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FBI profiles, people with relevance to assassination

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I have been browsing the FBI's files on various celebrities and other people known to us through their work with the governement. I thought I would post up a few brief descriptions of the files.

I have noticed that there are a considerable amount of homsexuals who held files, such as Noel Coward and Rock Hudson.

The descriptions given are those made by the FBI

Dorothy Kilgallen

Dorothy Kilgallen was newspaper reporter for the New York Journal-American. She reported on the entertainment news with her column called "The Voice of Broadway." Ms. Kilgallen and Director Hoover corresponded with each other. Miss Kilgallen printed information in her column several times about cases involving the FBI, none of which were true. Dorothy Kilgallen died in November 1965, from alcohol and barbiturates.


I find it interesting that they feel the need to inform the reader that Ms.Kilgallens stories about the FBI were false!

Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis

4 pages

The FBI material contains information about coordinating security for a planned trip to Ireland in 1967 by the former First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy and her children, Caroline and John, Jr.



The file known as Chappaquiddick, is also know known the Mary Jo Kopechne investigation. This investigation was opened when an overturned car was found at Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts, in the water and Ms. Kopechne's body was in the car. Ms. Kopechne was a former secretary to late Senator, Robert F. Kennedy. It was determined the driver of the automobile was Senator Edward M. Kennedy. It was alleged he was on the wrong road and drove off Dike's Bridge, with the automobile overturning in the water. Senator Kennedy managed to get out of the car, but Ms. Kopechne did not make it out of the car and drowned.


John Roselli

1,228 pages

John Roselli, aka, Filippo Sacco, was active in California and Las Vegas, handling affairs for the Chicago La Cosa Nostra family. Beginning in 1947, the FBI investigated Roselli for various anti-racketeering violations. In 1968, he was convicted for entering the United States illegally and was ordered deported by the Immigration and Naturalization Service; however, no country would receive him. In 1976, Roselli's decomposed body was found in a 55-gallon steel drum floating in Dumfounding Bay, Florida.



William Douglas Pawley was born at Florence, South Carolina on September 7, 1896. Mr. Pawley was the American Ambassador to Peru in 1945. In April of 1946, he was transferred to the same post in Brazil. After his service in South America, Mr. Pawley became a consultant to the State Department. Prior to his appointment as Ambassador, Mr. Pawley was a real estate broker in Florida, and had an interest in airplane manufacturing and establishing airlines in foreign countries. He was the organizer of the Flying Tigers, an airline that operated mostly in China. He later became the President of the Miami Transit Company.


Thomas Hale Boggs

678 pages

Louisiana Democratic Congressman Thomas Hale Boggs was killed in an airplane crash in Alaska on October 16, 1972. He and his party were flying from Anchorage to Juneau, Alaska when the plane disappeared. He was born on February 15, 1914, along the Mississippi Gulf Coast. FBI records reflect a correspondence file, and a Bribery law enforcement main investigative file. This investigation concerned the construction of an underground parking garage on Capitol Hill. His wife, Linda Boggs, succeeded him in Congress.


Melvin Belli

367 pages

Melvin Belli, born in 1907, was a high-profile Attorney in San Francisco, California.. His prominence was noted in numerous newspapers and magazines. Mr. Belli, represented Jack Ruby, who murdered Lee Harvey Oswald (the 1963 assassin of President John F. Kennedy). Mr. Belli was very critical of FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover.


Sam Giancana

186 pages

Sam Giancana, Chicago organized crime boss, was born June 15, 1908, in Chicago, Illinois. The FBI conducted an anti-racketeering investigation from August 1, 1959 through September 1, 1960, to determine Giancana's position in the Chicago crime syndicate and his associates, legitimate enterprises and tie-ins with politics and the police. In 1929, he was sentenced to the Illinois State Penitentiary for attempted burglary and in 1939, and to the Federal Penitentiary Levenworth for Income Tax Evasion.


Peter Lawford

Peter Lawford was born on September 7, 1923, in England. Mr. Lawford, also known as, Peter Ernest Sydney Lawford, Peter Aylen, and Peter Ernest Sydney Aylen. Mr. Lawford began his acting career in England as a child. Mr. Lawford eventually moved to America with his parents and continued his acting career. Mr. Lawford is known for his marriage to Patricia Kennedy, the sister of the late President John F. Kennedy, Sr. and the late Attorney General and Presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy. Mrs. Patricia Kennedy Lawford, his wife, had money and jewelry stolen from her while she and her husband stayed at the Savoy-Hilton Hotel in New York City. Mr. Lawford was also known for his association with the "Rat Pack." This group consisted of Frank Sinatra, Sr., Sammy Davis, Jr., Dean Martin, Joey Bishop, and Mr. Lawford. It was through this association that Mr. Lawford was contacted when Frank Sinatra, Jr. was kidnaped in 1963. Mr. Lawford received the ransom note and was told how and where to deliver the ransom money.


John Geraghty

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