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Jack Alston Crichton

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During your research into the OSS, have you come across the name Jack Alston Crichton? It would be highly significant if he was in China at the end of the war.

No knowledge of Crichton. But I would love to see a book that focussed exclusively on GHWB's covert activities. He has a lot to atone for, account for, aside from what is covered in books by Chaitkin and others (which is evil enough). What an utter bastard and criminal. I blame him explicitly for the destruction and death of Norbert Schlei.

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During your research into the OSS, have you come across the name Jack Alston Crichton? It would be highly significant if he was in China at the end of the war.

No knowledge of Crichton. But I would love to see a book that focussed exclusively on GHWB's covert activities. He has a lot to atone for, account for, aside from what is covered in books by Chaitkin and others (which is evil enough). What an utter bastard and criminal. I blame him explicitly for the destruction and death of Norbert Schlei.

Norbert A. Schlei, 73, Legal Adviser in Kennedy-Johnson Era


Published: April 23, 2003

Norbert Anthony Schlei, a legal adviser in the Kennedy and Johnson White House who played major roles in the Cuban missile crisis and civil rights legislation, died on Thursday in Los Angeles. He was 73 and lived and practiced law in Santa Monica, Calif.

The cause was complications of a heart attack, said his wife, Joan.

Mr. Schlei was an assistant attorney general and chief of the Justice Department's Office of General Counsel from 1962 to 1966. He coordinated the legal groundwork for the Civil Rights Act and the Economic Opportunity Act of 1964, and the Voting Rights Act and the Immigration Reform Act passed the next year.

He also provided the legal underpinnings for President John F. Kennedy's order for a naval quarantine of Cuba after the discovery of Soviet missile deployment on the island.

After leaving the federal government, Mr. Schlei ran for California secretary of state in 1966, but was buried in Ronald Reagan's landslide election as governor.

But his legal career prospered, with lucrative clients like the Howard R. Hughes interests and Atlantic Richfield, and high-visibility ones like Egil Krogh Jr., an aide implicated in the Nixon White House scandals. His law practice branched into corporate dealings in land development and other businesses reaching into Hawaii, Asia and Europe.

His fortunes turned in the 1990's with what he said was his offer to help Japanese clients redeem securities issued by their government in 1983. Federal prosecutors in Florida charged him with being an accessory to a billion-dollar scheme involving bogus bonds, and a jury in Tampa convicted him in 1995 of securities fraud and conspiracy. The judge sentenced him to five years in prison, but a federal appeals court vacated most of that judgment.

Mr. Schlei denied all wrongdoing and was allowed to negotiate a settlement that reduced his offense to a misdemeanor and let him return to law practice.

Mr. Schlei was born in Dayton, Ohio, and worked his way through Ohio State University, where he earned three varsity letters and a commission as a Navy ensign and graduated with honors in 1950. After military service, he received his law degree at Yale magna cum laude in 1956.

He clerked for Justice John Marshall Harlan of the Supreme Court, in 1956 and 1957 and then practiced law in Los Angeles. In 1962, Kennedy chose him to become an assistant attorney general and put him in charge of the Office of the General Counsel.

Mr. Schlei was considered one of the department's foremost intellects. He formulated the ''quarantine'' concept in the Cuban crisis and was a principal author of civil rights initiatives pushed into law by President Lyndon B. Johnson and immigration reforms that abolished the nation-of-origin quota system.

Twice divorced, Mr. Schlei is survived by his third wife, Joan Masson Schlei; three daughters, Kit Buczynski of Richmond, Mich., and Blake L. Schlei and Elizabeth Eldridge of Malibu, Calif.; three sons, William K., of Aix-en-Provence, France, Andrew M., of Los Angeles, and Bradford L., of Santa Monica; a brother, David, of Port Charlotte, Fla.; and four grandchildren.

Mr. Schlei had barely set foot in the Justice Department when he was sent to Oxford, Miss., to overcome the University of Mississippi's refusal to enroll James H. Meredith, a black student. He advised President Kennedy on sending federal troops to disperse a mob and get Mr. Meredith admitted.

Sterling, not to get off the beaten track; ie Chrichton....But I am sure you are familiar with the Sir Harry Oakes affair; Have you ever looked at Serge Rubinstein........When I read about him, [White Russian/mysterious death......] I am surprised there is not more interest in him, at least his genealogy.....half-joking....

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Jack Alston Crichton died on 10th December, 2007. Another suspect who can no longer be interviewed. In the obituary in the Dallas Morning News it reveals that he was a member of the OSS during the Second World War. No doubt this is where he first became involved with the men who eventually became leaders of the CIA.



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Jack Alston Crichton died on 10th December, 2007. Another suspect who can no longer be interviewed. In the obituary in the Dallas Morning News it reveals that he was a member of the OSS during the Second World War. No doubt this is where he first became involved with the men who eventually became leaders of the CIA.


Crichton is mentioned numerous times in Russ Baker's book. Besides being an Army Intelligence Reserve officer until 1982, he was also connected to the Empire Trust, which has long been a major interest of mine. Not only that, but his corporate directorships overlapped with other men who also served on the board of Dresser Industries, the corporation wholly owned by Brown Brothers Harriman, the investment bank Bush's father spent his entire career with.

Russ Baker revealed some very significant (I think) information about who probably replaced Fletcher Prouty as head of security matters for the Kennedy trip to Texas. He says that Crichton ran for governor on the same Republican ticket with George H.W. Bush, who ran for the Senate, in 1964; and that Crichton "was connected to the military intelligence figures who led Kennedy's motorcade." Deputy Police Chief Lumpkin, who called Mamantov to be a Russian interpreter, was "driving the pilot car of Kennedy's motorcade, a quarter mile ahead of JFK's vehicle. Lumpkin was a friend of Jack Crichton, Poppy Bush's GOP colleague. Like Crichton, moreover, he was a member of an Army Intelligence Reserve unit," and admitted to HSCA that he "had been consulted by the Secret Service on motorcade security, and his input had eliminated an alternative route." Jack Crichton's boss in his Reserve unit was also riding in that car.

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Guest Tom Scully
Does anyone know what happened to Jack Alston Crichton? Barnard Fensterwald said he was still active in Dallas in 1977. Did the HSCA show any interest in him?

Does anyone know what became of Jack Alston Crichton?


Bill and John,

May I suggest visiting the following site -


There is a contact email address where one can potentially source information. Crichton joined the OSS Society in 2002.



I assume that means Crichton was a member of the OSS. I don't suppose he was in China during the Second World War? I will ask Sterling Seagrave if he knows anything about Crichton.

It seems Jack Crichton has been dead for more than a year:


No info on China service:


Page 1-

....A relaxed, happy reception was held after the ceremony

at the new headquarters building atrium, where visiting

OSSers had a chance to meet old friends and exchange

memories. OSS and CIA colleagues also mingled and compared

careers and similarities between the mobilization of

America after Pearl Harbor and a similar call to arms after

September 11. Most agreed that the problems are similar

but can be overcome.......

Page 3-


Jack A. Crichton, Dallas, TX; OSS veteran, served in Washington, DC and Europe.


