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American University June 10, 2006

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[quote name='John Geraghty' date='Aug 3 2006, 12:52 AM' post='71177']

You're a hate monger, who has no place in civilised society.


The best way to deal with the creeps who come to the forum is totally ignore them. There are several I just don't even read. Creeps take all kinds of forms. SOmetimes they come on showing true colors and we get sucked in for a bit; others come here with a more complex agenda, but an agenda none the less. Diversion is their game. As for BS I totally ignore this twit. If you don't respond to him he stops eventually. And goes to his next victim. Sometimes creeps come on like pals. They are the truly dangerous kind. One can waste a lot of energy on these kinds of folk. Entire months of reading and making enemies as a result. (I have some making up to do round here).

Keep us up to date John with "the boss".


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Let's get back to the American U speech. That is when JFK had truely CHANGED. (And if one is to believe the accounts of author Marty Lee, - (Acid Dreams)- JFK's "visits" with Mary Meyer may have played a part in this change. )


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JUDGE: This is the voice that FOX News and CNN and the Atlanta Journal

Constitution worked all year to silence, discredit and remove from the

halls of Congress. Shame on them and shame on the progressive movement

that failed to come to her defense and help her fight this rotten

administration and system of injustice. Shame on the opportunist dolt

who ran to take her seat away with dirty money, who doesn't even have a

plan for what he will do now that he's been elected. When courage is

called controversy and shunned then fear wins. "In a time of universal

deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act" - George Orwell.

Those who speak truth to power will be vilified. That's all the more reason they must be given the support needed to make sure they are heard. This is not a time for fear, friends. It is time to stand up and make a real change. - JJ


Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney

Remarks Election Night

Tuesday, August 8, 2006

After Listening to Pink's "Dear Mr. President"

I wanted you to hear this song because it says so much about why *this*

election in Georgia was so important.

In the film American Blackout, you saw that I say that my district

needs jobs. And so, in partnership with faith-based organizations and labor,

I put together a program to train my constituents to acquire the skills

for jobs that won't be outsourced overseas, and that pay more than a

living wage, with health and retirement benefits. Last month, we took

in 500 students. Who at the end of their training will have transportable skills,

internationally-recognized certification, and a chance to live the American dream,

supporting their families and our community.

The news media didn't tell you about that because they wanted you to

focus on my hair!

Tonight my mother was hurt by someone in this room, a member of the

press. My staff assistant was hurt by someone in this room, a member

of the press.

I first got into trouble when I was compelled in 1991, while serving in

the Georgia Legislature, to speak against George Herbert Walker Bush's

war against Iraq. And during a point of personal privilege, I declared

that I could not support *any* of George Bush's reasons for war.

My colleagues got up and walked out on me, I was vilified in the press,

and compared to Julian Bond, who too had spoken out against an unjust


Ladies and gentlemen, there comes a time when people of conscience are

compelled to dissent.

Bobby Kennedy said, "The sharpest criticism often goes hand in hand

with the deepest idealism and love of country."

We love our country, and that is why we dissent: because we care.

We care about the dignity of all the world's people.

We care about minimum wage workers; we care about no wage workers;

we care about the homeless--too many of whom are veterans;

we want a healthy future for all our children;

we want our seniors to live in dignity.

Our country is too rich to tolerate such poverty in our midst.

We have more to give to our people and the world than DynCorp,

Halliburton, and the Carlyle Group.

We care about the air and the earth and the water. And so we reject

George Bush's science lessons that distort the facts and justify

policies that support drilling for oil in Alaska; exacerbate global

warming; and allow more human consumption of known toxins and


We care about the projection of US power around the world. Either we

can be a force for good in the world; or we can rely on force and upset

the world.

Sadly, this Administration has chosen the latter.

At a time when this country has failed to train enough certified

teachers to educate our children, George Bush is spending billions,

nearly one trillion, dollars for war. And in a point of personal

privilege right now I echo what Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. said, "A

time comes when silence is betrayal; we are called to speak for the

weak, for the voiceless, for the victims of our nation, for those it

calls 'enemy.'"

One year to the day before Dr. King was murdered, he declared that the

greatest purveyor of violence in the world was his own country.

With Israel's invasion of Lebanon, there might even be a call for more

US or UN troops to be stationed in the Middle East, we--here

tonight--say to our Commander-in-Chief: Sir, No Sir.

And so, before we engage in yet more war, I declare tonight that we

stand with the families of our hurt soldiers and the hundreds of

thousands of innocent hurt and dead Iraqis.

We stand with the homeless Vietnam and Gulf War veterans.

We stand with the Agent Orange victims and the 160,000 sick Gulf War


We stand with the 37,000 green card soldiers, not even citizens, but

willing to trade their lives for a chance to live and work in America

because our foreign policy has failed to uplift their hopes and

aspirations in their own countries.

Dr. King told us that in order to stop the madness we would have to

match actions with words. Mario Savio before that told us that we have

to put our very bodies against the wheels and the gears and the levers

of the machine and we have to say to those who own it, that they must

stop it, or we will stop it.

Tonight I am joined by noted men and women activists who have put their

bodies against the wheels and the gears and the levers of the machine

and they are trying to stop it. They are not tricked by red herrings

that the corporate media throw to us. They are focused on our

objective to make America a better country.

Something is happening around the world: countries with little or

nothing are standing up, rising up against the utter and complete


Thank goodness for the people in Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile,

Cuba, Venezuela, Malaysia, all standing up and speaking for the weak

and the voiceless in their countries. A change is sweeping the world.

And America must not be left out.

So my new friends are the mothers who have lost their sons in George

Bush's war and we say to them hold fast to your faith--your suffering

will not be a stumbling block for us. We will make this stand with

you--you are not alone.

Denise Thomas, daughter went to Iraq once and when they tried to send

her a second time, Mama got political. She's now the founder of the

Georgia Chapter of Military Families Speak Out. First told her story

at a prayer vigil organized by Ann Mauney. Prayed at by Reverend Timothy McDonald.

Then one mother who wasn't so lucky. She couldn't save her son from

the War Machine. The first Georgia soldier to die in Iraq came from the 4th District.

Patricia Roberts, Jamal Addison's mother, now politically active and my new friend.

Another mother, lost her son, Casey, and decided to take her case

directly to President Bush. Cindy Sheehan.

There's something special about these women. Their names aren't

Deborah, or Esther, or Ruth. But they are women for these times.

Women, called to make peaceful revolution.

President Kennedy warned us that "Those who make peaceful revolution

impossible will make violent revolution inevitable."

Electronic voting machines are a threat to our democracy!

So let the word go out: we aren't going to tolerate any more stolen

elections; we're watching you. And we want our leaders back--or we

will become the leaders.

And not only do we want our country back, we want our Party back.

There *is* a growing force for peace in this country. And the peace

movement that we are building is backed by millions of young people. I

want to thank the hundreds of people who volunteered in our campaign,

especially the young people who were excited about getting involved in

something good.

Thank you all for a lot of hard work, thank you for the thousands of

volunteer hours, thank you for helping to make a stand in Georgia.

I wish the new representative for the 4th Congressional District well.


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