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Biography: Sid Walker

Sid Walker

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I'm in Australia, and currently 'live on the land' striving for a measure of self-sufficiency in a somewhat remote location. However, I like balance in my life. I get that via the internet and read quite voraciously.

I've had a background, over the years, in various occupations, from fruit-picking to environmental advocacy (the latter being my profession for over a decade in the 1980s and '90s).

I currently don't have a website of my own, but manage a local Friends of the Earth website - see www.foekuranda.org . Having located a patch of paradise, far from the grey-suited swarm, I now find the enemy plans a 4-Lane Highway disturbingly close to my gate. Worldwide, FoE is committed to social justice as well as environmental sustainability. I like that mix.

Academically, I have degrees in Social Anthropology (gained many years ago) and a somewhat more recent degree in Human Ecology. I've never worked as a qualified teacher, but have given very occasional courses at various levels, from primary school to university.

I've considered myself left of centre for most of my life, but increasingly believe the terms left/right obscure more than they elucidate. I'm interested in a range of views and have discovered I can learn from many sides in genuine, open debates.

I chanced upon your website a week or so ago and found some of the discussions fascinating. It seems you've established a valuable forum for debate on important topics.

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