....He had served in the U.S. Army during the World War II as a special OSS agent in Europe, and he was awarded the Bronze Star, five Battle Stars and many other honors. He was a retired colonel in the U.S. Army Reserve......

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Jack Alston Crichton died on 10th December, 2008. Another suspect who can no longer be interviewed. In the obituary in the Dallas Morning News it reveals that he was a member of the OSS during the Second World War. No doubt this is where he first became involved with the men who eventually became leaders of the CIA.



DALLAS, Dec. 23 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Arabian American Development Co. (Nasdaq: ARSD) today announced several corporate actions approved at the Company's Board of Directors meeting on December 18, 2008. The items include the planned retirement of its current President, CEO and Director, Hatem El-Khalidi on June 30, 2009. Nicholas Carter was named to be the successor to the position of President and CEO, on the effective date of Mr. El-Khalidi's retirement. The Company also announced other updates, including those related to the Al-Masane Al-Kobra (AMAK) mining operations in Saudi Arabia.

Mr. Hatem El-Khalidi, 82, has been Chief Executive Officer of the Company since February 1994 and President of the Company since 1975; prior to 1975, he was a Vice President of the Company. Mr. El-Khalidi is an American citizen and holds a MSc. Degree in Geology from Michigan State University and is a consultant in oil & mineral exploration. Mr. El-Khalidi discovered the Al-Masane deposits and it was under his direct efforts and supervision that they were subsequently financed and developed by the Company. During the next six months, Mr. El-Khalidi will finalize Arabian American affairs in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and he will return to the US in the latter part of 2009. He will remain on the Board of AMAK representing the Company's interests in the Kingdom. While agreeing with Mr. El-Khalidi on a retirement date, the Board acknowledged his 40 years of exemplary service to the Company and his astounding perseverance in working toward getting the mining project established to the benefit of the shareholders.

It was Hatem El-Khalidi, who in conjunction with Jack Crichton, the recently deceased Chairman, founded the Company as Arabian Shield Development Co. in 1967. He had discovered geologic evidence of the substantial mineral reserves on a visit to the Al-Masane area of Saudi Arabia in 1964. With the assistance of Preston Peak, the Vice Chairman of Dorchester Gas in Dallas, the Company was formed as a subsidiary and was later spun off as an independent entity. The name was changed to Arabian American Development Co. in 2000 at the suggestion of Mr. El-Khalidi.

Edited by Linda Minor
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Russ Baker has done some great research on Jack Crichton in Family of Secrets and has come up with a new motive for the assassination of JFK. However, the book does not tell us how Crichton, who was born on a cotton plantation in Crichton, Louisiana, on 16th October, 1916, became involved in right-wing Texas politics. The clue could be in his obituary that appeared in the Dallas Morning News. It says he attended Texas A&M University between 1933-1937. I carried out a search on the web and discovered two of his fellow students at A&M were Harvey Bright and Earle Cabell.

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During the Second World War Jack Crichton served with the Office of Strategic Services (OSS). It would be interesting to know who he served with in the OSS. It is amazing how many suspects in the assassination of JFK served in the OSS (especially in China).

In 1946 Everette DeGolyer recruited Crichton into the oil industry. According to Russ Baker: "He (Crichton) started and ran a baffling array of companies, which tended to change names frequently. These operated largely below the radar, and fronted for some of North America's biggest names, including the Bronfmans (Seagram's liquor), the Du Ponts, and the Kuhn-Loeb family of financiers."

In 1952 Jack Crichton joined a syndicate that included Everette DeGolyer and Clint Murchison to use connections in the government of General Francisco Franco to acquire rare drilling rights in Spain. The operation was handled by Delta Drilling, which was owned by Joe Zeppa.

In August 1953 Crichton joined the Empire Trust Company. He eventually became a vice-president of the organization. According to Stephen Birmingham, the author of Our Crowd: The Great Jewish Families of New York (1962) the company had a network of associates that amounted to "something very like a private CIA". The Empire Trust was also a major investor in the defence contractor General Dynamics. This could be significant as the Bobby Baker investigation involved LBJ's relationship to this company. Albert E. Jenner, who played a major role in the cover-up, also did a lot of legal work for General Dynamics at the time and later was made a director of the company.

In 1956 Crichton started up his own spy unit, the 488th Military Intelligence Detachment. Crichton served as the unit's commander under Lieutenant Colonel George Whitmeyer, who was in overall command of all Army Reserve units in East Texas. In an interview Crichton claimed that there were "about a hundred men in that unit and about forty or fifty of them were from the Dallas Police Department."

In the 1950s Jack Crichton became involved with several oil men who began negotiating with Fulgencio Batista, the military dictator of Cuba. A key figure in this was George de Mohrenschildt, who at that time worked for a company called Cuban-Venezuelan Oil Voting Trust Company (CVOVT) that had been established by William Buckley Sr. Crichton later remarked that "I liked George. He was a nice guy." It is argued by Russ Baker that Crichton's Empire Trust Company played a major role in the financing of the Cuban venture.

On 30th November, 1956, The New York Times reported that: "The Cuban Stanolind Oil Company, an affiliate of the Standard Oil Company (Indiana), has signed an agreement with the Cuban-Venezuelan Oil Voting Trust and Trans-Cuba Oil Company for the development of an an additional 3,000,000 acres in Cuba. This is in addition to the original agreement covering 12,000,000 acres." George de Mohrenschildt later told Albert E. Jenner that CVOVT had managed to obtain leases covering nearly half of Cuba in the 1950s. As Russ Baker pointed out in Family of Secrets (2008): "Though now almost completely forgotten, on many days in the mid-1950s, it was one of the four or five most actively traded issues on the American Stock Exchange."

On 1st January, 1959, Fulgencio Batista fled Cuba. The following day Fidel Castro and his revolutionary army marched into Havana. The New York Times reported on 22nd November 1959, that Castro's government had approved a law that would reduce the size of claims for oil exploration and halt large-scale explorations by private companies. These claims were now limited to 20,000 acres. This was a major problem for the Cuban-Venezuelan Oil Voting Trust Company that had signed an agreement with Fulgencio Batista for 15,000,000 acres.

Jack Crichton also had a close association with George H. W. Bush. According to Fabian Escalante (The Secret War: CIA Covert Operations Against Cuba, 1959-62), in 1959, Crichton and Bush raised funds for the CIA's Operation 40. Originally it was set up to organize sabotage operations against Fidel Castro and his Cuban government. However, it evolved into a team of assassins. One member, Frank Sturgis, claimed: "this assassination group (Operation 40) would upon orders, naturally, assassinate either members of the military or the political parties of the foreign country that you were going to infiltrate, and if necessary some of your own members who were suspected of being foreign agents... We were concentrating strictly in Cuba at that particular time."

The failure to assassinate or overthrow Fidel Castro caused tremendous problems for the Cuban-Venezuelan Oil Voting Trust Company and other foreign oil companies that had already invested more than $30 million looking for oil in Cuba. In December 1960, CVOVT was de-listed from the American Stock Exchange.

