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Who's who in American Politics?

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Hello all,

This does not relate to the assassination, but I felt that the members of this forum were best suited to help me with my query.

Has anyone got any reccommendations on books/websites/articles that would give me a reasonably good overview on who are the real main players in american politics today. I'm going to D.C. and I don't want to go with a blindfold on.

I'm no dummy, but I would like to enhance my knowledge so that I don't get left behind.

All help would be appreciated.

All the best,

John Geraghty

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As far as Republican party "movers and shakers," Kentucky senator Mitch McConnell wields considerable behind-the-scenes influence. His wife, Elaine Chao, is President Bush's Secretary of Labor.

I really can't help much more than that.

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