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Ferrie flew Hidell to Garland or Dallas?

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There is a flight plan, whether authentic or not I don't know, which shows Ferrie flying Hidell and a couple of others to Garland, or, as an alternate landing spot, Dallas TX in April of 1963.

Do the names Lambert and Diaz ring a bell with any of you?

Could this have anything to do with the pot shot Taken at the Ex-General?

I believe Tosh Plumlee mentioned something about a red and white plane some time back. Has it been determined if this is the plane he was referring to?

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Hi Chuck,

The flight plan was discovered by Garrison and his team in the course of their investigation into Clay Shaw.

I've copied this from an article I've written on Garrison for the Dealey Plaza Echo:

In the summer of 1967, Garrison received an anonymous letter from an inmate at the U.S. Penitentiary in Atlanta, Georgia saying that an 'Edward Girnus' had information concerning Clay Shaw's use of aliases and if he wanted to find out more he should come and see him. (98)

Garrison then received a second letter from another anonymous sender, postmarked from Albuquerque, New Mexico, confirming what the first had said and saying that Girnus also had pictures of him and Oswald taken in Mexico City.

In December 1967, James Alcock, a member of Garrison's team went to Atlanta to interview Girnus.

Girnus told Alcock that he had been involved in gun running operations with an associate of Jack Ruby's, and had made several trips to New Orleans on 'business,'

It was on one of these trips that he said he met Shaw, to discuss the sale of arms. He said Shaw knew some people who would be interested in buying guns from him. He said some time later two men joined them, one of them he said was Lee Harvey Oswald, (he does not know who the other one was).

He also said that in September of 1963 he had driven Lee Harvey Oswald to a place called Catulla in Texas. There they met with a friend of Girnus' - a man who had been in the Mexican army, and that Oswald and this friend then travelled on to Mexico via Laredo, Texas. Girnus said this trip was for the purposes of getting a passport for Oswald.

Girnus offered to send him a flight plan which would explain many things.

The HSCA obtained a copy of the flight plan which was sent to Garrison, and was released to the public in 1993.

Girnus claimed that these names were all aliases. He said that "Lambert' was an alias that Clay Shaw used, 'Hidell' was as we already know, Oswald, and 'Diaz' was an anti-Castro Cuban.

Could the Cuban 'Diaz' be exile Pedro Diaz Lanz, the ex- chief of the Cuban Air Force? Castro's former mistress Marita Lorenz said Diaz Lanz was one of a team of assassins who she had driven from Miami to Dallas with shortly before the assassination. Other members of the 'team' included Frank Sturgis and Orlando Bosch Avila.

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Hidell, Lambert, Diaz and Ferrie.

David Ferrie, Pedro Diaz Lanz and Oswald or an Oswald ringer.

Lambert may have been Clay Shaw

or even Johnnie Roselli ???

(Marita Lorenz's testimony was central to the Howard Hunt / Mark Lane litigation)

This is an airborne special hit team with mob and CIA sponsors, similar to the

flights and drives into Dallas seven months later...........


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