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Biography: Chris Brown

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I'm 56 yrs old and live in Liverpool England.

I'm currently employed as a Technical Manager for a disability aids manufacturer.

Served apprenticeship as Toolmaker, manufacturing tooling and special purpose machines. Progressed to Jig & tool design draughtsman and then to Manufacturing Project engineer. Promoted to Management. My entire career so far has been in manufacturing Industry, including Motorcar and Domestic appliance sectors.

Qualifications: HNC (Higher National Cert) Mechanical Engineering,

BEng (Hons) 2:1 Computer aided Engineering,


Member of Lee Park golf club Liverpool Merseyside.

Supporter and season ticket holder of Liverpool football club.

Started playing(?) the trumpet December 2005, Oh how I wish I had started much earlier as I have loved the sound of the trumpet since my early teens.

Interested in the JFK assassination.

My Library includes several books (all pro conspiracy) DVD's (Pro & Anti Conspiracy)

My current position:

(i) There was more than one shooter

(ii) The fatal headshot was from the front right (close to the picket fence & overpass intersection)

(iii) The Parkland team where accurate in their descriptions of the head wound, therefore the Autopsy results were changed to point to a single shooter from the rear right.

(iv) Two separate shots hit JFK and JC from the rear right.

(v) The assassination was Right wing driven.

(vi) LHO didn't fire a shot; however he was part of the planning (Classic patsy)

(vii) The cover-up was backed by the establishment to maintain the illusion of democratic rule.

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