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Happy Mayday everybody. It's not all dancing round the maypole and leaving hawthorn on your lover's doorstep...

AP reported today:

"More than a million people rallied in traditional May Day protests across Europe today.

"Labour unions in Germany took aim at corporate greed, backers of the far-right in France marched from a statue of Joan of Arc, and communists in Russia honoured Lenin and Marx.

"In Germany, firms were accused of sacrificing jobs for quick profit and workers demanded that the government to introduce a minimum wage.

"About three-thousand far-right supporters listened in Paris to a speech by National Front leader Jean-Marie Le Pen after a march from a statue of Joan of Arc.

"Some of the biggest traditional gatherings were in Moscow, where 25-thousand people gathered to hear speeches from trade union leaders and the city mayor.

"Meanwhile, communists marched from a square where there is a statue of Lenin to their usual rallying spot opposite the Bolshoi Theatre, where there's a statue of Karl Marx."

"And in Indonesia, an estimated 100,000 workers took to the streets to demand higher wages and improved health insurance."

100000 in Indonesia,. It takes guts to come out on the streets - the cops tend to shoot first and ask questions...well never.

I have to say it is a bit cheeky of the fascists in France to hijack Mayday but if the figures are correct they are on the wane - 3000 on their march, the left brought the entire country to a standstill over the government's disgraceful attempt to give employers the divine right to kick out young workers without explanation or appeal.

We are many, they are few.

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And my teachers' union members did their little bit here in Tasmania, We had an "Orange May Day" in schools where teachers wore orange, had orange coloured morning teas, orange coloured raffles etc.

Why? Because at the moment all over Australia we are fighting a YourRights@Work campaign against the worst industrial legislation that's ever been seen in this country and in the long term to oust the present federal govt and get the laws rescinded. Orange and black are the casmpaign colours, hence the orange May Day.

The IR laws are unbeleivably draconian and will. as they did in New Zealand over a decade ago, have the opposite effect of that claimed. For more info you can go to


Up the workers!

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