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Mr. SPECTER - Mr. Chief Justice, may it please the Commission, I would like to have identified for the record three articles on which I have placed Commission Exhibits Nos. 393 being the coat worn by the President, 394 being the shirt, and 395 being the President's tie, and at this time move for their admission into evidence.

The CHAIRMAN. It may be admitted.

Commander HUMES - Yes, sir. This exhibit is a grey suit coat stated to have been worn by the President on the day of his death. Situated to the right of the midline high in the back portion of the coat is a defect, one margin of which is semicircular.

Situated above it just below the collar is an additional defect. It is our opinion that the lower of these defects corresponds essentially with the point of entrance of the missile at Point C on Exhibit 385.

Mr. SPECTER - Would it be accurate to state that the hole which you have identified as being the point of entry is approximately 6 inches below the top of the collar, and 2 inches to the right of the middle seam of the coat?

Commander HUMES - That is approximately correct, sir. This defect, I might say, continues on through the material.

Attached to this garment is the memorandum which states that one half of the area around the hole which was presented had been removed by experts, I believe, at the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and also that a control area was taken from under the collar, so it is my interpretation that this defect at the top of this garment is the control area taken by the Bureau, and that the reason the lower defect is not more circle or oval in outline is because a portion of that defect has been removed apparently for physical examinations.

Mr. SPECTER - Now, does the one which you have described as the entry of the bullet go all the way through?

Commander HUMES - Yes, sir; it goes through both layers.

Commander HUMES - Yes, sir; it goes all the way through. It is not--wait a minute, excuse me it is not so clearly a puncture wound as the one below.

Mr. SPECTER - Does the upper one go all the way through in the same course?

Commander HUMES - No.

Mr. SPECTER - Through the inner side as it went through the outer side?

Commander HUMES - No, in an irregular fashion.


1. Introduced into evidence with a "note" attached which claims upper area of damage to coat was where a "control area" was taken.

(Note on the Note): According to the National Archives, the "Note" from Mom (or whoever) is now missing.

2.Upper hole does not go completely through inner & outer side in "same course".

Meaning that when held normally, the hole in the inner coat lining does not align directly with the hole in the outer portion of the garment. Meaning that the hole penetrated on a considerable "slant" through the fabric.


Mr. FRAZIER - Traces of copper were found around the margins of the hole in the back of the coat, and as a control, a very small section under the collar was taken, and no copper being found there, it was concluded that the copper was foreign to the coat itself.


1. Agent Frazier is merely repeating what the "Note" from Mom/whoever states. He had no direct and/or indirect knowledge of the testing done on the coat.

All testing was conducted by the Spectrographic Analysis Unit of the FBI Lab.


When one comes to fully recognize the "means & methods" utilized by Arlen Specter to obscure the evidence, then, not unlike the "ALTERED EVIDENCE" of the Survey Work "SLEIGHT OF HAND", then there is little difficulty in recognition of similar feats.

In many instances, one merely has to look at what "could not" have been accomplished in a normal court of law.


The second hole through the coat of JFK, which is located just at the point of the collar, and which passes completely through the outer as well as inner lining of the coat, on an oblique angle, IS NOT where a control/comparison sample was taken from the coat.

It is IN FACT the entry point of the third/last/final shot which passed through the slightly raised coat collar and thereafter struck JFK at the base of the neck in the edge of the hairline on the "slanting" angle which allowed the bullet to tunnel through the soft flesh at the base of the neck and thereafter strike JFK in the vicinity of the EOP.


Of the FBI Agents assigned* to the Spectrographic Analysis Section of the FBI Lab, ONE & only ONE of these persons conducted testing on the clothing of JFK.

This was FBI Agent John F. Gallagher.

(I have personally spoken to ALL of those FBI Agents assigned to the lab at the time of examination of the JFK Assassination Evidence. (to include Frazier) on multiple occassions, as regards the testing and examination of the evidence)

It is unknown as to whether Agent Gallagher is, or is not still living. However, as the ONLY FBI Agent to conduct testing on the coat worn by JFK, he absolutely stated that no "control"/comparison sample was removed from the coat to check for copper, or anything else.

The SECOND hole through the coat of JFK was created by the third shot which was fired after JFK was bent over at the waist and leaning well forward in the Presidential Limo, with his head drooped down and turned slightly to the right. Thus exposing the back of his neck directly to the line of fire from the sixth floor of the TSDB.

The "slanting" upward bullet path (arrow) as drawn by Dr. Boswell on his autopsy drawing is in fact a right to left trajectory which passed downward through the skull from the point of entrance in the scalp at the base of the skull, tunnelling through the soft flesh to strike the skull in the EOP vicinity and thereafter exit in the top/frontal area of the skull.

Impact to the skull caused additional fracturing of the skull bone, especially in the rear/EOP vicinity, and caused portions of this bone to separate from the skull, which resulted in the "rear" head wound damage as observed by so many qualified persons.

I might also add that this is also the reason for the 15mm X 6mm nature of the entry wound through the skull in the vicinity of the EOP, as it is due to the position of the head at the time of impact, as compared with the downward angle of fire from the sixth floor of the TSDB.


I would hope that no one is of the assumption that a bullet struck JFK at the base of the skull/neck, in the vicinity of the hairline, and thereafter "turned" upwards to exit through the top of the skull, just as hopefully no one is of the assumption that JFK was shot in the base of the skull by someone who would have had to be hiding in the trunk of the Presidential Limo, were this trajectory/bullet pathway through the skull to have been inflicted while JFK was in an upright position.

Now, if we only knew WHERE this truly "MAGIC" bullet went to!


Mr. SPECTER. You mentioned a missile which was not removed from Governor Connally. Specifically, what did you refer to there?

Mr. KELLERMAN. There was in the early--this was on the day in Parkland Memorial Hospital, and this information comes from Dr. George Burkley, the President's physician, when, I believe, I asked him the condition of Governor Connally, and have they removed the bullet from him.

Mr. SPECTER. What did Dr. Burkley say?

Mr. KELLERMAN. Dr. Burkley said that to his knowledge he still has the bullet in him.


Politicians, not unlike Magicians, can make things disappear!

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