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Hargis and the rich souvenir seeker

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Motorcycle cop Bobby Hargis to the Texas Monthly:

You know when Kennedy was shot in the head, the big hole, and brain matter and blood and stuff had all come over and hit me as I rode through it. Well, I did all the rest of these things that I talked to you about, went up to the School book depository and waited there till I found out that he wasn't in the School book depository, then I walked over to the DSO, and while I was walking over to the DSO, a guy come up to me and offered me $17,000 for my helmet. And old Bud Brewer says, 'Bob, you got something on your lip.' And he did like that (flick at it) and it was a piece of Kennedy's brain and a piece of skull bone. I told the guy, 'You're going to have to talk to the City of Dallas 'cause it didn't belong to me.'

I wonder why the figure $17,000. I guess it was all that the guy had on him.

Also, Rosemary Willis can be added to the list of witnesses who say they saw smoke from the grassy knoll:

Anyway, the first shot rang out. It was to the front of me, and to the right of me, up high. The second shot that I heard came across from my right shoulder. By that time, the limousine had already moved further down. And that shot came across my shoulder. And the next one, right after that, still came from the right but not from as far back, it was up some. Still behind me, but not as far back as the other one. And the next one that came was from the grassy knoll and I saw the smoke coming through the trees, into the air.... Fragments of his head ascended into the air, and from my vision, focal point, the smoke and the fragments, you know, everything met. I mean, there's no question in my mind what I saw or what I heard.


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