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FBI v SS, v DPD , v PID.

I understand there was a confrontation in the hallways of Parkland.

In this instance an FBI man trying to get to Kennedy.

Shanklin was throwing his weight around early on. Was this a sign of that? I would expect swift action. I understand the FBI's style was/is very different from that of the local DPD which was turning it into a media event. I understand the FBI would have withheld far more speculative evidence and locked dowh Oswald securely. They seem very keen to take control of the investigation. Who was right here? The dawn of mobile live TV and Radio news was after all very much heralded by this event.

Who was in a authority position to assert juristiction. The whole thing seemed in quite a disarray totally out of anyones control. Was there anyone around who could have asserted control but didn't?

The local FBI seems to have hit the ground running. Fires were being lit under a chain of butts. As result of this very swift response by the FBI, before they had officially gained any control, the whole case basically at some point passed through their fingers.Which really meant Shanklin, Bookhout and Hosty and others. Did they know something? Did they want to investigate and prove it in THEIR way, which was a behind the scenes style of investigation? Or did they want to cover something up? Where, to whom, which prior researcher should one look to find answers, to these early day questions.

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