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Luis Posada Carriles

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I believe there was a Pujol (possibly a minister) in Prio's govt before Castro, but maybe its a common name

also found this

"As the provincial Mexican newspaper, Por Esto reported on March 16, the Santrina was captained by the old CIA agent" —by the old CIA agent— "José Pujol, known as ‘Pepín’ and Santiago Alvarez himself was on board. This was recorded in a photo published by the same paper in an article headlined ‘The Santrina will continue on its way to Miami’".

I found it here:-


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Scott i have found another of Carriles, very small, with no notation of those with him..b fwiw perhaps you will know..??

Nope, I can't say I do, I know Luis by his photo because he has been at our house in Hialeah, but I don't know any of those other guy's.

It could be any of his entourages that followed him, there were lots of people that did in little Havana in Miami.

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Havana. September 8, 2011

CIA-created Alpha 66 celebrates its 50th anniversary in Miami

Jean-Guy Allard

WITH a communiqué widely circulated in Miami among partisans of the use of terror against Cuba, Ernesto Díaz Rodríguez, chief of the Alpha 66 announced the upcoming 50th anniversary of the FBI-protected terrorist group "as an organization with a frontal combat strategy." This in the country which publishes a controversial list of countries sponsoring terrorism.

Díaz Rodríguez notes that since Alpha 66’s founding in September 1961, the group has followed its objective of maintaining a total independence from governments and foreign interference, and fighting under the motto of "not asking permission from or waiting for anybody."

However, archives reveal the exact opposite. Alpha 66 is a CIA front created precisely in that year when the agency was stimulating to the tune of millions of dollars so-called autonomous operations from its Miami JM/WAVE station, then the largest in the world.

The plan was to organize groups which had supposedly emerged spontaneously among Miami exiles who had fled Cuba due to their complicity with the bloody Batista dictatorship, in order to increase attacks on the island while denying any relationships with such acts.

The criminal acts include numerous attempts on the life of the Cuban President; pirate attacks on fishing vessels; and death threats to people linked to Cuba in Mexico, the United States, Ecuador, Brazil, Canada and Puerto Rico,


In those years, Miami police intelligence documents described Alpha 66 as "one of the most dangerous and active organizations in Miami."

Since the death of its former leader, Nazario Sargen, Alpha 66 has been led by Ernesto Díaz Rodríguez, aged 66, who signed the abovementioned communiqué.

Trained by the CIA in the Dominican Republic, Díaz was captured in the Cuban province of Pinar del Río on December 4, 1968, during a failed armed infiltration, and was imprisoned for perpetrating acts of terrorism. On his release, he returned to the United States and attached himself to various known extremists like Eusebio de Jesús Peñalver Mazorra, René Cruz Cruz and Mario Chanes de Armas, with whom he conspired to commit criminal acts. In 1999, working with the same individuals, he was involved in a plot to assassinate Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez.

His right-hand man, Osiel González Rodríguez, was trained by the CIA in Fort Benning, where he studied sabotage techniques alongside Posada Carriles, Félix Rodríguez Mendigutía, Jorge Mas Canosa and other members of the Miami terrorist mafia.

Luis Posada Carriles has taken part in many of Alpha 66?s activities, including public ones, both before and after his El Paso trial, with which Washington is attempting to grant him immunity.

Reinol Rodríguez, linked to a number of Posada’s crimes and an accomplice in the murder of Carlos Muñiz Varela in Puerto Rico, is the self-styled military leader of Alpha 66.

The terrorist organization continues to openly promote terrorism from its offices at 2250 Southwest 8th Street in Miami, while the Department of State continues to issue its list of countries sponsoring terrorism with the evident intention of slandering, defaming and demonizing nations which reject its domination.


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