Critchton was appointed head of the intelligence component of the Dallas Civil Defence. The conservative radio commentator Paul Harvey wrote in his syndicated column in September 1960: "The Communists, since 1917, have sold Communism to more people than have been told about Christ after 2,000 years." He urged his readers to support the "counter-attack that had been mounted in Dallas."

In 1961 Crichton joined forces with other right-wing figures in Dallas to establish a program called "Know Your Enemy". This was to combat communist influence that "was undermining the American way of life". The following year Crichton opened an underground command post under the patio of the Dallas Health and Science Museum that was intended for "continuity-of-government" operations during a communist attack.

In 1963 Crichton was nominated by the Republican Party for the post of Governor of Texas. He joined forces with George H. W. Bush, who was the nominee for the U.S. Senate. As Crichton later recalled, he and Bush "spoke from the same podiums" that year. However, Crichton was defeated by John Connally and he later wrote a book about his failed attempt to become governor, "The Republican-Democrat Political Campaigns: In Texas in 1964".

In November 1963 Crichton was involved in the arrangements of the visit that JFK made to Dallas. His close friend, Deputy Police Chief George L. Lumpkin, and a fellow member of the the 488th Military Intelligence Detachment, drove the pilot car of Kennedy's motorcade. Also in the car was Lieutenant Colonel George Whitmeyer, commander of all Army Reserve units in East Texas. The pilot car stopped briefly in front of the Texas School Book Depository, where Lumpkin spoke to a policeman controlling traffic at the corner of Houston and Elm.

In the Warren Commission Report it stated that Crichton arranged for a member of the local Russian community, Ilya Mamantov, to work for the Dallas Police Department as a translator for Russian-born Marina Oswald shortly after the assassination of John F. Kennedy. Crichton's volunteer translated for Oswald during her initial questioning by the Dallas authorities in the hours immediately after her husband Lee Harvey Oswald had been arrested. According to Russ Baker, the author of Family of Secrets (2009), there "were far from literal translations of her Russian words and had the effect of implicating her husband in Kennedy's death."

Crichton was president of Nafco Oil and Gas. He also owned a company called Dorchester Gas Producing. A fellow director was David Harold Byrd who along with Clint Murchison, Haroldson L. Hunt and Sid Richardson, was part of the Big Oil group in Dallas. Barr McClellan (Blood, Money & Power) argues that "Big Oil would be during the fifties and into the sixties what the OPEC oil cartel was to the United States in the seventies and beyond". One of the main concerns of this group was the preservation of the oil depletion allowance.

Jack Crichton who was President of the Dallas Petroleum Engineers Club, also served as a Director to Florida Gas Company, Clark Oil and Refining, Whitehall Corporation, Transco Energy and the Consolidated Development Corporation.

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By JOE SIMNACHER / The Dallas Morning News


John Alston "Jack" Crichton was an oilman, Republican gubernatorial candidate, military intelligence officer and die-hard Aggie.


In addition to his military career and oil ventures, Jack Crichton unsuccessfully ran for governor in 1964. His decades of work included exploring and developing resources of oil, copper, zinc, gold, silver and nickel for his company, Arabian American Development Co.

One of the first Dallas oilmen to realize the extent of petroleum reserves in the Middle East, he negotiated with countries around the world as a business consultant. In 1980, the Reagan administration considered him for the post of ambassador to Saudi Arabia.

Mr. Crichton, 91, died Monday of complications from cancer at his Dallas home.

"He led a very full life," said his daughter Anne Crews of Dallas. "He had a positive attitude in good times and bad."

Mr. Crichton (pronounced Crayton) worked until just days before his death.

"He loved the thrill of putting the deal together," Mrs. Crews said. "It was really exciting to him."

Mr. Crichton was born on his family's cotton plantation near the former town of Crichton, La., about 45 minutes from Shreveport.

He graduated from Byrd High School in Shreveport, La., in 1933.

He received his bachelor's degree in petroleum engineering from Texas A&M University in 1937. Mr. Crichton lettered in tennis, basketball and cross country at Texas A&M.

Mr. Crichton received a master's degree from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, where he was a member of Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity.

He served in the Army as a field artillery officer and special agent assigned to the Office of Strategic Services, the predecessor of the CIA. He received the Air Medal and the Bronze Star.

In December 1967, he retired from the Army Reserve after serving for 30 years. He received the Legion of Merit for his service, which included organizing the 488th Military Intelligence Detachment reserve unit in 1956.

After World War II, Mr. Crichton joined the DeGolyer & MacNaughton petroleum consulting firm in Dallas, where he became vice president and director.

In a 1990 opinion piece for The Dallas Morning News, he wrote of the moment more than 40 years earlier when he first realized the vastness of the Middle East reserves.

He and a co-worker had reached a startling conclusion at a 2 a.m. work session in a New York hotel in the late 1940s. They couldn't believe their slide rules, which estimated the Burgan field in Kuwait held 10 billion barrels of crude.

Skeptical of their calculations, they repeated their work in longhand. The results were the same, and Mr. Crichton would begin a lifelong association with Middle Eastern resources.

In 1951, he helped organize San Juan Oil Co. of Dallas, where he was vice president of operations.

Also in the 1950s, he took a group of Americans to Yemen in search of oil. During his career, he was president of companies such as Yemen Development Corp., Dorchester Gas Corp. and Arabian Shield Development Co.

In 1964, he unsuccessfully challenged Gov. John Connally as a Republican candidate.

Mr. Crichton was a member of Preston Hollow Presbyterian Church.

He was former president of the Texas A&M Association of Former Students and the Dallas A&M Club.

A memorial service will be at 1 p.m. today at Preston Hollow Presbyterian Church. Mr. Crichton gave his body to UT Southwestern Medical Center. Eventually, his ashes will be placed in the columbarium at his church and his family cemetery in Crichton, La.

In addition to his daughter, Mr. Crichton is survived by his wife, Marilyn Crichton of Dallas; another daughter, Catherine Morris of Colleyville; a sister, Frances "Dinks" Atkinson of Hot Springs, Ark.; and two grandchildren.

Memorial contributions may be made to the Preston Hollow Presbyterian Church Foundation, 9800 Preston Road, Dallas, Texas 75230; or the Texas A&M Foundation, 401 George Bush Drive, College Station, Texas 77840-2811.

Edited by William Kelly
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Guest Tom Scully

In the process of looking into the circumstances of Henyr C Brunie of the Empire Trust's appointment of Jack Crichton to be it's vice president in 1953, I found that this Texas man was appointed to the board just four months before Crichton:


Empire Trust Company Elects a New Director

- New York Times - Apr 15, 1953

Mr. Rodgers is a director and member of the executive committee of the Texas Company, of which he was board chairman until last March 1. ...


Becomes Vice President Of the Empire Trust Co.

- New York Times - Aug 5, 1953

John Alston Crichton as vice president of the Empire Trust Company, Mr. Crichton will be in the bank's oil and natural gas department and will represent it in Dallas, Tex. ...


Becomes Vice President Of the Empire Trust Co.

- New York Times - Aug 5, 1953

"John Alston Crichton as vice president of the Empire Trust Company, was announced yesterday by Henry C. Brunie, president. Mr. Crichton will be in the ... "

The Chairman: John J. McCloy, the Making of the American Establishment‎ - Page 69

by Kai Bird - History - 1992 - 800 pages

"McCloy found another tennis partner at Brown Brothers: Henry "Harry" Brunie, an

amiable but quiet young investment banker.

