black astronaut was born October 17, 1956.

Paul Robeson: 2006 is the 30th anniversary of his death in 1976.

South Africa: 30th Anniversary of the Soweto riots in South Africa which marked the beginning of the end of apartheid (June 16, 1976). 20th Anniversary of Desmond Tutu becoming the first black to lead the Anglican Church in South Africa (September 7, 1986).

Linked to but not exclusive to Soweto, Young people who made history

Caribbean Independence: 2006 marks the 40th Anniversary of Independence for Guyana, and Barbados, 30th for Trinidad & Tobago, & 25th for Antigua, and Barbuda.

Roots by Alex Haley first published in 1976.

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