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Reconstruct Parking area and extension

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It would be great if we could re-assemble the parking area as best as possible for 11/22/63. There are limited photos, so it's not an easy task. I am also trying to determine what the normal layout was for 1963, as compared with the day of the assassination. If there are any other resources that are available, it would be great to know about. Some I plan to pull from the Warren Report.

Anyway - starting here with Holland's map, I may borrow again from Roberdeau's blank plat and just keep going - adding vehicles and associating model/year as possible. Any feedback, input, assistance appreciated. If I can nail down the precise location of Lee Vida Whatley's parking space, that would also be great. If it corresponds with the 'lane' between the pergola shelter number 3 and the back lot, that would be interesting.

Also trying to figure out the Elm St extension and what vehicles were parked there. As an example, a Weigman frame.

- lee



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First shot at a template. I need to add the 'Porch' and metal shed back in behind the TSBD.

In order to try to keep it simple, I would like to limit the experiment to figuring out the cars parked directly behind the Pergola, behind the fence [as much as possible] and on the Elm St extension. Also if there was another point of exit as there is today, directly on to Houston. Maybe a comparison of how the parking was normally laid out contrasted with 11/22 would be interesting. The Sherrif's office parking area would be great to pinpoint.

In particular, I am hoping to place the suspicious vehicles seen by Brennan, Whatley, Bowers, Hicks, etc.

I did a hybrid using a satellite image and Don Roberdeau's excellent blank plat - which I especially found useful for adding a few details, and getting around the vegetation issue - Don, if you are not okay with this, let me know, and I'll look to figure out another method.

Since the scale is so small, I plan to use numbers to represent the make and model of the vehicles.

Any help, suggestions, comments, etc. appreciated!

- lee

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