Brunie was good enough to have played at Wimbledon, and could more often than

not beat McCloy. "I was just as good as he was," claimed McCloy, "but kept my nose to the

grindstone [at Cravath] a bit more."...



- New York Times - Apr 25, 1930

and Mrs. :r Ci. , to John J. McCloy of New York and Philadelphia at the home of ... Harry Brunie of New York will be best man. After the reception that will ...


TRAVELS BY AIRPLANE FOR ZINSSER WEDDING; F. Trabee Davison, Assistant Secretary of War, Alights onHudson River. Calkins--Celler.

Special to The New York Times.

April 25, 1930, Friday

HASTINGS-ON-HUDSON, N.Y., April 24.--Assistant Secretary of War F. Trubee Davison arrived here today by plane from Washington to attend tomorrow the marriage of Miss Ellen Zinsser, daughter of Colonel ...

The Chairman: John J. McCloy, the Making of the American Establishment‎ - Page 459

by Kai Bird - History - 1992 - 800 pages

"... (In 1955, McCloy himself began to commute to Connecticut, where he had built a comfortable

but not particularly ostentatious home on a plot of five acres in Cos Cob.)"

The Chairman: John J. McCloy, the Making of the American Establishment‎ - Page 504

by Kai Bird - History - 1992 - 800 pages

"There was a pool in the backyard which they shared with their

neighbors. On one side lived McCloy's old fishing partner Henry Brunie, his wife, and their

daughters, who considered McCloy an adopted uncle. On the other side lived Freddie Warburg

and his wife."


The Chairman: John J. McCloy, the Making of the American Establishment‎ - Page 99

by Kai Bird - History - 1992 - 800 pages

"McCloy considered the latter one of the best trout streams in the Eastern United States.18 Douglas was a frequent companion on

these expeditions, as were Dean Acheson, Chester McClain, Chauncey Parker, and

Harry Brunie, all of them bankers and lawyers.19"

John McCloy and Nazi War Criminals - The Education Forum

6 posts - Last post: Nov 20, 2006

McCloy's decision was very controversial. Eleanor Roosevelt wrote to McCloy to ask: "Why are we freeing so many Nazis? ...



Explorations in Economic History: EEH‎ - Page 99

by Harvard University Research Center in Entrepreneurial History - Economics - 1954

... Since Lufkin's time the technological influence in the control of Texaco has persisted; his most distinguished successor was William S. S. Rogers,

who was trained as a mining engineer at the (Yale) Sheffield Scientific School. ...



Chapter 5: Trickery in Texas

...On August 2, 1940, an employee of Rieber's Beacon Research Laboratory wrote the State Department that Rieber was "a representative of Hitler in this country." The employee added that "the entire executive staff of the Texas Co. is pro-Nazi and openly boasts of it as well as being willing to do all within its power to injure the English and help the Germans." ....

...On August 20 fifteen directors of the corporation walked grimly into the Texas Company boardroom on the twenty-fifth floor of the Chrysler Building. They had to reach a decision on the future. They argued for seven hours, trying to find some way to clean up the board's image after the unwelcome attention Texas Co. had been getting. They knew that the press coverage of the Rieber Westrick association could cause a catastrophe in business. Walter G. Dunnington, the prominent Manhattan attorney who represented the estate of railroad pioneer James J. Hill, the Texas Company's biggest single stockholder, insisted that Rieber must go. Prominent banker William Steele Gray, Jr., and stockbroker Henry Upham Harris agreed. Texas oilman John H. Lapham and Chicago banker Walter J. Cummings wanted to have Rieber take a vacation until the bad publicity blew over. But Rieber's second-in-command, the smooth, soft-voiced William Starling Sullivant Rodgers, was eager to take Rieber's place and made no bones about seeking Rieber's dismissal.

Rieber was asked to present his own point of view, which largely consisted of boomingly delivered sweet nothings. The result was that the board asked for his resignation. However, he continued to exercise influence behind the scenes. The adroit W.S.S. Rodgers took over from Rieber. He linked up with the Rockefeller empire by going into partnership with Harry D. Collier, cheerful chairman of standard Oil of California, and the former Jersey Standard employee Jimmy Moffett. Rodgers formed Caltex, which jointly bought up millions of dollars' worth of oil from the Arabian Sea. The banker was James V. Forrestal, of the board of the Nazi General Aniline and Film, who was about to become Under Secretary of the Navy.

Saudi Arabia had intricate economic and political links with Hitler. On June 8, 1939, Khalid Al-Hud Al-Qarqani, royal counselor of Ibn Saud, was received by Ribbentrop in Berlin. Ribbentrop expounded to Khalid his general sympathy toward the Arab world and pointed out that Germany and the Arabs were linked by a common foe in the shape of the Jews. Khalid answered that Ibn Saud attached the greatest importance to entering into relations with Germany. Ribbentrop was concerned that Ibn Saud might have a special relationship with the King of England. This had been played up in the press. Khalid set Ribbentrop's mind at ease. He stressed that the king hated the British, who hemmed him in. By contrast, Khalid stated, Ibn Saud was sympathetic toward Mussolini. The conversation ended with salaams and Heil Hitlers.

At 3:15 P.M. on June 17, 1939, Hitler received Khalid Al-Hud at the Berghof. The reception was given worldwide attention. It was agreed throughout Europe that the meeting was a blow to Britain. As a result of it Emil Puhl and Walther Funk's Reichsbank gave Ibn Saud a credit of one and a half million Reichsmarks from Hitler's personal treasury for the purchase of 8,000 rifles, 8 million rounds of ammunition, light anti-aircraft guns, armored cars, a special Mercedes for the king, and the building for a munitions factory. Soon afterward, Emil Puhl arranged a further loan of 6 million marks that was paid in installments for the rest of the war....

Chapter 6: The Telephone Plot



WS RODGERS WEDS MISS ANNE MORALES; Bridal in Florida--Bridegroom a...

- New York Times - Feb 6, 1940

... of Brooklyn and Orlando Morales of Havana, ,a, to William Starling Sullivant Rodgers, ... After a wedding trip, the couple will live in New York. ...

Mr. Rodgers is president and a director of the Texas Corporation. He is a member of the Yale; University and Turf and Field Clubs of this city

the Garden City Golf Club and the National Golf Links of America.


WS RODGERS WEDS MISS ANNE MORALES; Bridal in Florida--Bridegroom a...

- New York Times - Feb 6, 1940

... daughter of Mrs. Chester M. Stratton of Brooklyn and Orlando Morales of Havana, ,

a, to William Starling Sullivant Rodgers, son of Mrs. Florence Eberly

Rodgers of this city and the late William S. S. Rodgers, which took place on Saturday in Palm Beach, FLA

Mr. Rodgers is president and a director of the Texas Corporation.


WS$. RODGERS, 79, RETIRED OIL IV[AN; Texas Company Chairman From 1944...

