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Dear John, and all who might have read the above:

1) I really do get worn out trying to argue with people as in the bove.


(i) This lady does NOT accept the word of a researcher who knew, intimately, Marina Oswald, concerning her affair with Robert: Mary Ferrell. I reported what Ferrell told me, in the presence of a corroborating witness.

(ii) she does not accept the word of Thomas Mallon, as he reported it, also with a corroborating witness, Patricia Johnson McMillan, and an un-named source. When I offer that the only alternative, then, is that she is saying that we are all lying, she makes it seem that I am name calling. I am not.

(3) She says I have changed my story. What she has read are twisted versions of my story which I tried to correct. When I tried to correct these twisted versions, yes, I was accused of changing my story. Did she offer examples of my changed story? No. She made an accusation I take very seriously.

(4) She has had the opportunity, for years, to contact me. The email address was in plain view for three years. I never heard from her.

(5) Marina Oswald has chosen not to respond to all my attempts to contact her. That is not my fault.

(6) When my book comes out, will Bernice see 'no' evidence in it, either? Since she does not accept my word concerning Marina's affair, she does not accept Mallon's, she does not accept McMillan's support of Mallon, she does not accept Reynold's support of me, she apparently rejects witness testimony. Since in many cases I will only be able to offer the testimonies of witnesses to back up what I say in the book, will she reject those as inadequate? I have living witnesses to back up what I say. If she rejects their word, what is one to do?

(7) I NEVER recommended that people read Mallon's book. I cited Mallon. The lady insinuates that I have done a disservice in mentioning Mallon's book to unwary readers. She asked me for support of my statement. I gave it. Then she attacked me for mentioning this book. Was I only allowed to cite from books that this lady likes?

(7) AM I merely gossiping? The lady said my statement had nothing to do with the assassination. Is that true? The matter is important: was Robert Oswald compromised? The camera was found immediately after the affair came to light, according to Mary Ferrell. Since two people can corroborate what Mary said, I felt it was important to ask ourselves if Robert Oswald was compromised.

Is THAT how he came to 'find' the Imperial Reflex camera? WHY wasn't the camera placed with all the other camera equipment, etc. found on November 22-23? The corruption of the Dallas police in changing testimonies, not keeping track of chains of possession of evidence, and in 'losing'--- and then conveniently 'finding' --- evidence stinks to high heaven.

The exchange above is very typical of what happened in the newsgroup. No matter what I might have offered as proof, it was never enough.

Thank you for the opportuunity to speak here. I hope others will weigh in with their opinions about whether or not I had a good reason to bring up this matter and also if it was reasonable for me to say that Robert Oswald and Marina had a brief affair. BTW, nobody has ever argued with Mary Ferrell's information about Marina Oswald. She was an expert on Marina. As for me, I knew where she worked, everything, but did not impose myself on her when I lived in Dallas. I asked to see her: she refused. I did what I could to try to contact her. She always turned me or my friends down. She is not the helpless woman being maligned as suggested above. She has had many opportunities to speak out.

Imagine how frightened I am -- and I am--to bring out the book and name names. For some people, there will NEVER be enough evidence. And in America, specious lawsuits are a plague. I do not look forward to getting the book published. It will mean only more misery. I will do it only because it is the right thing to do.

I apologize for this long post. I HAVE written again because she rejected a reasonable amount of evidence and also said I changed my story. That had to be addressed.

Ask yourself-- WHO, in the above exchange, offered REAL INFORMATION, such as on the camera? What did the other person offer? Nothing but opinions that she doesa not like what I said. She also said I changed my story -- an insult to my integrity. She offered no proof. She rejected my citation of Mallon -- why? She doesn't like his book. Well, that's not a good enough reason. Where is her objectivity? She offered opinions, not evidence. I'm very used to that from those who attack me. But readers here need to be made aware that the accusation I changed my story is not taken lightly by me. If she tries to back it up, I'll prove it's not true. ADDING DETAILS to a story, by the way, is not CHANGING it. For example, nobody asked me if Lee was right-handed or left handed before Robert groden wrote and asked me. So it wasn't in the two earlier versions of the book, either. Now I have added that information. That is not changing the story. That is adding information people want to know.

Thank you.


Judy Vary circa 1961

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