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An Intelligent Person (LHO?) Would Cover His Ass.

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1. LHO stamped name and address on some of the Fair Play For Cuba leaflets. The address, to an

investigator, would show a connection to Banister's building.

2. Somebody (probably LHO) sent some brown packaging to a non-existent Dallas address. If I'm not

mistaken, it was addressed to LHO. It would only become relevant if his name became important.

3. LHO left his wallet at home on the morning of 22/11/63. If another showed up it would seem very

strange to a normal person and would suggest a duality. Either another person or another secret life.

4. LHO went to the same store as the other Oswald on the morning of the assassination. An excellent idea

if he knew the other Oswald would use the store that morning. The counter person apparently remembered

an Oswald with a military ID and another who looked like him.

I believe there were at least a couple more instances that could be viewed as ass-covering but I can't remember them right now. Can anybody think of other possible examples.

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