- New York Times - Sep 10, 1965

He was 79 years old. Mr. Rodgers had been with the Texas Company for 37 years ... He is survived by his widow. thw former Anne Marie Morales and a sister, ...

Edited by Tom Scully
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Guest Tom Scully

I know this is long and not entertaining, but if this was an easy investigation, it would not be ongoing 48 years after the 22 November assassination. The first paragraph in the following quote box provides clear context for the new information displayed near the bottom of this post.

Near the end of my last post an image of the wedding article of the senior SMOM member in the U.S., William HG Fitzgerald is displayed. OSS Army Captain, owner of the Patrick Hoy led Sherman Hotel Group, host of Irv Kupcinet, as the Pump Room's founder and son, brother-in-law of Placido Ervesun, son of Gladys Tartiere of Glen Ora, and the late husband of the widow of Robert S. McNamara, Ernest L. Byfield, Jr., was Fitzgerald's best man.


Paid Notice - Deaths FITZGERALD, WILLIAM HG -

nytimes.com - Jan 9, 2006

He variously served as a Senior Partner at Hornblower Weeks, Vice Chairman of ... He is the senior member of the Order of Malta in the United States. ...

William FitzGerald, 96, philanthropist - The Boston Globe

Boston Globe - Jan 13, 2006

He was the senior member of the Order of Malta, a lay religious order of the Catholic Church. He leaves his wife of 63 years, Annelise Petschek FitzGerald ...



Published: March 12, 1987

Ralph Hornblower Jr., former executive vice president of Hornblower & Weeks, which later merged with what is now Shearson-American Express to become the country's second largest brokerage firm, died Tuesday at New England Deaconess Hospital in Brookline, Mass. He was 68 years old and lived in Greenwich, Conn.

Mr. Hornblower was senior partner in Hornblower & Weeks, established by his grandfather, Henry Hornblower, in 1888. By 1977 it had become Hornblower Weeks Noyes & Trask Inc., and merged with Loeb Rhoades to become Loeb Rhoades Hornblower, the fourth largest brokerage concern in the United States.

In 1979 it merged again with Shearson Hayden Stone, now Shearson-American Express, to become the second largest.

That year Mr. Hornblower left the firm and acquired a seat on the New York Stock Exchange. He retired from active brokerage activities in 1982.

He was born in Boston and graduated from Milton Academy in 1937 and from Harvard University in 1941.

In World War II he served in the Third Battalion, Fifth Marines and the First Marine Division and later as a bomber pilot with the First Marine Air Wing.

He is survived by his wife, the former Phoebe M. Blumer; a sister, Martha McCarthy, of Stuart, Fla.; four children from his marriage to the late Priscilla A. Blumer, Ralph 3d of Manhattan, Paul S. of Chicago, Ill,; Rosalie Catlin and Priscilla Hornblower, both of Greenwich; three children from his present marriage, John G., David M., and James W., all of Greenwich.; and six grandchildren.....


Dr. Caflin Weds Rosalie Hornblower

- New York Times - Sep 24, 1972

Miss Rosalie Hornblower, a registered nurse formerly on the staff of the Ewing ... s families were acquaintedthey themselves did not meet until recently

The bridegroom is a sen of Dr. and Mrs. Daniel Catlin of New York and ... Mr. and Mrs. Loring Catlin, brother and siste--in-law of the bridegroom: Mrs . Douglas T. Yates Jr. and Mrs. Wayne G. Quasha, sisters of the bridegroom ....

She is a granddaughter of Mrs. Ralph Hornblower of Plymouth, Mass., and Hobe Sound, Fla., and the late Mr. Honblower, who was a senior parner of Hornblower & Weeks and of Mrs.Thomas S. Blumer of Manchester, Mass., and Hobe Sound and of the late Mr. Blumer, who was a cotton broker. Mr. Catlin graduated from Phillips Academy... and from Harvard and from the class of '66 of Harvard Medical School.


New York Times - Jul 31, 1970



74 Debutantes Introduced to Society At 33d Christmas...

- New York Times - Dec 21, 1968

... the Union Club by Mr. and Mrs. Frank A. Vanderlip Jr. for Mr. Vanderlip's goddaughter, Miss Jill Quasha, and his niece, Miss Narcissa Cox Vanderlip 2d,who was named for .her grandmother, Mrs. Frank A. Vanderlip Sr. ....


Frank Vanderlip, Philanthropist And Investment Banker, at 86


Published: April 27, 1993

Frank Arthur Vanderlip Jr., a New York investment banker and philanthropist, died on Friday at the John Douglas French Center for Alzheimer's disease in Los Alamitos, Calif. He was 86 and lived in Somers, N.Y., and on the Upper East Side of Manhattan.

The cause was cancer, said Henrik N. Vanderlip, a nephew.

Mr. Vanderlip was born in Scarborough, N.Y. His father was a financier, president of National City Bank of New York, now Citibank, and Assistant Secretary of the Treasury under President William McKinley. He attended the Scarborough School, founded by his parents, and Phillips Exeter Academy, before graduating in economics and architecture from Harvard in 1930.

Mr. Vanderlip became well known as a fund raiser and organizer of charity balls, for causes that included mental health and the fight against cancer. Active in Civic Affairs

He was a past president of the Cancer Care volunteers for the National Cancer Foundation, and director and treasurer of the American Opera Society. Over the years he also served as a member of the executive council of the International Young Men's Christian Association, chairman of the Committee on Mental Health Needs of New York City, and a council member of the National Municipal League.

He and his second wife, Dr. Neva Eileen McGrath, built the Beechwood Theater for the Scarborough School on the former family estate, Beechwood, in Scarborough.

In World War II, he was commissioned into the Army and rose to the rank of lieutenant colonel while serving in Australia, New Zealand, Africa and Europe. His commendations included the Outstanding Civilian Service Medal of the Armed Forces and the French Legion of Honor.

In business he headed family-controlled investment and real-estate concerns, like the Palos Verdes Corporation in southern California. He also held directorships in various corporations.

Mr. Vanderlip's wife died a year ago. He is survived by a brother, John, of Rancho Palos Verdes, and 12 nieces and nephews.

Hit the ctrl and the + keys a couple of times and the print should expand enough to read. Vanderlip, Sr., was at the Jekyll Island meeting in 1910, and as Alan Quasha's father-in-law, Ronan, and probably all U.S. presidents from both parties were, was a Rockefeller front man.


New York Times - Jun 30, 1937



ADMITS HOG ISLAND CHARGES ARE TRUE; Represenative Alexander Calls on Contractors to Make Restitution to Government.CHALLENCE TO VANDERLIPSays International CorporationDirectorate Should Return'Money unlawfully Obtained.' $50,000,000 BILL HELD UP Lenroot Leads Opposition to Appropriation for Fleet Corporation Housing Project. Challenges Contractors' Patriotism. Directorate of the International.

Special to The New York Times. ();

February 12, 1918,

WASHINGTON, Feb. 11.--In the face of opposition to the bill appropriating $50,000,000 for use by the Emergency Fleet Corporation in the construction of houses at shipyards--opposition which followed the exposure of waste and extravagance in Hog Island--Representative...



