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A rather simple exercise for students should involve them in an event.A sporting event is fine, a notable local event is great,a school event or presentation.

You can also have them create an event themselves since they often torture their parents with surprises,or tease their pals with outrageous behavior.

After the event,you can have them interview four people. The father,mother,sister or brother,the neighbor,the schoolmate,the people at the scene.

How do the witnesses describe the event?

What record do they leave of the event?phone messages,taped recordings,written accounts,newspaper accounts.

What is an event? Did it happen? Why is the timing important? How is it related to the assignment itself? Would it have happened if it had not been assigned?

Was it an accident?Is it mysterious or unsolved? For example, as a sports writer one might wonder how the home team was defeated so handily by the idiots at the other school.

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