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Biography: Steven Tomlinson

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I'm a Mensan living in/at Lytham St Annes near Blackpool, England. I recently returned here to New America after spending 15 of my 43 years in the original America. I've worked for the Police, been an art dealer, security/fire engineer, a professional pool player 'on the road' in America and about 20 other life wasting occupations.

I've spent my entire life studying my own self and the other animals and do not like what I've learned. Enter the JFK story. Tangled up within this murderous act lay all the weaknesses of humankind rolled into and practiced by the few.

I'd like to join the forum to make use of my analytical and intuitional skills for a purpose before I drop dead instead of just being an extreme annoyance to those who talk rubbish.

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