- Los Angeles Times - Oct 11, 1950

REUNION-Edward S. Shattuck, left, candidate for At- . torney General, greets greets William H. Quasha, delegate from the Philippines to American Legion Convention. Both served on Gen. MacArthur's staff in World War 11.

Family of Secrets: The Bush Dynasty, America's Invisible ... - Google Books Result

books.google.com/books?isbn=1608190064... Russ Baker - 2009 - Biography & Autobiography - 592 pages

At the end of the war, MacArthur appointed William Quasha as alien property administrator.28 “Alien property” would have included anything of value captured....

Frank A Vanderlip Sr.'s sister married Edward Harden.:

Is Objects To Harden. Visit Studebaker Work! .


Daily Argus News - Jan 24, 1899

Edward Harden, of Chicago, selected a few days ago, will not fill this ... During the war Mr. Harden had been employed as newspaper correspondent at Manila , ...

To Buy Havana Wharves .Boston Capitalist...‎ Deseret News

Absolutely Pure .Makes The Food More...‎ Toledo Blade

Spain Will Recognize His Republic‎ Boston Evening Transcript

all 9 news articles »


Pay-Per-View - The Sun - Dec 3, 1898

Mr. Edward ???. Harden, who was appointed In August last an honorary commissioner of ... and sent out ? year ago only n small percent- age is now in Manila. ...


- New York Times - Aug 29, 1929

The Navy Department announced today that it could not accept the offer of Edward W. Harden of New York to purchase the "Olympia," Admiral Dewey's flagship ...

Reporter At Manila Battle, Now Wants To...‎ The Sun


- Chicago Tribune - May 2, 1952

Edward Walker Harden, 83, New York financier and former finan- cial editor and ... He sent the first news of the battle of Manila to the United States,

Vanderlip, Sr., himself had married Narcissa Cox. Her father was a personal friend of Abraham Lincoln, and in Charles Epperson Cox's 1924 obit is the information that Narcissa's brother, Charles Sellon Cox, was a resident of Manila.


(HAB, EPPERBOH COX Ds nqg.tsT I; Father of Mrs. Frank A....

- New York Times - Jun 22, 1924

INAS FRIEND OF LINCOLN n Early Settler in Illinois He Had Been in Vigorous Health Until the End. Charles Epperson Cox. father of Mrs. 'J AVanderlip. died.... Besides Mrs. Vanderlip and Mrs. Adams, Mr. Cox is survived by a third daughter, Mrs. Philip W. Henry of Scarborough-on-Hudson, and a son, Charles S. Cox of Manila, P.I.


Ferdinand Marcos and the Philippines: the political economy of ... - Page 112

books.google.comAlbert F. Celoza - 1997 - 144 pages - Google eBook - Preview

In 1954 William H. Quasha bought a 2616-square-meter parcel of land on Makati's millionaire row called Forbes Park. Quasha asked the courts whether he could continue to own the land after 1974. In 1969 the Court of First Instance of ....


The Philippines reader: a history of colonialism, neocolonialism, ... - Page 225

books.google.comDaniel B. Schirmer, Stephen Rosskamm Shalom - 1987 - 425 pages - Preview

Marcos moved quickly after his declaration of martial law to reassure the foreign business community. He issued a presidential decree overruling the Quasha decision (which had declared US landholdings to be illegal) and ...



By Stephen Perloff,

Editor of The Photograph Collector Newsletter

...There is one other issue that was on many people's minds, but that Sotheby's--and Quasha--tried to downplay, if not avoid altogether: that is, what exactly was this Quillan Company? When the collection was put together and the original book/catalogue was published, there was no internet. But by the time of the auction interested parties could easily google "Quillan Company" and find that there seemed to be no such entity. Questions arose as to what this "company" actually was. Did it manufacture something, provide a service, or might it just be a consortium of collectors (this latter choice not an unusual enterprise these days)? When I spoke to Quasha on the phone and asked her straightforwardly about the nature of Quillan, she was uncharacteristically defensive, saying that it was a consortium of collectors, that she was just the agent and had no ownership interest, but also that my question was "ridiculous."

Unfortunately, this lack of transparency led to speculation, rumor, and hard feelings. Several people asked me to investigate what the Quillan Company was. Others deciphered the name Quillan as a portmanteau of the names Quasha, Jill, and her brother Alan: QU(asha)(j)ILL(al)AN. More than a few decided that Alan must be the sole or primary owner, or that Quillan was really jointly owned by Jill and her brother.

Certainly Alan Quasha is a problematic figure to many. He is the controversial financier who bailed out George W. Bush's failing oil company in 1986, folding it into his own company, Harken Energy. His reputed ties to U.S. and foreign intelligence communities, his labyrinthine business dealings, and his reported support of both Hillary Clinton and Mitt Romney in the recent election primary campaigns have been grist for the political press. There is much more, but you can do your own research on Alan Quasha and Harken Energy. And it did not help that the Quillan Company was registered in the British Virgin Islands.

There were those who found some of the high prices suspect and questioned if some of the phone bidders were legitimate collectors, or bidders with more political intentions. And surprisingly, several people were harshly bitter because Quillan was presented as having the façade of a real company....


Global Intrigue: The Wackiest Rig in Texas - TIME

TIME - Oct 28, 1991

In another instance Quasha sold Harken's Hawaiian retail unit to a company controlled by both his own family and the South African Ruperts....


As a Board Member, Bush OKd a Deal Like Enron's


Business: The SEC rejected the 1989 sale of Hawaiian gas stations by Harken Energy Corp.


WASHINGTON — In early 1989, George W. Bush and his fellow board members at Harken Energy Corp. were presiding over a company that was headed south in a hurry. The Dallas-based oil firm had lost millions of dollars placing bad bets on commodity futures. Debt was piling up; red ink was beginning to flow.....


BIG DEAL; A New Place for Their Rackets


Published: June 12, 2005

....A Duplex for a Billionaire

THE billionaire Randolph D. Lerner, the owner of the Cleveland Browns and chairman of the credit card company MBNA, bought a duplex apartment last month at 720 Park Avenue, at the corner of 70th Street. Mr. Lerner bought the apartment from Alan G. Quasha, the chairman of Harken Energy.

Mr. Lerner, who is known as Randy, is No. 488 on the Forbes list of the world's richest people, with an estimated net worth of $1.4 billion. The apartment was listed with Sotheby's International Realty for $12 million.

Mr. Lerner took over the football team and MBNA after the death of his father, Alfred Lerner, in October 2002. His father brought football back to Cleveland in 1999, three years after the old Browns team decamped to Baltimore. Mr. Lerner also owns a home in Amagansett on Long Island. He has filed papers with the city Department of Buildings to renovate the Park Avenue apartment.

Mr. Quasha was the chairman of Harken Energy in 1986, when the firm acquired a failing oil company owned by George W. Bush and took him on as a director and consultant. Mr. Bush sold a large block of his shares in Harken in 1990, realizing a substantial profit.

But the sale came just two months before the company reported poor financial data that made the stock price tumble, and the Securities and Exchange Commission opened an investigation into whether Mr. Bush had acted on inside information. Ultimately, the agency closed its investigation without taking any action, although the fact that his father, George H.W. Bush, was president at the time raised questions about how the case was handled.

