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Since When did the World Suddenly Become So Anti Semitic?

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Two years ago if someone had thrown a Molotov cocktail at a synagogue in Toronto, Brussels, London or Paris, it would have made front-page headlines the world over. Today, these incidents barely make it to the "international news section" of most daily newspapers.

This "recent rise in anti-Semitic attacks" didn't exist just a few years ago. Is it really happened because the world's population is showing more hatred

and anger towards Diaspora Jewry because of "Israel's treatment of the Palestinians"?

What is very peculiar about this "new wave of anti-Semitic attacks" is that they cause relatively few casualties. When an attack takes place, it is usually directed at a physical building or a tombstone. Or, if a bomb goes off, rarely is anyone in the school or synagogue.

For instance, on April 30th, 2002, a firebomb was thrown at synagogues in Dusseldorf and Berlin but nobody was hurt. On April 27th London's Finsbury Park

Synagogue had its windows smashed. Nobody inside the building at the time. In Paris a warehouse at a Jewish school was destroyed by arson but nobody was

injured. There were also no casualties in a fire that was set in a Jewish school in the Paris suburb of Sacrelles. During the first half of 2002 synagogues in

Marseille, Strasbourg, Toulon, Noisy-Le-Sec, Rome, Belarus, Toulouse, Lyon, Montpellier and Paris, Brussels and Kiev, were firebombed or vandalized- but

caused no deaths or even any serious casualties.

During the first half of 2002, attacks on Jewish property or stores have occurred in such geographically diverse localities as Greece, Italy, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Mexico City, San Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, South Africa, Australia, and The Netherlands. While many Jewish tombstones have been vandalized in Jewish communities around the world, the assailants never seem to be apprehended.

So other than in a very small number of incidents, few deaths or major casualties have resulted from this attacks. Are we to conclude that, either the perpetrators of these attacks have no interest in actually harming Jews (but merely scaring them), or, they are the worst terrorists in the entire world. If local Arabs are responsible for the attacks, do they belong to a larger organization that is anti-Israel? If so, none of these organizations have taken responsibility for these attacks against Jews. In fact, in the past eighteen months of attacks on Jewish targets, not even one organization (Arab-linked or "Nazi-linked) has taken credit for any of these anti-Semitic acts.

It has been stated in the media that the attacks are being carried out by either, "radical Arabs" or, "local, disgruntled anti-Semites". There is never an indication that anyone who isn't either an "anti-Semite" or "Arab" are the ones carrying out these attacks. However no Arab or "disgruntled anti-Jewish people) have been arrested for taking part in any of the attacks- let alone convicted.

So this still begs the obvious question: just who is behind these attacks? If so many attacks have taken place at relatively around the same time period, shouldn't we believe it to be an organized, worldwide attempt by someone or some group to "hurt the Jews for their support of Israel"? If the culprits are Arabs, which Arabs? We know that when Arab terrorists in the Middle East make bombs and set out to kill Israelis, they are usually very successful at it and take full credit for it. How come the so-called "radical Arab groups" behind the bombing and arson attacks against all these synagogues wind up killing so few Jews and never phone the media to tell them they were responsible? Another question one might is if these "Arab groups" wanted to really "hurt the Jews" they would import once of their suicide bombers from the Middle East and walk into a local, unguarded kosher deli and kills tens of people. For some reason, these "Arab terrorists" don't hate Jews enough to want to kill them- just cause physical damage to their communal property.

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