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Terri Williams, who has a separate thread on this Forum, has testified that Guy Banister visited her home town in Mississippi during the summer of 1963, recruiting sharpshooters for some "patriotic" project.

Since we know that Guy Banister was also sheep-dipping Lee Harvey Oswald during the summer of 1963, we will want to identify links between these three elements: Guy Banister -- the KKK -- Lee Harvey Oswald.

The missing link appears to be Roscoe White, whose son Rickey White came forward about 15 years ago with the claim that his father, Roscoe White, was JFK's killer.

The link here is that Roscoe White knew Lee Harvey Oswald from his days as a Marine at Atsugi Air Force Base, and Roscoe White also had a copy of Lee Harvey Oswald's "Backyard Photograph", though in a pose that nobody else seemed to possess.

Furthermore, we have evidence that links Roscoe White to the KKK, to the Minutemen and to White Citizens' Councils. Finally, writer Ron Lewis, who claims to have been Lee Oswald's friends in New Orleans during the summer of 1963, also claims that Lee Harvey Oswald spoke often of Roscoe White -- especially in the context of the JFK assassination.

According to Ron Lewis, Roscoe White was an extraordinary sharpshooter, and he received money from Guy Banister for services rendered in New Orleans, and then, at the end of summer 1963, Roscoe White applied to be a policeman in the Dallas Police Force.

In October 1963 Roscoe became a trainee in the DPD, and he was immediately placed on the street with firearms, as though he was in full duty.

Was Roscoe White JFK's shooter? Or was Terri Williams' neighbor, another KKK member and another friend of Guy Banister, JFK's shooter? We don't know this answer today -- but we do seem to have increasing evidence that the KKK was favored for their commitment to the cause of killing JFK, and for their rich supply of superb marksmen.

Best regards,
--Paul Trejo

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Upon further consideration it appears to me that the KKK played a subordinate role in the JFK assassination.

The key players that have been identified by several JFK researchers that are also convincing to me are the following:

(01) General Edwin Walker
(02) Guy Gabaldon
(03) Loran Hall
(04) Larry Howard
(05) Harry Dean
(06) John Rousselot and the John Birch Society of El Monte
(07) H.L. Hunt and the John Birch Society of Dallas
(08) Guy Banister
(09) David Ferrie
(10) Carlos Bringuier
(11) Ed Butler
(12) Eladio Del Valle
(13) Roscoe White
(14) Jesse Curry

Although some individuals on this list are closely connected with the Southern politics of the racial segregation of US public schools (namely, Banister, Walker, Hunt, Rousselot, White and Curry), the majority of people on this list cared primarily for the defeat of Communism in general, and the defeat of Fidel Castro in particular.

Further, Walker was not originally a racist -- he was the school integrator in Little Rock, Arkansas. It was evidently after two long years of targeted indoctrination by the right-wing that Edwin Walker finally changed his mind.

Yet what changed Walker's mind was the John Birch Society doctrine that President Eisenhower was a dedicated Communist.

In other words, Walker was an Anticommunist, first and foremost, and a racist only secondarily, and only because he had become intellectually (to his level) convinced that the Black American Civil Rights movement was a Communist plot. Otherwise, I have serious doubts that Walkre would have become interested in the Civil Rights question at all.

So -- insofar as Guy Banister led the way in this group with his racist politics, and also therefore in his connections to the KKK, and insofar as Banister represents a small part of this list, my theory cannot give the KKK more than a subordinate or supporting role in the JFK assassination.

Naturally the KKK would be thankful for the slaughter of "K-K-K" (JFK, RFK, MLK). The first-hand accounts from Terri Williams make perfect sense to me -- e.g. in her county, which was dominated by the KKK, the kids in school celebrated the killing of JFK, and they congratulated the kids of the best KKK sharpshooter in town, on the local presumption that he "must have been" to finally rid the USA of JFK.

The school celebration rings true. The KKK was probably hopeful that without "K-K-K" the USA would finally impeach Earl Warren, repeal the Brown decision and go back to the segregation of US public schools. If so, LBJ gave the KKK a surprise.

In any case, I believe that even if KKK sharpshooters were hired by Guy Banister (e.g. Roscoe White), they were underlings in a plot with a broader scope.

According to Harry Dean, whose theory continues to gain momentum in my own theory, Guy Gabaldon, Loran Hall and Larry Howard were key movers in framing Lee Harvey Oswald. We know that Carlos Bringuier, Ed Butler were also key movers -- yet all of these men were Hispanic Anticommunists obsessed with Cuba -- they didn't care one way or the other about Black Civil Rights.

So, I now maintain that the KKK role in the JFK assassination was subordinate.

Best regards,
--Paul Trejo

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On 4/11/2013 at 11:09 PM, Lindsay Anderson said:


I think this is a massive jump and almost belongs on another thread -

I have not studied the material related to Secret Service Complicity in any detail but - from the things I have seen, (mostly from James Fetzer), there is the stuff that happened after the first shots were fired (such a a limo stop) and the stuff before, such as the dog leg turn, stand-down, bubble dome removal etc. The stuff after the bullet can be argued to be down to (being kind) insufficient resources, equipment and training resulting in them getting it so wrong when under fire.

The stuff before the bullet though - what evidence is there that the failings were unusual. Maybe standards slipped so low that those mistakes were being made regularly - did security take a marked dive when Kennedy became president or had it gotten lax well before then. When did security start to fail. Someone must have looked at this challenge as it seem a fairly obvious one and I would suspect there would be records; Manhole covers - check, windows - check, that kind of thing. Security was no doubt improved after the assassination, but that proves nothing.

Agreed. Paul Trejo will jump the shark, pop--squat, and jam the pipes of any thread that he can.

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