George W. Bush's role at Harken came under scrutiny again after he became president, because of some questionable accounting maneuvers the company had carried out in the 1989 sale of a chain of Hawaiian gas stations to a group of investors, including Mr. Quasha, which had the effect of inflating the company's revenues. In that case, the S.E.C. ordered Harken to restate its earnings and book a much larger loss for the year. ...

Summing this mess up, I'll end where I began....it was Robert G. Stone, Jr., Harvard fund investment committee official, a man who claimed not to be well acquainted with the Bushes, who malinvested a chunk of Harvard money into Alan Quasha's Harken Energy. Stone, Jr. founded Stonetex in 1950 and Thomas J. Devine was a director, and Stone, Jr. was married to Marion Rockefeller and his daughter was married to William HG Fitzgerald's son, Desmond.

John L. Loeb, associated with both Louis D'Almeida and the Bronfman family, merges Loeb, Rhoades with Hornblower, Weeks.

Loeb, Rhoades senior partner, W. Palmer Dixon, a son and a brother of Loeb senior partners, is a director of the CV Starr insurance holding on the eve of Maurice Greenberg's ascension as Chairman of the new AIG entity, and in 1955, CIA agent Albert B. Carter, Jr. invites Thomas J. Devine to be an usher in his wedding, and Palmer Dixon's son is Carter, Jr.'s best man.

William B. Macomber, Jr., OSS France and Burma, and later in CIA, is best man in the weddings of Nancy Bush and later, Thomas J. Devine. Macomber asks Otto Otepke to alert the FBI to defector Oswald in 1960. Macomber, Jr's brother, John, is an investor in the Bush oil company "bought" by Quasha of Harken, and John Macomber appoints Thomas J. Devine as a V.P. at Celanese Corp. John Macomber is a long serving executive in the Atlantic Council with William HG Fitzgerald, the father of Robert G. Stone, Jr.'s son-in-law, the close friend of Ernest Byfield, Jr., and Fitzgerald was the senior member of Knights of Malta in the U.S.


Bush Kin Return From `Rewarding' Quake Aid Trip

- Newsday - Dec 27, 1988

[John E. Bush], known as Jeb, agreed to go to Armenia after AmeriCares founder Robert Macauley, a friend of President-elect George Bush since childhood,


AmeriCares Mourns the Loss of its Founder, Robert C. (Bob) Macauley

www.americares.org › Newsroom › Press › 2010

Dec 27, 2010 – AmeriCares announces loss of founder Robert C. (Bob) Macauley. ... Award, the Cross of Grand Officer of the Order of Malta, the Caring Ward,

Bush's close friend, Edward G. Hooker, was DeMohrenschildt's step-nephew and business partner who introduced DeMohrenschildt to Wynn Sharples. Thomas J. Devine met with DeMohrenschildt in a clandestine, CIA assignment in spring, 1963. John Macomber was the mentor of Hooker's daughter's second husband, Michael Ainslie. Ainslie's first wife's sister-in-law, Dame Marjorie M. Scardino, is Chairwoman of Pearson, PLC in London, and an Atlantic Council member. Ainslie's wife was married to Ames Braga. Ames's father, B. Rionda Braga, was first cousin and business partner of Placido Ervesun, married to Ernest Byfield's sister-in-law, Nina Osterman. Byfield may have met Jack Ruby, and Irv Kupcinet, practically a resident of Byfield's Pump Room restaurant, co-wroter a newspaper column with Ruby's lifelong friend, Jimmy Colitz. Byfield and his father employed Patrick Hoy for 15 years until Henry Crown hired Hoy. Sidney Korshak and Gus Alex advised Hoy about what needed to be done, and Hoy did it. Henry Crown's lawyer, Albert Jenner investigated the background of Lee Harvey Oswald and conducted the official questioning of many WC witnesses. including DeMohrenschildt.

In 1953, Jenner represented Frank Darling during congressional committee questioning of Darling, president of Chicago union local 1031 electrical workers, and first Dorfman insurance agency customer.

In the image in the 1943 wedding article of groom, Lieut. Commdr. William HG Fitzgerald :


MISS AR PETSGHEK WED IN CATHEDRal; Bride of Lieut. Commdr....

- New York Times - Jul 3, 1943

Lieut Ernest L. Byfield Jr., iUSA, of Chicago, was best man for! the bridegroom ... iThe ushers were Capt. OW Hammond of Washington and the bride's brother, .

I found the following info only because the Washington Post version of the above 1943 wedding announcement listed the first name of usher, Capt. Oliver W Hammonds, U.S,A. :


Oliver W. Hammonds ’36 of Dallas died Feb. 14, 2006. A solo practitioner, he focused his Dallas practice on taxation and investments. Earlier in his career, he was an attorney at the U.S. Treasury Department and in the Tax Division of the U.S. Department of Justice. He was a director of the Dallas Council on World Affairs and helped raise $1 million for the establishment of the Manley O. Hudson Chair of International Law at HLS. During WWII, he served in the U.S. Army Air Forces as an intelligence officer.



10(f) 1987 Non-Employee Director Stock Plan (incorporated by reference to Exhibit ...... John A. Crichton Chairman of the Board Arabian Shield Development Company ... Shield Development Company Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Oliver W. Hammonds ..

ARABIAN SHIELD DEVELOPMENT CO - 10-K Annual Report - 12/31/1995


Arabian Shield Development Company (the "Company") was organized as a ...... resident in the United States are Mr. John A. Crichton, Chairman of the Board, ..... /s/ O.W. Hammonds Director - ------------------------- Oliver W. Hammonds ..


The CFR.

books.google.comPhoebe Courtney - 1968 - 230 pages - Snippet view

Alfred M. Gullion, Edmund A. Hall, John W. Halle, Louis J., Jr. Hamilton, Thomas J. Hammonds, Oliver W. Hansell , Gen. Haywood S., Jr. Harbison, Frederick Hare , Raymond A . Harriman, W. Averell Harris, Irving B. Harris

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Guest Tom Scully

In 1941, Oliver W. Hammonds married Ellen Hewes Flowerree of New Orleansher. Ellen's brother was Robert W. Flowerree, a Chase Manhattan Bank director, CEO of Georgia-Pacific, involved in Loyola U. in New Orleans, and he was a SMOM.


A NATION CHALLENGED: VOICES; Views on Curbs on Freedoms Range From Qualified Support to Outrage


Published: December 4, 2001

.....Steven Schayer is keenly aware that his hometown is in the spotlight these days, with its police department a conspicuous nonparticipant in the federal effort to interview Middle Eastern visitors and gather leads in the terror investigation.

But many people said they were bothered that Portlanders were perceived as less patriotic than other Americans, and that the police department's refusal to help with the interviews -- a decision that many officers have criticized -- had fueled that image.

''It's dead wrong,'' Bob Flowerree, 80, a retired lumber executive, said of Portland's stance, which police officials said was grounded in their belief that the interviews violated a state law prohibiting collection of data about people who are not suspected of criminal behavior. ''I'm ashamed. I think it's terrible. We're at war, and we should support the war effort,'' added Mr. Flowerree, a World War II veteran.

