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Montenegro's "Independence" referendum

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As I'm sure you are all aware, Montenegro's independence referendum "passed" by 55.5%, which just barely puts it over the required minimum (by 2,090 votes). However, this is already being challenged by groups supportive of continued union with Serbia ("Bloc for Joint State"). They charge that 5,000 indepence supporters who live outside of Montenegro were allowed to vote (link). Montenegro's ruling pro-Indepence party has already rejected an investigation (here). Even before the referendum was held, there had been allegations of bribery against the pro-indepence people (here from this Soros-funded propaganda site, so its against interest).

Milo Djukanovic, the current Prime Minister, has been pushing for indepence since 2002. He wants to separate Montenegro from Serbia so that it can join the EU and NATO (here). NATO and the EU have welcomed this referendum with open arms (here). Djukanovic, I should add, was elected under irregular circumstances in 2000 and apparently has connections to the Italian mafia and tobacco smuggling (here).

The end result will be that Montenegro, which Albanian extremists would like to carve up into "Greater Albania" (here), will be that much less capable of defending itself.

Here's Diana Johnstone on the referendum:

"There are several reasons," Johnston says. "One is that Mrs. Del Ponte has lost her accused Milosevic and right away wants to start another big trial, I suppose. Of course, after what happened to Milosevic, as well as a number of other Serbs prisoners in The Hague, makes it much harder for anybody to want to turn anybody over to that Tribunal. Because it seems to be a very dangerous place. The timing came at a very crucial moment, when talks are underway about Kosovo and when there is going to be a referendum on independence in Montenegro. Of course this is not affecting Serbia only but also Montenegro. They are saying, 'Look Serbia is terrible, Serbia is a pariah.

If you are attached to Serbia you are not going anywhere.' So this is a way of pushing people in Montenegro to vote for independence of Montenegro, which will, in my view, put people of Montenegro in great danger. Many of the votes in favor of Montenegrin independence will come from ethnic minorities, particularly Albanians who have a project to attach Montenegro, which is very small, to Albania or to Kosovo and to turn Montenegrins into a minority in an Albanian controlled entity. So, the voices are saying, "Albania is good – Serbia is bad!" Leading to the conclusion that "Montenegrins are better of with Albanians then with the Serbs', which is very strange," added Johnstone. (here).

Any thoughts?

Edit: No one reads this thread, but these two links (here) (here) contain very relevant information, so why not? Apparently independence for Montenegro means freedom from prosecution for Djukanovic.

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