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Alpha 66 2006

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Alpha 66 Planned Assassination of Fidel Castro and Hugo Chavez

Havana, (CNA) Cuban President Fidel Castro revealed details of the large terrorist history of the US-based anti-Cuba organization Alpha 66, during an address at Havana’s Revolution Square on occasion of International Workers’ Day, May Day, in front of more than a million people.

The terrorist organization, in collaboration with the US government, trained several of its members as part of plans to assassinate Cuban President Fidel Castro and Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez..

The recent arrest of Robert Ferro, an Alpha 66 member and former member of the US Special Forces, is only the latest example in the group’s long standing record of violence, said Fidel. He explained that when Ferro was asked about the virtual war arsenal that was discovered in his house, the terrorist declared that it was intended for actions against Cuba.

President Fidel Castro also lashed out at Bush’s friendly relations with Alpha 66, citing a letter of support that the US president had sent the organization in the summer, in which he expressed his esteem and understanding of the paramilitary group’s ideas, Cuba´s Juventud Rebelde newspaper reports on Monday.

President Castro said that in 1996 a report was presented that documented a sharp increase in the violent activities of this paramilitary group in California and that it was receiving support from former US Special Forces members of Cuban origin.

In 1999, terrorists René Cruz and Ernesto Peñalver- with a long association with Luis Posada Carriles—were in California and became involved in an assassination attempt being planned against Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, asserted Fidel.

Details of the plot revealed that Cuban and Venezuelan terrorists were to be sent from the US to a third country and then on to Caracas with the support of several wealthy groups of Venezuelans. However, the attempt was thwarted thanks to timely revelations made by Cuba.

Nonetheless, said Fidel Castro, the US government has never conducted the in-depth investigation that these delicate accusations deserve.


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