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Marina Oswald

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"What's the deal with that? Was a purely Russian account taken down to compare to his translation?"

I believe that I read somewhere in Peter Dale Scott's Deep Politics that there were some discrepencies about her translation. Maybe something about the rifle? Sorry I can't be more clear.

After rereading Marina's September Dallas testimony a couple of issues arise for me.

1. Peter Gregory had a conflict of interest and should not have been allowed anywhere near that session. The fact that he was is greatly disturbing. He had given testimony himself (volume II WC) about aspects of Oswald's character, movements and personality.

2. Leon Gopadze (the other translator in the Dallas session) had a few moments where he disagreed with Gregory's translation. One of which was when Marina was asked to clarify what Lee told her he did in his job in the Minsk factory. She had claimed in her original testimony in Washington that he was somebody who translated blueprints. This sounds more like the occupation of Robert Webster and there was some disagreement as to what she was actually saying in Dallas. Mr Gopadze also jumped in when Senator Russell asked her if Oswald ever hit her whilst she was pregnant. Gregory translated her answer as a definitive "Yes" and Gopadze correcting it as "She said I think. She said I think."

All pretty dodgy and mind-boggling

I'm not surprised. I'm actually glad he was.

It's one more indication that the Presidential Commission in toto is in itself a proof of conspiracy. I've often contemplated why, and the best I can come up with is that proof reading, and proof reading the finished printing, would have been a phenomenal task so slips, deliberate or otherwise, would have been practically undetectable (the reversal of both the nix and z headshot frames has always intrigued me).

They fell far short of satisfying Katxenbach's memo and hence is not satisfactory in his terms, therby invoking the indication that it must be redone.

With english as a second language, and in slangy OZ to boot: It could very well be that he slapped her at some time as many men do, likely more so then, but not often enough nor hard enough for her to even remember when.

So here, as presented, as I see it, is an indication of pre-judice in action.

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