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The Spiny Cactus Bar Murder

Richard Allaway

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I have made another mini-site. The other one being The Great Wind Farm Debate.

The new one is called The Spiny Cactus Bar Murder and is based around the Spiny Cactus Bar / Who murdered Eduardo Sierra mystery.

I realise that one of the key feature of a 'mystery' lesson is the sorting of pieces of information. I will still be giving my students the pieces of information on slips of card but have also provided them as images within a gallery that can be clicked through.

The mini-site has three Talking Heads, a Google Earth set of Placemarks, photos of the suspects etc. I'm thinking of including a link to the Student Education Forum as well for students to discuss who they think did the crime. I'll be using the mini-site with GCSE students but I guess it would work with younger year groups as well.

The mini-site can be found here.

As always I'm open to suggestions for improvements.



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