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Biography: Johannes Ahrenfelt

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“I am working as a history teacher and International Coordinator at Neatherd High School, a 11-18 comprehensive in a small town in the heart of Norfolk.

I have been involved in various ICT workshops with history PGCE students at the University of East Anglia, focusing on making PowerPoint more engaging for students. I am hopefully leading two more workshops next academic year including one on using Macromedia Flash 8 and Captivate.

Flash is a tremendous tool for creating interactive activities something which I have been doing since 2002. Some of my earlier activities can be found at my first website (now with very limited content):


I am currently developing an interactive website for our Jack the Ripper coursework. This is an attempt to use Flash to make primary source material more inspiring for pupils. Flash and Captivate are two programs I feel have been excellent in engaging pupils and moving them forward.

I am currently leading an Enterprise project where I trained pupils from Year 8-11 using Flash to create activities for KS2. Many teachers have showed an interest in being trained using Flash since the start of the project and this is something which I plan to do during the next academic year.

Neal Watkin and I have just finished writing a book on essential teaching skills for Continuum Publishing where we have devoted a chapter to innovative use of ICT in teaching.

This year I started a Master in E-pedagogy and Gifted and Talented Education at Oxford Brookes which I am very exited about.

Edited by Johannes Ahrenfelt
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Guest Stephen Turner

Johannes, welcome to the Ed Forum. I was born in Great Yarmouth a town I imagine you are familiar with.

I have studied the Ripper case for more than 20 years, and am in the final throws of finishing a book on the subject. I also started the JTR threads here, which you may care to look at. If I can be of any assisstance to you in this matter please let me know. Regards, Steve.

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