But reflecting the divisions here, Christine Henderson, 47, an artist and printmaker, said she was discouraged by the administration's actions.

''I don't like it that George Bush is sneaking in the undermining of our civil liberties, with these military tribunals and detaining all these people without even saying why,'' Ms. Henderson said. ''I can see the other side, that this is a war, extreme times call for extreme measures and all that. If I thought that they were just doing this until Osama bin Laden is caught and the war is over and things get back to normal, maybe I could live with it.''

''But my concern is that once you give up civil liberties, you never get them back,'' she said. ...

The Washington Post May 24, 1941



Paid Notice: Deaths


Published: May 4, 2006

FLOWERREE--Robert E., a long time resident of Oregon and a retired Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Georgia-Pacific Corporation, died of leukemia on May 1, 2006 in Portland, Oregon at age 85. He served as a Director of Chase Manhattan Bank, Georgia-Pacific Corporation, Georgia Gulf Corporation, Jeanerette Lumber & Shingle Co., and Chairman of the Board of Kilgore Corporation. He also served on the Board of Administrators of Tulane University in New Orleans, receiving the Tulane University Distinguished Alumnus Award in 1978, and was a Life Trustee of Lewis & Clark College. He was elected to the Paper Industry International Hall of Fame in 2001. Other past services include Director of the American Paper Institute, member of the Business Round Table, member of the Board of Governors of the National Council of the Paper Industry for Air & Stream Improvement, Inc., and a member of the Board of Visitors of Berry College in Mount Berry, Georgia. Mr. Flowerree was born in New Orleans, Louisiana January 4, 1921 and graduated from New Orleans Academy in 1938 and Tulane University in 1942. He served as a Navy Lieutenant during World War II, where he commanded his own vessel and saw action in the Southwest Theater with the 7th Fleet, and was awarded seven Battle Stars. He came to the West Coast from New Orleans in 1946, starting his business career with C.D. Johnson Lumber Co. in Toledo, Oregon where he was General Manager in 1951 when it was purchased by the Georgia-Pacific Corporation. Four years later he was promoted to Vice President of Western Lumber and Plywood and moved from Toledo to Portland. In 1960 he was elected a director of Georgia-Pacific and President of their paper subsidiary. In 1962 Mr. Flowerree became President of Pulp and Paper and was named Executive Vice President of Pulp, Paper and Chemicals in 1963. In 1975 he was named President and Chief Operating Officer of the company, and from there to Chairman and CEO in November 1976, retiring in January, 1984. He was a member of the Arlington Club, Waverley Country Club, Sovereign Order of the Knights of Malta, The Links in New York and the Boston Club in New Orleans. Survivors include Mr. Flowerree's wife Elaine, a daughter Ann Flowerree of London, England, and Arlington, Virginia, two sons, John H. of Sunriver, Oregon, and David R. of Atlanta, Georgia; a sister Ellen Woods of La Jolla, California; six grandchildren of whom 2 live in Santiago, Chile and two great grandchildren. A third son, Robert, died in 1985.

Flowerree's sister, Ellen Woods of La Jolla, was the mother of Oliver W. Hammonds' children, and Ellen and Oliver divorced in 1969 :


HAMMONDS, OLIVER W, born ABT 1912, and his bride ELLEN, born ABT 1919, married 22 MAY 1941, and they had four children under 18 when they got ....

So what we've got here is Ernie Byfield Sr. and Jr., hosts of Irv Kupcinet in the Pump Room from 1943 to 1960. All three were close to Patrick Hoy, hired away from Byfield in 1960 by Henry Crown as liason between Crown Hilton General Dynamics Arvey, and the Chicago Syndicate's Sidney Korshak and Gus Alex Sam Giancana and Tony Accardo. Kupcinet's co-columnist is life long Jack Ruby friend, Jimmy Colitz.

Ernie Byfield, Jr. joins the army and the OSS, and is the best man in the 1943 wedding of William HG Fitzgerald, later the senior SMOM in the United States. An usher in that wedding, Oliver W. Hammonds, a WWII army intelligence officer, becomes Jack Crichton's co-director in ARABIAN SHIELD DEVELOPMENT CO. Hammonds' brother-in-law is Chase Manhattan bank director and SMOM Robert W. Flowerree with close ties to Loyola U. in New Orleans.

Fitzgerald was a senior partner at Hornblower & Weeks. The daughter of his partner, Ralph Hornblower, married Dr. Daniel Catlin, the brother-in-law of William H. Quasha's son, Wayne. Fitzgerald's son, Desmond, married Helen Muffie Stone, granddaughter of Godfrey Stillman Rockefeller and daughter of Robert G. Stone, Jr., the Harvard Endowment Fund official who made the large, losing investment in Alan Quasha's Harken Energy, resulting in bailing out George W. Bush's failed oil business activity and positioning Bush as a multimillionaire and viable Texas gubernatorial candidate. Stone, Jr., according to Russ Baker, in his book, Family of Secrets, was rewarded with a directorship at R.S. Reynolds with co-director, Jonathan Bush. Reynold's father was a close friend of Frank Vanderlip, Jr., the godfather of William H. Quasha's daughter, Jill.

Quasha's other son, Alan, the chairman of Harken Energy, had bought out Bush's bankrupt business, Spectrum 7 and invited Bush to join Harken's board. Alan married the daughter of the Nelson Rockefeller owned William Ronan, onetime chairman of the NYC's MTA, and longtime chairman of the Tri-State Port Authority.

Byfield Jr. was married from 1955 until her death in 1970 to Russian noblewoman Valentina Osterman. Valentina's sister Nina married the first cousin and business partner of B. Rionda and George Braga, Placido Ervesun. GHW Bush escorted the daughter of the late Edward Hooker, step-nephew and oil business partner, George DeMohrenschildt down the aisle when she wed B. Rionda Braga's son, Ames.

Byfield, Jr.'s mother, Gladys Rosenthal Tartiere leased her Middleburg, VA estate to JFK from December, 1960 until March, 1963. Byfield, Jr. married Italian countess Diana Masiere in the 1970s. Byfield and Masiere were married nearly thirty years and after his death, Diana Masiere Byfield married Robert S. McNamara in 2004.

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See his Legion of Merit award entry page 87. He served with the 487th Bomber Group in WWII:

Crichton Legion of Merit Award

See: https://books.google.com/books?id=ibtADE8gMeoC&pg=PA87&lpg=PA87&dq=%22Legion+of+Merit%22+Crichton&source=bl&ots=UsV17DJRk7&sig=sw-DLTVYZL9P6SKEfsWpeLEhvEg&hl=en&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwiJruvqzcvRAhXKw1QKHbOTD2IQ6AEINzAF#v=onepage&q=%22Legion%20of%20Merit%22%20Crichton&f=false

page 87

The Military Order of the World Wars.


Jack Crichton also authored a book on 1964 Texas politics. That would be very interesting to read, I think.


The Republican-Democrat political campaigns in Texas in 1964

Author: Jack Crichton
Publisher: [Texas] : J. Crichton, 2003.
Edition/Format: icon-bks.gif Print book : English
Database: WorldCat



Steve Thomas

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