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Question for Mr. Plumlee

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Interesting vote, Tosh. Are you sure your vote has nothing to do with the fact you don't like to be associated with the MM story?


Mark; With all due respect. I have never said I believe that Files was a shooter that day. Wim and Jim Marrs and Zack Shelton and other researchers all know and have known for years my feelings about the complete Files story.

What I believe today, in view of what all has transpired these past few years and additional information which has surfaced and has been brought to my attention, in reference to Files army service numbers and date of service and other matters, has caused me to believe that Files was not the north knoll shooter. I have discussed this many times with Wim. And too, I do not believe Files was in Dallas that day.

You are free to believe what you like. I was asked to take a poll which I did. If I had previously thought Files might have been a shooter that day, or had given him the bennifit of doubt about his claims, I no longer have those thoughts and can say with truthfulness..., I do not believe the Files story.

Today, I do not believe he was a shooter or anyway involved in the JFK assassination and it is not for any reasons you have outlined or questioned. You can say and think what you want. The fact remains: You asked me and I told you. I respect your position, but do not agree. Thanks for asking.

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Tosh, I have a few more questions. You said on tape that Nicoletti was in Dallas. How did you know that Nicoletti was in Dallas?

And do you concede that James Files was Nicoletti's boy? Did you ever fly Nicoletti from Chicago to Burbank or Santa Barbara?

Finally, Do you believe the story of Chauncey Holt?


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