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How much do teachers get paid?

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I wonder if there's any enthusiasm for sharing information about what we all get paid …

Well, here goes, because in Sweden this is all a matter of public knowledge (they publish the final taxation tables with exact details of everyone's earnings, wealth, etc in the local newspapers each year!).

I've thought of four indicators, which might or might not give accurate and comparable information (I'm no mathematician or statistician):

1. My gross pay per month in euros: 2849 euros (at an exchange rate of 9.3 Swedish kronor/euro)

2. My net pay (i.e. after tax and all other deductions) per month in euros:1935 euros

3. My living costs (in my case rent on my 4-bedroomed flat, including all heating bills): 677 euros

4. Value-Added Tax standard rate: 25%


Some additional information:

1. I work at something like a polytechnic in Sweden, but I think that my salary is comparable to that of school teachers. In Sweden schools are the responsibility of local councils, and pay rates differ from area to area.

I get this money for working 1750 hours/year. However, a) 240 hours are 'free' for personal skills development and administration; :lol: we work a system of 'factors', so that an hour spent in the classroom (which is only actually 45 minutes …) is equal to 3 or 4.5 of these 1750 hours, to take preparation and follow-up into account.

2. This is all - in Sweden all taxes, local and national, are deducted at source, so this net pay is arrived at after local and state taxes + national insurance contributions have been deducted. I don't pay anything else in the form of 'taxes', 'charges' or 'contributions' to the state, apart from consumption tax (VAT) specified in point 4.

3. We rent a flat and have to pay electricity charges over and above this rent, which includes the cost of central heating, though. If we were to buy a house or flat in the town I live in, we'd end up paying marginally less than this in total mortgage repayments, insurance, heating, etc.


Is anyone else prepared to take the plunge?

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David this topic is already being discussed in the 'debates in education' section of the forum. Check out the 'How valuable are teachers?' section.

I am not only interested in the salaries being paid in different countries but also the range of duties that teachers are expected to perform in addition to their actual classroom teaching.

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