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Review of The Kennedy Assassination: Beyond Conspiracy

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I started to watch the documentary in question again today but had to turn it off after 45 minutes due to my utter revoltion at the material and reasoning presented in it. <<<<

Mr. Geraghty outlasted me by 30 minutes.

Some 15 minutes into the show it quotes Connally as saying when he's hit, "My God, they are going to kill us both."

In defense of 'beyond,' I tried to locate how they could have justifiably made such a mistaken Quote.

You cannot locate it, at least easily.

Is there a meaningful difference in the two Quotes;

"My god, they are going to kill us both."


"My god, they are going to kill us all." (Connally's true words)

Some producer must have decided. "Yes, there is a large difference." And big enough that connallys words need to be change into a brand new Quote. And a Quote that is a Lie.

I turned it off and said, "go to hades peter jennings." I think I went too far. :blink:

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