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Luis Posada

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Found this article on Granma that I thought may be of interest:

AFTER using him as an agent for more than 40 years, the U.S. government is soon to interview Luis Posada Carriles to consider his application for citizenship on the basis of "honorable service to the nation," affirmed his lawyer, Eduardo Soto.

So, after having worked for four decades on a long series of the dirtiest U.S. intelligence covert operations… Posada has to kneel before his master and beg for U.S. citizenship?

"How could he have been in Fort Benning, have reached the rank of second lieutenant in the U.S. Army and not be a U.S. citizen?" asks Dr. José Luis Méndez, respected investigator and author of various books on terrorism against Cuba, in an interview with Granma International.

The whole article is here:


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Im suprised he hasnt caught a major flu :ph34r: well if this does happen, prepare for Castro to pull his beard out while ranting and screaming how we harbor terrorists...I wonder if Daddy Bush has anything to do with him trying to get his U.S. citizenship lol...

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