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I have continually tried to discuss the evidence in this case with you, but you refuse. Rather, at every turn save one, you hurl adjectives and proclaim victory. Not once have you written a single word telling us HOW I am wrong or HOW you are right. Here are the accusations and insults we got from you:

“mindless speculations”

“half-baked opinions”

“poorly-sourced facts”

“screwball charges”

“bad manners”

“screwball beliefs”

“despite your delusions”

“you flail away”

”save yourself and get a life.”

“making wild guesses”

“shameless all-out attack on me [Moldea]”

“some little-known online publication [JFK Lancer].”

“Despite your acknowledged lack of education and experience”

“you believe that you have somehow morphed into a forensics genius without peer”

“nothing more than a complete blowhard”

“very arrogant and rude”

And yet we get nothing more than your hot air for substantiation.

You made two major blunders in your book (which is generally excellent): you told us the shot through RFK’s chest was sharply upward, and you told us Schrade was hit by a shot that hit nothing else. I’ve outlined the ramifications of these gaffs elsewhere, and so I will not repeat them here.

Then you went on National television and grossly misled your audience in the same fashion as you did in your book. And so I outed you.

I’ve challenged you to a debate on the RFK evidence and what it means. I’m ready any time you can muster up the courage to get hammered in an open forum where you cannot hide.

Having said that, I’m finished wasting my time. This is my last communication with you unless you start talking in ***specifics*** about how and where I am wrong or about how you can hammer out an 8 shot scenario using your “Schrade Conclusion.” If you do either of these things, I except I’ll have something to say at that point.

Thank you for your kind attention.

John Hunt

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