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STURDIVAN : "[Hunt] complains that Noguchi repeated an estimate of the size of the missing

scalp wound that he evidently got from the surgeon standing next to him. Then about 3 pages later he complains about Noguchi not giving an estimate of the size of the bone wound that was also missing."

That is not at all what I did at all. I pointed out that Noguchi could not bring himself to state that the entry in the skin and bone was not present when he examined the body. Rather than be forthright, Noguchi absolutely tip-toed around that fact and I pointed that out. Sturdivan's beef has nothing to do with what I actually wrote.

Why did Sturdivan completely misrepresent what I wrote for the THIRD TIME, then take me to task yet again under his fictional account??

My take is that Sturdivan skimmed the essay and then snapped out some quick slop for Melvyn's consumption.

Recall, once again, Melvyn Ayton crowing, "Sturdivan domolishes Hunt's thesis."

John Hunt

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