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Ebay and the assassination

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Some interesting items currently for sale on eBay (Current bids or prices in parentheses)

GPO Edition of The President's Commission on the Assassination of President John F. Kennedy($10)


Carousel Club Card ($800)


Signed "Bobby" ($448)


Rush to Judgment signed by Mark Lane ($40)


Bell & Howell Model 414 PD Zoomatic Director Series movie camera "identical to Zapruder's ($80)


Oswald "I'm just a patsy" coffee mug


Fencepost from the Grassy Knoll ($5135)


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This is an original U.P.I. photograph including an explanation of the picture. On the reverse side is the original N.E.A. reference date stamp APR 13 '61. The description reads "NXP1267440 (FILE)-3/31/61-PALM BEACH, FLA.: Federal, state and local police late 3/31 were searching in this area for four Cubans, believed to be agents of the Castro government for questioning in connection with a reported plot to kidnap Caroline Kennedy, 3, daughter of the President and his wife. Caroline is shown in a 2/61 filer. UPI TELEPHOTO/from file -fpc-." See our other original press and U.P.I. photographs listed on EBAY. Shipping USPS Priority Mail with delivery confirmation within the United States is $5.00. International bidders contact us for shipping costs.


Not as interesting as that? :rolleyes:

- lee

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