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Biography: Glen Sample

Glen Sample

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I live in Orange County, Southern California. I have been checking on this forum from time to time, just to keep abreast of the current communications in the assassination research community. I must say that what really caught my eye was some of the terrific posts by Douglas Caddy, a man I admire and who has given me much encouragement over the years. Others also have made this a really lively place, and I want to be able to add my two cents in occasionally too.

I am co-author of “The Men on the Sixth Floor” a book that introduces Malcolm Wallace to the world of assassination researchers. I also am proud to say I was interviewed by Nigel Turner for his segment: “The Guilty Men” which lasted about two evenings on the History Channel. I appear briefly in the segment, but more importantly, my research, clippings, photos and other important information that my co-author Mark Collom and myself uncovered also aired to the American public albeit ever so briefly…..

I am not very active in research these days as I am quite busy running my graphic art business, along with my oldest son Tyler.

My wife has convinced me to take a lower profile (not that I ever was HIGH profile) So my involvement is limited to reading, responding to an occasional e-mail and getting “The Guilty Men” film into a few hands.

I have had the pleasure of working with, interviewing or communicating with Madeleine Brown, Larry Howard, Billie Sol Estes, Barr McClellan, Jay Harrison, Stephen Pegues, Nathan Darby, Doug Caddy, Peter Dale Scott, Ian Griggs, William Weston, Lyle Sardie, William Reymond, Debra Conway, Larry Hancock and many many others.

I am more convinced than ever before that JFK was killed by a small group of people. It was not a vast conspiracy, but it was a conspiracy. It was not our government that did it. It was perpetrated by a loose cannon that happened to be IN government. Barr McClellan phrased it best “Blood, Money and Power” (That's) How LBJ Killed JFK.

That’s what I think. How about you?

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